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Our baseline configuration, featuring one frontal downforce actuator and two at the rear, is ideal for optimising the vertical dynamics of cars generating large amounts of downforce.
Easily establish the ratio between vertical force and pushrod force or check ride height control systems in our alternative downforce mode, which sees downforce actuators at the front and rear mounted in the vehicle’s centre line. Accurate stiffness measurements, friction investigations and pushrod-to-vertical-load ratio checks can be achieved using static body configuration, where a chassis is clamped securely to the floor while wheels are moved independently by the corner posts. The versatile and robust seven-post rig also carries out proof testing of dampers, torsion bars, springs and wishbones, as well as complete car suspension friction measurements and inerter mass optimisation. WITH A HUGE CHOICE OF COMPONENT TEST RIGS PERMITING OVER 200 DIFFERENT TESTS, WE WILL DEVELOP AN INDIVIDUAL TESTING SOLUTION FOR YOU. We possess multiple examples of various single component rigs, allowing simultaneous testing to streamline development.
It is not simply the choice of machines and processes which sets TMG out as a class leader; our highly-skilled technicians come from a variety of industrial sectors and are adaptable to meet whatever challenge they face. The industry-leading MTS 329 6DOF full-car road simulator creates a real-time simulation including a replay of all forces and moments. This comprehensive test rig simulates multi-axial inputs to a vehicle to replicate its true stress state at any given moment and includes ±44° steering simulation and heat application for unparalleled realism. The full-car road simulator is the ultimate complete car and component test rig, for front and rear axle fatigue testing, full car stiffness tests and analysis of suspension sub systems.
The transmission test system is a high-dynamic and high-performance rig which is designed for real-time simulation of road or track conditions. TMG’s transmission lubrication test system provides a comprehensive analysis of internal lubricant flow.

The sYstem fixtures include a stationary rigid base on which are mounted three servo-electric motors, drive gears and moveable fixtures for pitch and roll to simulate the force vector for acceleration, deceleration and centrifugal forces. By fully understanding lubricant flow in road or track conditions, lubrication of all internal components can be optimized for performance and total reliability.
OUR TRANSMISSION LUBRICATION TEST SYSTEM PROVIDES A COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS OF INTERNAL LUBRICANT FLOW. The system fixtures include a stationary rigid base on which are mounted three servo-electric motors, drive gears and moveable fixtures for pitch and roll to simulate acceleration, deceleration and centrifugal forces.
This allows a transmission to be mounted and exposed to accurate pitch and roll motions while a drive motor delivers rotational input, recreating the drive normally produced by the engine. Other elements of the program include centralized vehicle testing by a single contractor, required training and certification for technicians who do emission repairs, and higher repair waivers (up to $450) for vehicles that fail to pass the test. The drive cycle part of the test is too complicated, and the results can vary depending on how well the test operator follows the driving trace. Many NOx failures are difficult to diagnose and repair, which makes for unhappy customers (& voters) when vehicles cannot be repaired properly (high retest failure rates). ASM enhanced test programs are used in California, Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey, Virginia and Connecticut.
Though some states still use a simple idle test to check emissions, the ones that do not meet air quality standards mostly use some type of enhanced loaded mode dyno emissions testing or the new OBD II plug-in test. One trend that is helping to minimize the inconvenience of having to take an emissions test is extending the time period between tests for newer, low mileage vehicles. Recent changes in California's Smog Check II program are a good indication of the direction that other states forced to adopt enhanced emissions testing may follow. The new emissions testing program enhancements were enacted into law in 1994 and approved by the EPA on September 26, 1996. As of June 8, 1998, California's smoggiest urbanized regions that did not meet federal or state air quality standards for ozone and carbon monoxide went to enhanced emissions testing on a dyno. Enhanced areas include all of Orange County, southern Ventura County, western San Diego County, most of Los Angeles county, parts of Riverside and San Bernardino counties, and the urbanized areas of Sacramento, Fresno, Stockton, Modesto, Bakersfield, Davis, Vacaville, Palm Springs, and Hemet-San Jacinto.

The only problem with using a dyno is that some all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles cannot be driven on a two-wheel dyno, nor can some vehicles with traction control systems.
Test results are transmitted electronically to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Neither the repair cost waiver nor the economic hardship extension can be obtained if the vehicle has a tampered emissions system, is being registered for the first time in California, is being sold, or was issued a waiver or extension in the previous Smog Check inspection.
Exempt vehicles: Cars built in model year 1973 and earlier are exempt from all aspects of the Smog Check Program.
Enhanced emissions testing with a vehicle under load on a dyno (either steady speed or transient) will continue for older vehicles (pre-1996), as will NOx testing and evaporative emission checks on many vehicles (where required).
Someday OBD III and roadside sniffers may eliminate the need for periodic emissions testing altogether. As we move forward, the amount of pollutants allowed in the exhaust continues to be reduced. For vehicles without significant downforce our four-post configuration, with no downforce actuators, is the best solution. With rare rigs such as our transmission testing systems, MTS 329 full-car road simulator and rotary damper rigs, TMG has it all.
For comprehensive details of all the specialist testing solutions under one roof please contact us directly.
The system is also perfect for component tests to optimise items such as spray bars, oil pumps or oil coolers.
Oddly enough, the high-tech equipment used for the testing may have helped discover their dishonesty.

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