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In 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) unveiled its free online search tool for finding information on recalled vehicles. The information in the database of the NHTSA is compiled from the websites of manufacturers who are required to post details on all vehicle recalls on their own internet portals. Although auto manufacturers recall several million vehicles each year, the information on this does not reach all buyers, particularly, renters and used car buyers as well as owners who find it hard to get their hands on such details. Even if you have just bought a fancy new car, information on a manufacturing or component fault in it may only be available one year down the line. In fact, this is the reason why the NHTSA introduced the free recalled vehicle lookup tool. The Takata airbags fitted in several models of vehicles from different manufacturers were prone to blasting on impact and spraying shrapnel on the driver and front passenger, causing grievous head, face and chest injuries. Ford’s most recent and major recall was of over 11 million Ford Escape SUVs which had to be repaired for engine fire issues.
The Toyota Corolla which is considered to be one of the more dependable family sedans also had a problem with its gas pedal which would get stuck while in full throttle acceleration.
Finally, the Lincoln Navigator had an issue with the cruise control device which would cause the engine to overheat, leading to fire. Unfortunately, rental companies and used car dealerships are under no obligation to undertake repairs before selling their vehicles. Once you have the VIN, simply go to the NHTSA website at and enter the 17 digit code and fill out a Captcha to get all the information you need.
If you are a vehicle buyer or a renter, this tool can tip the odds in your favor by putting essential information about the car you are about to handle at your fingertips.
Recall information - mercedes-benz usa, As part of our ongoing commitment to providing you the best customer service, mercedes-benz wants to keep you informed on any recall campaign that includes your. Takata airbag recall - , A guide to the key things consumers need to know about the massive takata airbag recall, impacting millions of vehicles, made by several different automotive brands.. Vin-lookup tool - safe car svc, All major light vehicle and motorcycle manufacturers are required to provide vin search capability for uncompleted recalls on their websites. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. By Peter Chubb - Apr 11, 2013 Just yesterday we looked at an impending recall of the Range Rover Evoque, even though Land Rover has yet to release any details about it, such as when the recalls will begin or the number of models affected. Honda, Nissan, Mazda and Toyota are set to recall several of their models sold between 2000-2004. The defective part supplied by vehicle parts maker Takata Corp could in some could cause the airbag to deploy because of a faulty airbag inflator.
You can run a Toyota recall VIN check here, where you will just need to enter your vehicle identification number.
For those of you in the US, then the models include the Corolla, Lexus SC Tundra from Toyota. While this will come as a blow to all four, it will be particularly tough for Toyota, as they have not had a great few years when it comes to recalls. Even though it has now been a few days since we learned of the problem, it would seem that some Honda owners are still confused because they are uncertain if they are affected by this recall, and so we thought we would help to makes things a little easier. Honda Airbag recall VIN check – While we cannot help people affected by this issue in every country, we can for those of you in the US, Canada and the UK. If you are a returning Honda customer, then you can log in, which could make things easier, but failing that, all you need to do is enter your Honda Vehicle Identification Number on the US website and you are good to go. General motors recall list - autoblog, It seems general motors can't go more than a few weeks without general motors recall list models under recall: 2014 chevrolet silverado light. Gm expands ignition switch recall - general motors, General motors is expanding the recall of certain 2003-2007 model year vehicles to gm expands ignition switch recall.
Gm issues another recall, check to see if your car is on, The list of general motors recalls keeps gm issues another recall, check to see if chevrolet sparks from model years 2012 and 2014,. As vehicular safety has become an ever more pressing concern in recent decades, it seems as though vehicle recalls have only grown in their number and frequency. Just two years ago, the nation established a new record with 803 separate recalls issued – recall orders that impacted a total of 63.9 million cars and trucks.
The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act grants the NHTSA vast authority in the area of vehicle safety standards, and gives the agency the power to compel manufacturers to recall all vehicles that fail to meet those minimum safety guidelines. Over the last fifty years, a wide variety of such safety violations and defects have been discovered in various makes and models of the nation’s fleet of vehicles. The second option is when the NHTSA orders a recall based on its own investigation of a vehicle type. The NHTSA recommends that consumers check for recalls on their vehicles a minimum of two times each year. The important thing to remember is that recalls are issued due to identified safety concerns.

We also offer the ability to search Honda Motors directly for any potential recalls or open-campaigns on your vehicle. If you can’t find what you’re looking for not a problem!Jay Wolfe and our highly trained staff will help. Manufacturer suggested retail prices and include the vehicle's destination charge of $940 for cars and $940 for light truck, suv and van and do not include taxes, license, or $199 administrative fee.
Hence, the data offered by the NHTSA includes details from all automobile makers that sell their products in the United States and it is updated weekly. This means that if they have a car with a hazardous defect in it, they would continue operating it and endangering lives. Also, car makers don’t exactly issue a public notice in all the dailies across the country notifying vehicle owners to bring a car of certain make and model in for repairs.
Typically, the manufacturers will only be willing to spend their money, and lower their profits in the process, to repair your vehicle if the fault in it is serious enough to jeopardize your life or that of your passengers and others on the road. So, there is a 25% chance that the car you have been driving is dangerous and you don’t even know about it.
So, that more people can take advantage of manufacturer recalls and drive around in a safe car. The faulty fuel lines of the automobile were prone to cracking which would lead to gasoline spill directly onto the engine.
The glitch in the ignition system of the car would only become apparent after the car would be parked. More recently, GM also recalled almost 2.6 million of its older cars which were shipped into the market with bad ignition switches that would impact the working of the airbags in case of crash and would make the vehicle stall. This means that the car you are driving right now could pose a serious threat to you and your loved ones.
The results of your inquiry will include details on recall repairs that have not been completed and those that have been conducted in the last 15 calendar years. Do not expect commercial establishments like car dealerships and rental companies to take these precautionary measures for you.
That’s more than we can say for another round of recalls for 2013, which is to affect more than 3.4 million cars. You have been advised to contact your local dealer, although there’s always another way to see if your vehicle is affected by this recall. In the UK, Toyota is to recall the Corolla and Yaris, Honda the Civic, CRV and Jazz, and Nissan the Almera, Navara, Patrol, Terrano II and the X-Trail. The Civic, CR-V and Odyssey from Honda and the Infiniti FX, Infiniti QX4, Maxima Pathfinder and Sentra from Nissan. Most of these recalls are in the US and Japan, with the rest in the UK and other parts of Europe. You can enter your VIN in the provided box to lookup your car to see if it is affected by this recall. In fact, 1966 was the last year on record in which the number of vehicles affected by recalls amounted to fewer than a million. The lion’s share of those recalled vehicles were the result of manufacturer requests, but it is important to note that the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration played a role in 2014 too.
Through a combination of manufacturer-initiated recalls and the NHTSA’s exercise of its compulsory recall authority, more than 390 million vehicles have been recalled in the last five decades.
Safety defects are defined as problems that directly impact a vehicle’s safety, and that usually exist in vehicles of similar manufacturing design.
Those problems have included everything from defective and substandard steering equipment to defective brakes and accelerators, wiring problems, defective airbags, and tire issues. This often comes about as a result of a number of reported consumer problems that the manufacturer then identifies as being systemic to the vehicle. This too often occurs as the result of investigations related to reports filed by consumers.
Since both vehicles and equipment can be at issue in a recall, there are several different ways in which manufacturers can follow through on their obligations. Many often worry that they will suddenly be confronted with expensive repair costs, and they may respond by simply ignoring the notice.
So, even if you’re the sixth person to own that vehicle when the recall is announced, you are just as entitled as the original owner to receive that free repair. According to the NHTSA, an average of 25% of all vehicles recalled each year never report for servicing.
To better facilitate those searches, the agency provides a website search tool that can tell you whether your vehicle has been subject to a recall any time within the last 15 years. Because of that fact, it is imperative that you contact a franchised dealership that sells your vehicle brand as soon as you learn of a problem. However, information here-in is provided by a third-party and may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors.

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Since the 982,823 vehicles affected by the 58 recalls that year, the number of cars and trucks impacted by manufacturer recalls has been in excess of one million annually.
The agency’s routine monitoring and investigations resulted in 123 separate recall requests that year, affecting 19.1 million vehicles. These and many other problems can result in mandatory recall orders that manufacturers are obliged to obey.
Sometimes it is a minor design flaw; other times vehicle makers discover that faulty equipment or defective materials were used during the manufacturing process. At times, manufacturers balk at certain orders – leaving the agency with little choice other than to seek a court order to compel the recall.
With cars, trucks, and other recalled vehicles, the manufacturing companies typically conduct a merge of their own sales records with the state’s registration records to obtain current addresses for mailing purposes. In cases where a person has purchased a second-hand car or truck, that buyer may wonder whether he’s entitled to free repairs during a recall.
Moreover, if you noticed the problem within the year prior to the recall and had it repaired at a franchised dealer, the manufacturer has to reimburse you for those repairs as long as you can provide receipts. All you need to do is enter your car or truck’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to learn about any potential problems. The repairs are free, the process is simple, and you and your family will all sleep better at night knowing that the problem has been resolved. For exact coverage, exclusions and limitations, please review the Vehicle Service Contract. Of course, with just a simple online search that takes less than a minute, you may be saving yourself and others from grievous harm. Equipment recalls require a different approach that involves notifying distributors and buyers. In some instances, recalls are issued to an owner who has recently sold the vehicle to another buyer, and that second owner simply never receives notice of the problem.
In fact, you are not even required to take the vehicle back to the dealership where you first purchased it, since every dealer that sells that vehicle brand must perform recall repairs at no charge to you.
Even so, that is merely the reason why a consumer might not respond to a recall notification; it does not excuse the consumer’s failure to do due diligence.
See Maintenance Agreement for limitations and restrictions, specifically “What This Agreement Does Not Cover” and “Your Responsibilities”. LUXCAREXT PROTECTION: This information in this brochure is intended to provide only an outline of coverage.
All tax, title, government fees, bank fees, vehicle registration fees, and $199 administration fee are additional. Members of the same household are eligible – the proof of ownership document must match the address of the purchaser as shown in the retail delivery registration. MSRP $36,510.00 (includes destination, excludes tax, license, title fee, registration, documentation fee, options, insurance and the like). Lease and loan quoting is a dynamic process so payments and terms are subject to change prior to contract execution by all parties. The payment quote above assumes that these taxes and fees will be paid at the time of sale by the customer in addition to the down payment amount stated.
All tax, title, government fees, bank fees, vehicle registration fees, and $199 Admin fee are additional.
MSRP $32,635.00 (includes destination, excludes tax, license, title fee, registration, documentation fee, options, insurance and the like). If these taxes and fees are not paid by customer at the time of sale, the quoted payment will be higher since these amounts will be included in the amount financed.

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