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OUR SEVEN-POST RIG ADAPTS TO MOST VEHICLES AND IS A VALUABLE DEVELOPMENT AND PROVING TOOL FOR ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS AND HIGH-PERFORMANCE CAR DEVELOPERS. Our baseline configuration, featuring one frontal downforce actuator and two at the rear, is ideal for optimising the vertical dynamics of cars generating large amounts of downforce. Easily establish the ratio between vertical force and pushrod force or check ride height control systems in our alternative downforce mode, which sees downforce actuators at the front and rear mounted in the vehicle’s centre line.
Accurate stiffness measurements, friction investigations and pushrod-to-vertical-load ratio checks can be achieved using static body configuration, where a chassis is clamped securely to the floor while wheels are moved independently by the corner posts. The versatile and robust seven-post rig also carries out proof testing of dampers, torsion bars, springs and wishbones, as well as complete car suspension friction measurements and inerter mass optimisation. WITH A HUGE CHOICE OF COMPONENT TEST RIGS PERMITING OVER 200 DIFFERENT TESTS, WE WILL DEVELOP AN INDIVIDUAL TESTING SOLUTION FOR YOU. We possess multiple examples of various single component rigs, allowing simultaneous testing to streamline development. It is not simply the choice of machines and processes which sets TMG out as a class leader; our highly-skilled technicians come from a variety of industrial sectors and are adaptable to meet whatever challenge they face. The industry-leading MTS 329 6DOF full-car road simulator creates a real-time simulation including a replay of all forces and moments. This comprehensive test rig simulates multi-axial inputs to a vehicle to replicate its true stress state at any given moment and includes ±44° steering simulation and heat application for unparalleled realism. The full-car road simulator is the ultimate complete car and component test rig, for front and rear axle fatigue testing, full car stiffness tests and analysis of suspension sub systems. To download a pdf brochure with more details about the full-car road simulator, click here.
The transmission test system is a high-dynamic and high-performance rig which is designed for real-time simulation of road or track conditions. TMG’s transmission lubrication test system provides a comprehensive analysis of internal lubricant flow.
The sYstem fixtures include a stationary rigid base on which are mounted three servo-electric motors, drive gears and moveable fixtures for pitch and roll to simulate the force vector for acceleration, deceleration and centrifugal forces. By fully understanding lubricant flow in road or track conditions, lubrication of all internal components can be optimized for performance and total reliability. OUR TRANSMISSION LUBRICATION TEST SYSTEM PROVIDES A COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS OF INTERNAL LUBRICANT FLOW. The system fixtures include a stationary rigid base on which are mounted three servo-electric motors, drive gears and moveable fixtures for pitch and roll to simulate acceleration, deceleration and centrifugal forces.
This allows a transmission to be mounted and exposed to accurate pitch and roll motions while a drive motor delivers rotational input, recreating the drive normally produced by the engine. Toyota revealed a bit more about its plans to offer a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle for sale next year, at a press event held today at the opening of the huge Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company sounded a confident note on the prospects for electric vehicles that use power generated not from the utility grid, but by combining hydrogen with oxygen in fuel cell to produce electricity and water vapor.
That concept car was the latest update on the Toyota FCV-R Concept shown two years ago at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show.

The other fuel-cell car on display was a prototype test vehicle, covered in camouflage patterns to disguise its lines, that had already racked up tens of thousands of miles of on-road testing in North America over more than a year. That prototype, the company said, has delivered 300 miles of range consistently from a full tank of hydrogen.
The fuel cell provides consistent power output of 134 horsepower (100 kilowatts) or more, producing 0-to-60-mph acceleration times of roughly 10 seconds.
But, he said, while there are "significant challenges," Toyota has invested a "massive" amount in R&D for hydrogen fuel cells.
The company has tested prototypes since 2002, covering more than 1 million miles on hydrogen power. Few industry analysts disagree that automakers will be able, over time, to build fuel-cell powertrains that can be packaged into modern vehicles.
The second and likely more substantial challenge, Carter said, is in providing a brand-new fueling infrastructure from the ground up. Carter reeled off a list of partners in bringing hydrogen stations to fruition in California, where the first such vehicles will be sold in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley up north, plus Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego County in the southern part of the state. Nine cars gain 5-star ANCAP rankings providing high quality safety performance across all vehicle categories for the New Year.
A flurry of testing has been going on at the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) recently in time for the realease of results prior to the Christmas and New Year holiday season. In all, ANCAP provided results for nine cars, all of which received the coveted 5-star performance rating. All these cars met the crash test criteria required for the market in Australia and New Zealand as well as having the required specification for collision avoidance and advanced driver assist technology.
With an overall score of 32.67 out of 37, the Nissan Pulsar performed well in the small car category and offered good protection to child pedestrians scoring 10 points on child head impacts.
Both Isuzus performed very well for occupant protection but these larger, heavier vehicles offered marginal protection to pedestrians, particularly to the upper leg and head. At nearly 2 tonnes, the equally heavyweight Toyota Hilux pick-up truck performed similarly poorly in the protection of pedestrians but did well for occupant protection, particularly on the side pole test in which it scored maximum points.
Occupant protection was a strong feature on the Ford EcoSport 1.5 diesel model with maximum points scored on the side impact test and good whiplash protection. The Suzuki SX4 S-Cross 1.6 petrol model performed well in the small car category featuring acceptable pedestrian protection and excellent side impact protection.
In the medium car category, the Mercedes CLA 200 Urban performed predictably well scoring 36.16 out of 37, gaining full marks on the pole, side impact and whiplash protection tests. Commenting on this exceptional set of results, ANCAP’s Chairman, Lauchlan McIntosh stated that there is now a very good selection of 5-star performing safe cars in the market in every category. He went on to say that it doesn’t end here, there is plenty more improvements to come with the progress that is being made in road safety. In extending his wishes to all motorists for a safe and happy holiday season, Lauchlan McIntosh also touched on the human factors involved in safe motoring, advising motorists not to let the preparations for festivities become a distraction from taking the utmost care on the roads. Holiday happiness is often marred by tragedies on the roads and Mr McIntosh urged all motorists to recognise the risks of changing conditions and to be alert to them. For vehicles without significant downforce our four-post configuration, with no downforce actuators, is the best solution.

With rare rigs such as our transmission testing systems, MTS 329 full-car road simulator and rotary damper rigs, TMG has it all.
For comprehensive details of all the specialist testing solutions under one roof please contact us directly. The system is also perfect for component tests to optimise items such as spray bars, oil pumps or oil coolers. One was the Toyota FCV Concept unveiled two months ago at the Tokyo Motor Show, a mid-size four-door sedan with aggressive front styling. The fuel cell and hydrogen tanks of the vehicle that it will launch in 2015 cost a mere 5 percent of their cost back in 2002, Carter said. This bumper edition of results reveals exceptional performance across all vehicles tested in all vehicle categories from small cars to 4×4 vehicles. ADAS equipment was good with both the MU-X and D-MAX offering electronic brake distribution, emergency braking assist (EBA) and electronic stability control (ESC) as standard features on the models. The model tested was the base variant but Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) is available on other variants of the Panda.
European variants of the EcoSport are available with Ford’s SYNC, an automatic emergency call facility that links to a mobile phone in the car and calls the emergency services if an air bag deploys. Amongst the standard ADAS features available on the small Suzuki is the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) which takes the human factor out of analysing tyre pressures ensuring that tyres are monitored for safe pressures at all times. With an active bonnet which is raised automatically when an impact with a pedestrian is detected, the Mercedes performed well in pedestrian protection with the system operating effectively at a range of speeds and pedestrian statures. With such choice available, there’s no reason to accept anything less in terms of safety performance. He commented on the possibility of more sophisticated autonomous technology becoming available making it more and more difficult to be involved in a crash. Heavy traffic, road works, distraction, fatigue, weather conditions and speed are all factors that influence risk in driving.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. However, the Nissan Altima performed poorly for upper leg protection for pedestrian impact. This is a private sector variant of the European eCall programme or CIS ERA-GLONASS system, both of which could render private emergency call systems redundant in the future. The car is also equipped with an impressive range of ADAS features including automatic high beam, blind spot monitoring and a fatigue detection and reminder system being standard equipment alongside electronic brake distribution and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). Additionally, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and a lane support system are offered as optional extras.

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