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We were sent some beards to decorate by Puffin and I set my youngest free with the felt tips, she’s a bit young for The Twits at the moment but she loves colouring in.
The most common cause of a blown head gasket is that the engine overheated because: 1) fan clutch is not working, 2) All of the coolant leaked out of the engine and you kept driving it this way. 1Pop the hood on your 3.8L GM car or mini-van and once open, check the engine oil by pulling out the engine's oil dipstick.
Because Mr Twit’s beard is disgusting we also added some scrunched up tissue paper for the bits of food that stay stuck in it! You have confirmed that the overheating issue is not being caused by an inoperative fan or a bad thermostat. You have already verified it's not an ignition system problem because you have spark coming out at all of the spark plug wires.

The first test or the second may be enough to verify that the head gasket is blown on your GM 3.8L equipped car or mini-van, so there's a good possibility that you may not have to do all four. I know I did and I spent far too many hours trying to be Matilda and learn telekenesis, didn’t quite seem to work though?!
You know it's not a lack of fuel, because you have verified that the fuel pump is delivering fuel to the fuel injectors. The next test is to see if the engine compression and exhaust gases are escaping thru' the cooling system (specifically the radiator). To celebrate the day I’m sharing a super quick craft with you as well as giving you the chance to win two copies of The Twits book. A rare talent for seeing the world through a childs eyes, and all the fascination, magic,, thrills and even scares which lie within that vision.

Puffin have brought out two covers for this classic book, one with a furry beard and one with scratch and sniff stickers and I’ve got one of each to give away! My children have taken after their bookworm mama and now thoroughly enjoy his books as I did and do!! If the winner of each prize does not respond by email within 7 days of being contacted for their address to send the prize to then a different winner will be chosen.

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