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11:05 am March 24, 2014 By Roland Hutchinson BMW is working on a new BMW Z4 sports car, the vehicle is a joint effort between BMW and Toyota, and the vehicle will be a hybrid sports car.
The new BMW Z4 will feature a front engine layout, and it is expected to be four wheel drive and it will come with direct injection and electric engines.
Toyota are working with BMW on developing Toyota’s new electric plug in hybrid system for the new BMW Z4, which uses super capacitors to store short term kinetic energy that is then used for boosting performance. The new BMW Z4 will feature a 2.0 liter or less petrol engine, and BMW will use a number of the technologies they developed for the BMW i8 and i3 in the new Z4.
The company will use the same technology to produce lightweight parts for the body that were developed for the BMW i8 and i3. There are no details as yet on when this new hybrid BMW Z4 will launch, as soon as we get some more information, we will let you guys know.
When the only thing preventing your vehicle from imminent danger is a narrow fabric strap, nothing but the best will do.
Recovery kits - When you have to perform a vehicle recovery, it's important to have all your equipment easily accessible.
Particularly well suited to use in sand, mud and snow, and with a lifting capacity of 4400lb, the exhaust operated X-Jack is an invaluable recovery tool, providing up to 31" of vehicle lift. When developing this product, the design engineers recognized that conventional jacks were not suited to all types of terrain. With a triple layer top and hard core insert for added protection and stability, this jack incorporates a unique two way inflation system.
The importance of D shackles in particular cannot be underestimated for vehicle recovery, indeed for most 4x4s, the D shackle is how you attach the strap to the vehicle.
The Magnum hand winch offers the outstanding performance and reliability you'd expect from ARB with an extremely competitive price. The Magnum hand winch uses a system where wire rope is pulled through the unit propelled by two interlocking jaws. ARB has developed a jacking bracket that is specifically designed to suit many of our earlier bull bars.
The majority of our recent bull bars, actually incorporate jacking points neatly positioned inside each lower front air vent.
While winch straps sold by ARB are exceptionally strong, it is essential that safety precautions are observed to avoid injury in the event of a failure. ARB snatch blocks feature side plates that sit snug against the pulley, eliminating the possibility of the winch cable becoming trapped between the pulley and the side plates.
With a breaking strain of 30,000lb, the ARB snatch block is a formidable piece of recovery equipment that should be included in every recovery kit. The ARB snatch block is a formidable piece of recovery equipment that should be included in every recovery kit.

This ability to stretch is a distinction between a snatch strap and a tow strap, ARB snatch straps are elastic when under load whereas a tow strap is not, the benefits of which are twofold. All ARB snatch straps are woven and fabricated to ARB specifications, and tested by a NATA approved laboratory. An ARB winch extension strap is perfect for extending the length of your winch's cable when the most suitable anchor point is out of reach. ARB's large style bag is designed to fit a complete recovery kit including snatch strap, tree trunk protector, winch extension strap, snatch block, recovery damper, D shackles and gloves. With the help of a bright, powerful glow, the versatility of the 16-foot power cord, and the ever practical dual hanging points, the ARB 4x4 Adventure Light series has allowed you to set yourself up for a good nights rest. Tough, compact and lightweight, the 4x4 Adventure Light will connect to a 12-volt car cigarette lighter socket or a portable battery pack. Practicality is essential for outdoor activities and the 4x4 Adventure Light is just that, practical. Familiarize yourself with ARB's extensive range of 4x4 accessories, and you'll see they manufacture and stock a quality range of 4WD products to enhance your outdoor experience. 10500010 - 4X4 Adventure Light LED - This light provides maximum light output with minimum amp draw and has a LED life expectancy of 50,000 hours! ARB225 - 4x4 Adventure Light - Utilising a fluorescent tube, the 4x4 Adventure Light is ideal for roadside vehicle repairs, camping and various outdoor activities.
Stability and grip when cornering hard over bumpy roads is also claimed to have improved. Similar changes were made to the BRZ's Toyota 86 mechanical twin last month, but it is unclear if the two coupes share damper specifications.
Preparing yourself for the inevitable before heading to the backcountry will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for you and your passengers. Don't trust your vehicle to substandard recovery gear that could jeopardize your safety and your vehicle.
ARB's recovery kits incorporate all the necessary gear into a handy storage bag, and we can also make up a custom kit to suit your specific requirements. In unstable areas of mud, sand and snow, the X-Jack offers a wider footprint to avoid sinking, and uses specially designed, triangular shaped feet to keep the unit firmly grounded.
This means that either the exhaust or a portable air compressor can be used, providing added control in determining the rate and extent of lift. We have a range of D shackles that cater for the largest heavy duty trucks to the smallest SUV.
The jaws pull the cable when in the forward winching mode and also act as an automatic brake. Supplied with mounting bolts and its own fastening wrench, it can easily be fitted when required. These reinforced points allow for a Hi-Lift jack to be mounted directly onto the bar during vehicle recovery, eliminating the need for a mounting bracket.

In the unlikely event of a wire rope or strap failure, the recovery damper will absorb most of the energy in the cable or strap, significantly reducing the recoil.
A poorly designed block can have a detrimental effect on a winch's cable, and lead to a failure of the wire rope or the snatch block itself. Firstly, the kinetic energy generated by the elasticity actually aids the recovery itself, and secondly, the elasticity greatly reduces the likelihood of vehicle damage during recovery. The 17,500 lb model is recommended for most 4WD vehicles, with the 24,000 lb & 33,000 lb straps better suited to heavier applications. These non stretch straps are lighter and easier to store than additional lengths of wire rope. Supplied with a 16-foot power cord with in-lie switch, dual hanging points, and a canvas storage bag, the 4x4 Adventure Light is the perfect accessory for outdoor enthusiasts. Our reflective products look just the same as the non reflective designs during the day but at night when light hits them they reflect grabbing your attention. ARB's 4x4 recovery gear is engineered and manufactured to the highest standards, making it ideal for recreational use as well as competition. For ease and greater stability, the X-Jack is designed to be safely placed under the side of the body rather than positioned under an axle like a traditional jack. Compact and lightweight, the Magnum is also extremely durable - it's built using high quality steel and aluminium components.
ARB’s recovery damper is manufactured from heavy duty vinyl and features storage pockets which come in handy for carrying snatch blocks and shackles when walking from your 4WD to an anchor point.
To ensure smooth pulley operation, the hardened steel pin is fitted with a nipple, to which grease can be periodically applied. The enormous weight of each 4x4 and the weighted force of whatever caused the immobilization puts enormous strain on the point where the straps are attached, and without some elasticity, there is a substantial risk of damaging the vehicle.
Being portable, it's also versatile, and can be attached to your vehicle from any side, providing suitable recovery points are available.
As recovery dampers are now mandatory accessories for most 4WD competitions, the ARB damper exceeds minimum competition weight requirements. It's a great eye catcher for your vehicle and a great safety feature for your motorcycle or bike helmet.
For every situation, there is an article of recovery gear specifically designed to handle the task - from snatch straps to exhaust jacks.

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