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Mayor Kenoi Signs Emergency Proclamation in Anticipation of Tropical Storm Darby July 22, 2016Mayor Kenoi’s Statement on the Passing of U.S.
The Vehicle Registration and Licensing Division has announced that the Motor Vehicle Registration Renewal Reminder notices will be changing. The reminder notice received in the mail will include a portion that is to be returned to Motor Vehicle Registration with payment of the indicated amount due. The Motor Vehicle Registration offices are implementing new technology that allows clerks to print the registration card and emblem (sticker) for the license plate right at their teller windows.
Lee Lord, Manager of the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Division, stated, “This is a statewide initiative.

Renewal notices are sent out up to 45 days prior to the expiration of a vehicle registration. This new system will also initiate the new registration emblem (sticker) to be placed on the license plate.
Beginning in May, the forms that vehicle owners receive in the mail will have a different look.
Payment may be made by mail, in person at one of the Vehicle Registration offices, or on-line. The new sticker will be printed at the time the registration is renewed, and the number on the new sticker will match the license plate number.

This new system will increase the efficiency of the Motor Vehicle Registration operations because we will not have to store, inventory and account for pre-printed stickers. This will make it very clear whether a current registration sticker belongs on a car or not. The ‘Point of Delivery’ printers at each clerk’s desk will make their job easier and increase the speed of transactions at the windows.

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