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The makers of the spate of reverse three wheelers now on, or about to be on, sale including the Morgan 3 Wheeler, the proposed Elio Motors vehicle, and Polaris’ Slingshot, now just arriving at dealers, have used the fact that their vehicles are legally considered motorcycles, not cars to ease their passage through regulatory waters.
Though Polaris had already received approval from Texas to sell the Slingshot in the state, according to a letter to dealers posted on a Slingshot forum on November 4th they were notified by the Vehicle Titling and Registration Division of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles that the DMV was going to be taking the position that even if dealers are licensed to sell it as a motorcycle, owners of the Slingshot will not be able to register it because it is not street legal as far as Texas motorcycles are concerned. As can be imagined, both Slingshot dealers and customers in Texas who have placed deposits are not happy. Ronnie Schreiber edits Cars In Depth, a realistic perspective on cars & car culture and the original 3D car site. Just adding a sub-category for them would actually be sufficient, so that to enter the market this in-between motor-trike could just have to meet these regulations and that way they’re neither a car or a motorcycle completely. You managed to work in the fact that you ride a Litespeed and that you have the much-coveted TTAC Reverse-Trike beat.
I think titanium is the perfect material for bikes, not as punishingly stiff as aluminum but still lively.
Titanium is cool stuff, add in some big tires and a Ti framed bike will float over chipseal like a hovercraft instead of vibrating your teeth out like an aluminum bike. While this is not TTAB other top Ti frame sources are Moots in Colorado and Lysnkey which is the family that started Litespeed.

In theory motorcycles should be regulated tot eh same standards as cars… which would make them impossible. However, I can see why Polaris would rather resolve this quietly than sue Texas in Federal court. Polaris would win, but the attention from the case could quite possibly lead to a revision of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations defining sit-down trikes as cars. The Louisiana vessel bill of sale is provided by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to assist private owners in selling their boat legally.
Jesse James moved to Texas and his choppers are street legal, despite their apparent near lack of vehicle dynamics short of straight line acceleration, but the Slingshot, which comes with seat belts and roll bars as well as brakes on all of its wheels, is not. Polaris has told dealers that it’s in discussions with higher-ups  in the Texas DMV to resolve the situation. For example, will drivers be required to wear helmets in those jurisdictions that require them on motorcycle riders?
When I contacted the company’s press apparatus a couple of months ago about getting a review vehicle for TTAC, I was told that they are deliberately not working with the automotive press. If you'[re trying to convince a regulator that your vehicle is legally a motorcycle, is it a good idea to point out things like like Bela Barenyi-style crush zones, airbags and other automotive safety features?

If the 3D thing freaks you out, don’t worry, all the photo and video players in use at the site have mono options. Titanium won’t corrode at normal atmospheric conditions on earth so Ti bikes are often unpainted with the welds right there to see. Like for the fact that motorbikes tip over when parked, which doesn’t happen to most cars.
The form should be kept by each party for documentation and the new owner will need to file the form when registering at a Regional Wildlife and Fisheries Office. With some already considering the Elio to be a form of birth control for single guys, having to wear a helmet inside it would make it even dorkier. The seats on Polaris’ own Victory and Indian motorcycle brands, at least their touring bikes, are probably closer to those in a car than to the saddle on my Litespeed bicycle. Perhaps so, but just as Polaris is launching the Slingshot, a reverse trike starting at $20K, powered by a 2.4 liter GM Ecotec 4 cylinder engine, they have discovered that the State of Texas will not let the vehicle be registered there.

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