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Controller is installed in the secure placed will be programmed* to identify valid RFID tags. In case of existing vehicle from the parking same as above process will execute and controller will update vacant number of parking on the LED screen. Administrator is the person who has all the rights to get all kind of data, reports and transaction is occurred during a day, a month or at any given time. The proposed installation of automatic vehicle identification systems using radio frequency identification (RFID) tag reader equipment will enable automated measurement of wait time for northbound commercial vehicles, both at the Bridge of the Americas (BOTA) and Pharr-Reynosa land Ports of Entry (POEs) between Texas and Mexico.
USDOT and CBP collaboration resulted in an agreement to conduct a limited initial installation of readers at CBP Primary Inspection booths at the BOTA and Pharr-Reynosa POEs. The proposed installation would segment the crossing at both POEs to allow measurement of wait time, by adding an additional reader station at the CBP Primary Inspection facility. The equipment will be installed above the point where trucks depart the six Primary Inspection booths at each POE.
In-depth analysis has been conducted by FHWA to determine the types of technology systems that are appropriate for automated travel time measurement at land border crossings.
If the system were not working at all it would not affect the normal operation of the POE. RFID reader – Outdoor mounted unit containing all the electronics to interrogate passing windshield RFID tags and return tag data in a computer readable form. RFID reader antenna – Rectangular panel type antenna (902-928MHz unlicensed ISM band) mounted over the booth travel lane and used to direct the radio signal from the reader onto the windshield area. Cellular wireless router – Receives tag data from the RFID reader as a serial stream and transmits these data to the central office application (El Paso) using a cellular wireless data connection. CBP personnel at BOTA and Pharr will provide all safety briefings necessary for team personnel while onsite at their respective facilities. CBP will notify project contacts if any known physical, operational, or perceptional problems with the equipment on its premises are discovered. A tamper-resistant RFID tag carrying a unique identifier is sold to regular car wash customers, to be mounted on their windshield. Car wash vendors and gas stations can install the system quickly and easily in an existing car wash using the ruggedized CS203ETHER Ethernet-connected UHF integrated RFID reader from Convergence Systems Limited (CSL). Because RFID technology doesn’t require line of sight to make a connection, it offers a quick and convenient tracking method that is ideally suited to this type of self-serve application.
The XpresWash system was designed for simple customer enrollment, online or at an in-store kiosk. Solution provider TransTech worked closely with XpresSystems to design a complete RFID system that meets all their customers’ needs. XpresWash vendors have reported an increase in per customer revenue since installing the system. The CS203 integrated RFID reader is extremely versatile and can be used in all environments, indoor or outdoor, and for numerous applications.
About Convergence Systems LimitedFounded in 2000, Convergence Systems Limited is a leading design engineering company and global provider of radio frequency ID (RFID) tags, readers, antennas, modules and custom RFID hardware. For other interesting RFID success stories, click on "Solutions" on the menu bar above, then click on RFID. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
An Access Control System is a reliable Processor which can be used for Locks and UnLocks of a Door, Time Attendance System, RFID Thumb Scanner Device,Fingerprint Attendance Punching Machines and more. Multi Media Time Attendance Access Control Devices are with Technologically advanced Functions.
Automated Employee Attendance Identification or Fingerprint Scanner Identification is the process of Automatically matching one or many unknown Fingerprints against a database of known and unknown Fingerprints. Access Control Systems are Electronic Data Management System as files and Folders and that stored data can be Re Produced and analyzed at any time when the administrator wishes to check the data. Integrated Marketing Service 's Access Controller, even if a Fingerprint Reader or Biometric Reader using highly advanced Technology in Attendance Recording,Electronic Punching Attendance Systems and Security Access Control through Biometric Identification. Biometric Attendance Scanner or RFID Card Reader Attendance Scanner is based on Biometric Access Control Attendance Software which is used for Data Identification and Detection. Biometrics can be used for both Physical Access to Corporate Buildings and internal access to enterprise computers and systems. Many Parts in our Body can be integrated with Biometric Technology Products by Engineers and Technicians. The Operation idea behind your Fingerprint Door Lock is that the mapping of your Fingerprint which have already been pre-programmed and marked by computer algorithms and stored in a database. Biometric Reader Door Locks are efficient Fingerprint Attendance Reader System for an Office. Biometric Scanner Door Locks are a type of Fingerprint Thumb Reader System which can assure your Security by keeping a Special Verification Code.

Fingerprint Number Door Locks are used for identifying Personal Security of each Person for Specified Number Door Locking System. As an Efficient Fingerprint Number Lock Supplier in Kerala, Integrated Marketing Services Have Electronic Door Locks for Biometric Thumb Punching, Fingerprint Attendance Marking and other Electronic Security Entrance Systems. Fingerprint Thumb Punching Door Locks are Very Useful in Biometric Attendance Systems and Fingerprint Door Attendance Systems in almost all Offices and Companies. Integrated Marketing Services has variety Thumb Punching Access Control Fingerprint Door Locks from which data can be accessed using a Remote Controller Machine. As a Building Management System Supplier or Building Automation Security System Supplier inside Kerala, Integrated Marketing Services is Providing different Automatic Security Door Locks to Home, Office Building, Apartments, Flats and High Security Rooms. In case of valid RFID tagged vehicle in range of RFID reader, controller will send signals to automatic gate to open and display the tag ownera€™s information on the LED screen along with available parking counts. Comprehensive schedule, including opportunity for GSA Program Managers to inspect and approve the installation configuration and a decision point for continued operation and maintenance.
The ability to stand out among competitors and offer a superior service is vital, particularly in a saturated market or a commodity business.
As a customer pulls up to the XpresWash automated car wash, an integrated RFID reader scans the vehicle identification, account billing information, and selected wash package stored on the RFID tag. And with the ability to store a great deal of data on a rugged RFID tag with consistent readability, the XpresWash system delivers a secure and reliable link to the car wash vendor’s billing system. Once enrolled, a user can drive through an RFID-equipped car wash at their convenience, without having to stop and pay for the service.
The complete solution includes an online administrative website with built-in recurring billing system, allowing car wash vendors to manage revenue, monitor sites from anywhere, and maintain an updated customer database.
Built on CSL’s unified application programming interface (API), the high-performance CS203 enables shorter application development time and faster time to deployment.
CSL is unique in providing both passive Electronic Product Code™ (EPC) Gen 2 RFID products, as well as a full line of active RTLS RFID products. Automated Employee Attendance Fingerprint Identification Systems have been used in large scale civil identification Projects. It can also be used as a Proximity Card Reader Access Control Attendance System, which is RFID Card Reader based Access Control System used as Door Access Control with Single Door and Multi Door Applications. Modern Clear Display Access Control Systems are used for Monitoring Records and Electronic Article Surveillance. These type of LED Display Access Control Recording Systems are used in Offices, Hospitals, Public Buildings, in Retail Sector, Government Services, Schools and Colleges. Biometrics is most often used as a form of authentication in a broader two-factor or multifactor Authentication System, since most Biometric Implementations also require Employees to enter User IDs and Passwords. Biometrics has unique recognizing features which are based on physical or behavioral traits of an individual. The List of our Biometric Sensor applicable body parts include fingerprints, palm prints, facial, iris or retinal scans, hand or finger veins, even body odor, tongue scanning, voice print, handwriting and keystroke dynamics, and finally gate which is the way a person Walks. Electronic Recording of the Fingerprint is done while installing a Fingerprint Door Lock to a House or Office.
As the most experienced Fingerprint Door Lock Supplier in Kerala, Integrated Marketing Services is providing high quality Biometric Scanner Door Access Control System at moderate Prices.
In this Specified Number Door Locking System Each Person is Provided with a Particular Number Code for entering inside a Door. Fingerprint Number Door Locks are highly Efficient System for high Security Assured regions such as Forensic Departments, Government Lockers, Bank Lockers, Treasury File Management System, Gold Lockers, Company Income Lockers, Office File Lockers and More.
It can also used as Official and Personal Door Locks to Open Rooms, Office High Security Doors and Private Homes. Fingerprint Locks and Biometric Door Locks Plays a Prominent Role in Providing Safety,Security and Comfort to Each Home. Fingerprint Door Lock System for Keeping any Valuable goods Make Your Confidential Level High and Mental Comfort Where Ever You are in the World. To enable their retail clients to offer a value-added and convenient service, XpresSystems developed an innovative system that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in a fully automated, self-service car wash. The customer is then automatically billed for the wash using a prepaid plan, club plan, fleet account or pay per use option. This allows car wash vendors to realize cost savings by reducing wait times and demand on attendants, while increasing revenue and customer loyalty. CSL delivers a broad portfolio of RFID hardware for logistics management, supply chain, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, access control,  transportation and retail industries around the world. Access Control System helps you in various ways such as Proximity Readers, Access Cards, Door Access Controller, Biometric Door Locks and Fingerprint Locks. This Automatic Fingerprint Attendance Machine has advanced Memory to store 10,000 Fingerprint Templates and 1 20,000 Transaction Codes. Every Organization has its own set of rules and regulations regarding Office Management, Duty timing; Leave Rules, Holidays, Shifts etc.

Biometric Time Attendance Clock is one of the best Time and Attendance System with Biometric Fingerprint Scanner more accurate in time keeping.
LED Display Access Control Systems are used for Employee Fingerprint Attendance Recording and it is also a standalone solution where all of the Access Control Electronics are in the Keypad or Reader.
At Integrated Marketing Service, Biometric Access Control System Devices are Fingerprint Reader, Time Attendance LED Display Systems, USB Fingerprint Scanners, Biometric Access Control & Attendance, Mobile Fingerprint Scanners, Electronic Signature Access Control System and ,Fingerprint Reader Access Control Identification System. Integrated Marketing Service 's our Biometric Recognition System is the comprehensive solution for all your HR Department Problems. Recognizing an individual on the basis of physical traits include identification based on his fingerprint, face, DNA, eyes, iris, palm, etc while behavioral traits identification refers to voice or rhythm recognition. But the most Reliable and Security assured Cost effective Biometric Technology part is your Fingerprint. Therefore, only the people pre-authorized can successfully through Fingerprint Reader Door Lock. Fingerprint Door Lock makes a Keyless Operation of a Door using Biometrics, Radio Frequency Identification Technology which is RFID Tag and Smart Punching Cards.
Biometric Scanner Lock is also used as an excellent Home Security System for protection of your Assets and Valuables inside your Home. The Person can Press these Numbers with his Finger or a Touching Pad to make the Door Opened for his or her Entry into a Company or to an Office.
The Fingerprint Thumb Door Lock can be Connected with an Attendance ID Recording Machine to record Correct Employee Attendance by a Thumb Punching System. If You are Running an Office with highly Confidential Matters and Assets and Keeping Your Information Files and Goods inside the Office Building, there is a need for Security Door Lock or Door Access Control System using Biometric.
A member of standards organization EPCglobal, CSL is headquartered in Hong Kong with a global distribution channel. Access Control Systems mainly uses 3 Technologies Which are Fingerprint Rcognition Technology having vast Applications in Time & Attendance Control Systems, Access Control Systems, Computer Security, banking, Canteen Management, Club Membership Applications, among others. The Access Control Device is based on Linux System to configure an accurate and error free Time Attendance Fingerprint Clock. Employee Time Attendance Management System using Access Control Technology has wide Applications in Head Office Control and Satellite Site Administration. Biometric Access Control System can also be used for Building Security as a Building Management System. Compact systems are an easy to administer and Cost-Effective means of Controlling Access to a Building.
A Biometric Scanning Device takes a user's Biometric Data, such as an iris pattern or fingerprint scan, and converts it into digital information a computer can interpret and verify. That’s why a Home Security Store Supplier is keeping the latest Biometric Fingerprint Technology Products such as Biometric Reader and Fingerprint Reader Door Lock.
Fingerprint Automatic Door Locks are Perfect Security Locks for your Office Room, Bed Room, Main Entrance Home Door, Flat Lock and Apartment Security Lock.
Companies can restrict Access to certain areas of the Building so only certain Employees can enter by only approving their Fingerprints in the Access Control System.
However, as the Access Control Electronics are all housed in the Reader or Keypad this type of Biometric System is not recommended for exterior or high Security Interior Fingerprint Access Control Doors.
Since it is more difficult for a malicious hacker to gain access to a person's biometric data, and it is unlikely that a user will misplace or misuse his or her biometric data, this form of Technology a greater level of assurance than other methods of identification. The Process behind your Palm Identification is hold your Palm a few centimeters over a small scanner, and within a second the scanner captures a near-infrared image of your unique vein pattern. Compact Security Access Control Systems are available in a choice of TOUCHLOCK Keypads with clear Display, PROXIMITY Card Readers or CARDLOCK (Magstripe) Readers. An algorithm converts this image into a digitized template, and then matches it against a database of pre-registered templates. LED Display or Clear Display Access Control Systems are typically Designed to gain Access through a Card or a Pin with a valid Token to its Readers. This Access Control Time Attendance System is based on Payroll Employee Attendance HR Software.
Time Attendance Electronic System is one best Access Control Detection and Identification System with Proximity Card Readers and Hid Card Readers. This Payroll Employee Attendance System is based on Payroll Module, E-mail Module and Leave Module. Enrolling Biometric Tokens for a Fingerprint Access Control Identification System using RFID Smart Card Technology for automatically identifying Objects and Persons. These are used for Employee Attendance, calculating innumerable salary components; calculate overtime, tracking leaves, loans and advances, generating pay slips, PF reports, ESI reports, tax reports etc.

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