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High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) or you can say new and smart number plates are now mandatory for all new cars registered in Delhi from 1st May 2012 onwards and for all existing cars in Delhi after 15th June 2012. These number plates are special because they are made up of special material with special markings and laser hologram. These plates will bring uniformity to the system of number plates and will make it easy to track a car using the number plates. The program to upgrade to HSRPs has started with selected states like New Delhi, Kerala, Manipur etc. These number plates have a special laser coded sticker which can be decoded using special laser cameras which will be imported to India in future which will enable to identify vehicles accurately from a distance using their high security number plates. The kebab plate 1000 years - times india, Ibn battuta, the famous moroccan traveller has mentioned that kebab was an integral part of the daily diet of indian royalty as early as 1200 ad. The machinist - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, The machinist is a 2004 psychological thriller film directed by brad anderson and written by scott kosar. Tolexo - online marketplace for industrial goods, safety, When it comes to shopping online for industrial products, there is no other place better than tolexo. Rehabilitation aids, orthopaedic soft goods - cervical, We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter engaged in offering a wide range of rehabilitation aids, orthopaedic soft goods such as cervical collar (soft.
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Other moves that include reducing the amount of dust on Delhi streets, and de-commissioning of a coal fired power plant will do more to curb air pollution than the outright ban on vehicles and the even-odd rule (applicable only to cars driven by male drivers). Car industry veterans have come down heavily, both on the Supreme Court diesel car ban, and the Delhi government’s even-odd rule. Also, they blame the Delhi government for implementing the even-odd rule, which will keep out CNG and petrol powered cars, along with diesel cars, which are assumed to be the major polluters. About UsTo make an informed choice, car buyers need insights and information that only someone with first-hand experience with a vehicle can provide. If you own a car already registered in Delhi, do not panic as there will be sufficient time period allotted for the existing cars to upgrade to the new HSRPs. Talking a bit more about the HSRP, these are make from 1 mm thick aluminium plate with a retro-reflective sheet.
The provision for using high security number plates is under consideration for over 2 decades but the implementation has been delayed for long time.
These cameras will be then gradually installed at important roads and can be used as hand-held units to accurately identify speeding vehicles etc. The report goes on to suggest that cars are to be blamed only for 2 % of the pollution levels in Delhi. That said, two wheelers, a major cause of pollution, aren’t banned by the even-odd rule. Reading all these bans and rules in conjunction, it appears that the government is taking a populist stance, while still appearing to be doing enough to spare Delhi of pollution. They assert that two wheelers, nearly all of them carbureted, emit more pollutants than modern fuel injected cars. As things stand currently, both the even-odd rule (15 days) and the diesel car registration ban (upto 31st March) are temporary measures. This aluminium plate will also have a chromium based hologram and a unique laser code for each of these plates and a minimum of 7 digits, these high security plates come with a non-reusable snap lock which can not be used once it is removed from the vehicle or its broken.

Recent intervention by the Supreme Court of India has brought some pressure on state governments to implement this plan. Gradually this system will be rolled out across all Indian states to reduce the crimes involving motor vehicles. Hopefully within a few years, all vehicles across India will be upgraded to High Security Number Plates to make Indian roads safer in the long run.
This makes the diesel car registration ban by the Supreme Court seem like a short sighted decision. These measures will prevent the use of counterfeit plates on the vehicles and will help bring down the incident of thefts and other crimes using stolen vehicles. After that, the transport department would start replacing the number plates of old vehicles, the official said.Vehicle owners will need to pay the cost of the HSRPs. The costs will differ accordingly," he said.With the largest number of private vehicles in the country, Delhi also has the dubious distinction of highest incidence of vehicle thefts. Sources said only Sikkim and Meghalaya have introduced it so far.The HSRPs have a non-replicable chromium hologram with a chakra image sticker having the engine and chassis number. The chromium-based registration plate will stick to the windshield and will get damaged if somebody tries to tamper with it.The rear registration plate will be fitted with a non-reusable snap lock so that if it is forcibly removed, the lock will break and that would clearly show the number plate has been tampered with. So many Indian firms challenged it in the court."He added that there were many other tough conditions for vendors.

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