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The buyer must be either an existing customer OR a registered Licensed Dealer with the RMS. To use this online service the buyer of a light vehicle must not be under 16, or if a heavy vehicle the minimum age is 18.
If the transfer has already been registered either online or at a Registry, the Notice of disposal will not be processed and a message will be displayed advising this. Click on the Confirm button to process the Notice of disposal OR Click Back to return to previous pages to alter the details if required. If there are no errors encountered, you will proceed to the Completed notice of disposal screen where you will be able to print or email the Notice of disposal details.
If you would like to update your registered email address with your alternative email address, then click on the Update my existing Email address check box, otherwise leave this blank.

Do not include letters or other information you want a court magistrate to consider; instead, bring this information to your hearing.
For a hearing, mail the original citation in the envelop and wait to recieve a date and time notice from the Taunton District Court. If you want to pay a Civil Motor Vehicle Citation, you can do this at an  Massachusetts RMV with Discover, Master Card, or Visa credit cards.
A hearing before the Parking Clerk may be obtained upon written request of the registered owner to the police department. Failure to obey the ticket within twenty one days after the date of violation may result in non-renewal of the license to drive and the certificate of registration of the registered owner.
Parking fine must be paid by check or money order, made payable to the Town of Seekonk, or by cash personally at the town hall or police station.

Questions regarding parking tickets can be directed to the police department, Lisa Parker, at 508-336-7027 or 508-336-8123 Ext.
It will only be presented to you if you have not logged in previously using your account details.

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