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Subaru Southern Africa and PinkDrive stand together this August, driving further awareness, education and prevention of breast cancer.
Several other online mediums have been included in the drive to create a better understanding of the need for safety. Safari holidays are always a thrilling experience as all tourists look for that special moment to capture the animals in their natural habitat.
In the video released by The Telegraph Wednesday, a herd of impalas can be seen being chased by two hungry cheetahs. The video shows one antelope that got separated from the herd running panic stricken toward the vehicle and jumping straight in through the open window of the vehicle. The impala was given an exit from the tourist vehicle and was seen venturing on the other side of the road. NASA published more than 1,000 Mars images captured by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter since 2006. A stunning image of Aurora Borealis is captured by an astronaut from International Space Station. Mercury’s volcanic activity is suggested to have ended about 3.5 billion years ago according to a paper published at the Geophysical research Letters journal. The Perseids Meteor Shower 2016 is going to be one of its kind as it is expected to appear at double the usual rates with as many as 150 to 200 shooting meteors per hour.
China Spaceflight Breakthrough: Hypersonic Spaceplane To Take-Off, Land Like Usual Aircarft; Ordinary People In Mars By 2030 Possible? China announced that they are working on hypersonic spaceplane, which they refer to as the next spaceflight breakthrough. Jupiter’s gravity would cause Perseids particles to concentrate in front of the Earth, making this year’s Perseids meteor shower better than average. A recent study revealed that men who drink alcohol after an intense workout may not get the effect they hope for.
Federal health regulators finally approved Heron's drug Sustol to prevent chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.

A new study has found that people who exercise on a regular basis are at less risk of suffering from five common deadly diseases including breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
A team of scientists from the University of Maryland have reportedly identified a new kind of eco-friendly fire which burns more cleanly and can be used in cleaning-up oil spills. A rare giant panda cub was born by natural means, which is also very rare, in Vienna Zoo in Austria. Philadelphia is taking steps on preventative measures for ash trees that are threatened by an insect known as emerald ash borer. Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Specs, Rumors: Handset To Feature Only Curved Screen Display? However, the prospects of further interest rate increases this year that could affect consumersa€™ appetite for luxury items such as cars are worrying industry experts. The National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa) said on Tuesday that the consumer-driven new-car segment recorded a year-on-year decline of 2.2% in March while the commercial vehicle segments registered gains. The March export sales number of 24,660 units reflected a decline of 3,122 vehicles, or 11.2%, compared with the 27,782 vehicles exported in March last year. Sydney Soundy, head of Standard Bank vehicle and asset finance, is concerned about the possible effect of rate hikes on consumersa€™ pockets. Most economists expect at least two more rate hikes this year, which would "seriously stretch" consumersa€™ ability to spend, said Mr Soundy.
The average ticket price of a personal vehicle asset-finance deal is about R262,806 on the current prime rate (9%), leaving a monthly instalment of about R5,455.
Financier WesBank said the demand for new vehicle finance, as measured by incoming finance applications, contrasted with market performance. WesBank said while the market had initially been unsettled by the 50-basis-point interest rate increase in January, confidence returned following last weeka€™s decision by the Reserve Banka€™s monetary policy committee not to raise rates again. ALERTSReceive free reports for economic indicators in your mail inbox the instant they get released. Mobile workers require a different management style, which may involve changes to your company culture.

Easily build smart, balanced territories using a range of factors such as cost & customer preferences. The past 7 years of commitment to create road safety awareness has also contributed to a greater understanding of not only the tragedy and despair of road accident victims - but has also the dire financial consequences for victims and those left behind.
The entire incident turned into a big disappointment for the cheetahs as their chase was not fruitful and they eventually abandoned the chase. Now SolarCity, a company that specializes in solar energy panels introduces a roofing alternative made of solar panels.
She expects the Reserve Bank to pause its rate-hiking cycle in May due to the subdued nature of the economy amid an improving inflation forecast.
These numbers will be revised slightly in about 10 daysa€™ time, said Naamsa director Nico Vermeulen. He said the average number of sales in March since 2007 was 51,388 (excluding March 2014) and on average it was ranked as the best-performing month since 2007. Replace your manual, paper-based system with an automated tracking system to report mileage. Jobs are dispatched directly to drivers in the best order and required forms can be included electronically for each job. Those changes, however, can lead to increased productivity and a happier, more satisfied team. The extraordinary video clearly shows how the petrified impala leaps into the vehicle filled with tourists without hesitation in order to flee from the clutches of the cheetah.
The daily average for finance applications in March reached a record high, at nearly 6,000 applications per day.

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