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It is launched by the Motor Transport Management Information System (MTMIS), a division of the Punjab Government. CLASS DIAGRAM FOR VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEMThesaba bicycling hazard tracking uml class bicycling hazard tracking.
Now, for the first time in Pakistan, Government of Punjab has launched an Online Vehicle Registration Tracking system.
By just searching your desired registration number it will give you detailed info about the car and its owner.

Tracking: The unit sends current position information to server periodically when ACC is turned on and GPRS is enabled. Alarming: Three SMS messages are sent to designated mobile phone whenpanic button is pressed. Power losing Alerting: Once the main power is cut, an alert message package issent to the server.
On The Air Programming(OTAP): An great function of updating software OnThe Air capability is built in the unit, therefore no need to send unit back to dealeror manufacture when software in the unit is required to be updated or upgraded.

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