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Integrated Service Information Display (ISID)ISID is a mobile tester for workshop use integrated in the workshop network. Integrated Measurement Interface Box (IMIB)The IMIB is a powerful measuring instrument that is used in the BMW Group dealer organisation. Integrated Communication Optical Module (ICOM)ICOM is a communication device and constitutes the diagnostic interface to the vehicle.
Personal Computer (PC)You can also install an ISTA client on a PC or a workshop PC, for example. Apple? ??????? 2,000? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???? In-Door Mapping System? ???? ???? ???, ?? ?? ??? ??? ????(API Open? ??) 'Creative'? In-Door ?? ???? 3rd Party? ????? ???, ?? ?? ??? ?? ????? ???? ??? ??? ??(Benefit)? ???? ? ??. Tell us what you want in your Jeep® brand vehicle and we'll find the one that is right for you. The 2016 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited features standard and available wheel options that form a foundation for any journey worth undertaking. Be sure to follow all instructions in Owner's Manual for removal of top, doors, and lowering of windshield.
Whether you want the standard fun that comes with Wrangler Unlimited or more open-air freedom, you can choose from removable, full-framed doors with roll-up windows+, available power windows and door locks, map pockets with mesh net and aluminum-forged hinges or removable half-framed doors+ featuring manual locks. The DSX Access Control System is the cutting edge in 32 bit Windowsi?? applications coupled with the latest in scalable hardware.

In a stardand workshop, BMW ISTA workshop system consistes of several functionally orientated system components that communicate with each other via LAN, WLAN and Internet. In addition to other applications, the server-specific component of the ISTA software is installed on ISIS. It contains several measuring units that can simulate the performance of an oscilloscope or a digital multimeter. Vertical Market?? Healthcare ??? ? ??? ?? ???? ?? ???, ???? Ubiquitous Positioning? ?????? BLE Beacon ??? In-Door Positioning Service? ? ??? ??? ??? ??? ? ??. Wrangler Unlimited incorporates classic Jeep® vehicle design elements to bring you all-weather capability that testifies to its off-road+ prowess. Whether tackling the streets or hitting the trails, the Wrangler Unlimited offers a wide range of wheels and rims that provide you with amazing on- and off-road+ performance.
Special barriers have been designed for multi-storey car parks, camp sites, custom points and toll gates. This breakthrough software identifies suspicious or unusual behavior through video analysis helping achieve security and fiscal objectives. The entire system supplies up-to-date diagnostic data and information from BMW Headquarters.
The IMIB contains adjustable current and voltage sources which can be used as voltage and current supplies.You can use the IMIB as a multimeter even if not connected to ISTA or execute more complex functions with ISTA.

With the modular Freedom Top® hardtop, you can mix colors or match your vehicle with the body-color hardtop.
The primary applications of the terminal devices are powerful diagnostics on the vehicle with various options for vehicle identification for highly specific information searches and guided troubleshooting. The IMIB can be operated in two modes in conjunction with ISTA:• interactively as a manually adjusted measuring instrument• embedded in test processes as automated measuring instrumentWith manually adjusted measuring instrument you can make manual settings in the relevant masks once a connection to the measuring instrument system has been established. The ISTA client software is installed on the Integrated Service Information Display (ISID) operator devices and the workshop PC. The results are displayed in the mask.With guided measuring instrument, the measuring instrument system is automatically adjusted via program instructions in the test sequence. It communicates with the ISTA server software that runs on the Integrated Service Information Server (ISIS) .

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