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General News The Road Transport Department (RTD) has introduced the Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC) to replace the vehicle Registration Card (RC) for implementation in stages, beginning 1 June 2016.
In a statement, the RTD said the VOC was also a document of registration issued under the Road Transport Act 1987, and contained details of the owner and vehicle. In the third phase (beginning Jan 1, 2017), the VOC would be issued to owners who go to the RTD office (voluntarily) to replace their RC. In a move to facilitate interactions with the agency, the RTD said the VOC would not be used as a document or instrument for transactions like the renewal of licences for motorised vehicles (road tax), transfer of ownership or amendment of information.
The VOC will not contain a print-out of the record of transactions like in the RC, while data checks can be done directly through the RTD database system. Registration Certificate Of Vehicle StatusREGISTRATION CERTIFICATE OF VEHICLE STATUS patient registration icon, Proof of your title lien status certificate check. The V5C document is set to be changed after a number of blank versions of the current document were stolen in 2006 and used to sell on stolen cars.
These latest versions will be issued with all new cars from August 15 and when there are changes to an existing registration, such as a change of keeper or address.
It will then be issued to all other cars from July 2011 when they are next re-licensed or declared to be off the road.

Also known as the logbook or V5 this is issued when a car is registered with the DVLA and is sent to the registered keeper of the car.The main difference between the two is the colour with the new designs being red compared to the old blue version. The blue version will still be valid for drivers to tax their vehicle, sell the vehicle and notify the DVLA of any change of details of the owner or car. To ensure any car that you own or are thinking about buying hasn't been stolen, get a car history check. Bauer Consumer Media Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm reference No. Vehicles may be presented for inspection up to two months in advance of the month in which they are due. If your vehicle fails the inspection, you will be allowed a specified amount of time to have the necessary repairs made. Remember to bring all emissions-related receipts, your Emission Repair Form and the Vehicle Inspection Report with you. Repairs for emission failures may only be performed by the motorist or a licensed Emission Repair Facility (ERF).
You felt the vehicle was not tested in accordance with state requirements* at a State or Private Inspection Facility.

The On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) test reads a computer system in your vehicle to identify engine related problems that may result in the increase of harmful pollutant emissions.
A vehicle which is not used on New Jersey highways is not subject to inspection until it is returned to New Jersey. A vehicle must be properly registered and have valid proof of New Jersey liability insurance. Any document that you get with the car should have the DVLA watermark when you hold it up to the light, but there are also other ways to protect yourself against buying a stolen car. If you repair the vehicle yourself, you must bring the receipts for any emissions-related parts you used. Stability tests are performed at Specialty Inspection Facilities in Asbury Park or Winslow. Before returning, motorists on extended absence may request form SS-33, which should be made available to any law enforcement officer who may stop you for not having a valid inspection sticker on the windshield.

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