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We list more tips and methods on how to stretch the fuel in your car, as well as stretching your wallet. PLATES DAYS ARE NUMBERED: KwaZulu-Natal will new “KZN” licence registrations with plates likely to be made of aluminium and not plastic. Researchers have discovered a security flaw in remote locking systems fitted to around 100-million cars worldwide, German media reported. BP's new fuel, Ultimate with Active technology, will, theoretically, extend your car's fuel range while reducing maintenance costs.

With the price of fuel set to increase again, we list more tips and methods on how to stretch the fuel in your car, as well as stretching your wallet. DA Eastern Cape transport spokesperson Radley Keys said the focus should instead be on reducing traffic incidents.
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However, registration costs currently exceed R500, while basic number plates cost at least R150 per set.MIXED FEELINGSThe plan was greeted with mixed feelings by drivers.
I believe the government should issue free registrations for once."Sebastian Atkinson said the change could help unite the people of South Africa’s most populous province.

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