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Jamaica Classified Online is the best Jamaican Classified Site providing FREE ads posting for individuals buying and selling items. After a drunk driving incident that ended with 2 Secret Service agents crashing their car into the White House gate, agents come under investigation.
The car they were driving plowed through some security tape and into some temporary barricades that had been set up to deal with a potential security threat at the White House. This isn’t the first time that misconduct has been reported by the Secret Service, and it is also just one more log on the fire of an already scrutinized lax security at our Nations Capitol.
McIntyre, Senior Director of Information Technology for the Chicago Cubs, spoke with MSR recently on the phone to describe the delicate line his organization must tread as it brings necessary technology improvements to one of the world’s great historic sporting venues.
Now in his second year with the Cubs, McIntyre and the IT team there has spent a good amount of time putting infrastructure in place that will support future efforts, beginning with things like optical fiber deployments that bring an almost 10-fold speed improvement in bandwidth backhaul.
One improvement that fans have been able to enjoy for the past season and a half is improved mobile connectivity inside the park, thanks to a neutral-host Distributed Antenna System (DAS) deployment and a stadium Wi-Fi network, built with carrier partner AT&T. Having improved cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity puts the Cubs in the top third of MLB franchises, as by our count only 12 of the 30 major league parks currently offer free fan Wi-Fi services.
Our latest Stadium Tech Report provides a sneak peek at US Bank Stadium,the Minnesota Vikings' new home, plus a report on Wi-Fi analytics. Our fourth annual survey of technology deployments in major sports stadiums and arenas including Wi-Fi, DAS and analytics. Gilmore Engineers Pty Ltd is a leading Australian Engineering consultancy, serving industry, government and consultants in the manufacturing, energy, transportation, aerospace, mining and other high-technology fields.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Stress Analysis (FEA), Rapid Prototyping, Computer Simulation. Management of technical projects is offered to provide expert supervision of the introduction and commercialisation of your most demanding technology.
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One of them, Mark Connolly,┬áis a well respected member of the Secret Service, who also happens to be on the President’s personal security detail. Perhaps the judgement of the driver was skewed enough that they were not aware of the temporary items being in place. With other incidents allowing members of the public to jump the outer fence, and one making it inside the White House with a knife, there is a lot of house cleaning that needs to be done to the Secret Service.
As a dyed in the blue-pinstriped-wool Cubs fan, I can’t write objectively about the place.
In other stadiums, things like a brand-new huge video board would be welcomed, even celebrated. That extra planning, McIntyre admits, will likely keep the Cubs a bit behind their sports-stadium brethren in certain technology areas, like digital signage. But McIntyre also said he and the Cubs have met with franchises who are trying leading-edge deployments, including the San Francisco Giants and some European stadiums. Contributing to the preparation of a business plan for your new product is an area where unique expertise is available.

A report came out that detailed 2 senior Secret Service agents crashing their vehicle into the gate at the White House last week after drinking alcoholic beverages. The other agent, George Ogilvie, was also named by the Secret Service’s report on the incident.
Given that they were both confident and familiar with the layout of the White House property, they may have been navigating on memory and instincts at that point. But on many other fronts McIntyre and his technology team are helping the Cubs and Wrigley keep pace with advanced stadium services, like better mobile device connectivity. Design audits and reviews are also performed to provide an independent opinion of the specifications for a proposed system.
The pair had been part of a group that attended a late-night party, and both had reportedly been drinking. Renovation plans that include an outfield video board will need to pass muster with national landmark regulations, and survice reactions from a widespread fan base that resists even the slightest changes to the stadium, and work with the unique neighborhood apartment buildings whose rooftops offer views into the stadium.

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