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Wait until a new cut-scene inside Joe's apartment has ended and take your time to look around. Proceed to a lower level of the building and follow Joe to a new passageway leading to the back of the building #1.
Approach Joe's car (Culver Empire) from the driver's side #1 and press the F key to sit behind the wheel.
Giuseppe's place is located to the south-west and thankfully it won't take a lot of time to get there. Listen to what Joe has to say about a luxurious vehicle parked here and then proceed to the entrance to the building #1. Wait for the conversation between Vito, Joe and Giuseppe to end and then pick up documents from the table #1.
You'll now have a chance to test the lockpicks and the whole point will be to learn how to complete a mini-game. You'll be seen by one of the police officers even if you perform all actions according to the plan and your job will be to escape a police chase.
The most important thing to know about is that your car is wanted by the police (license plate icon seen above the radar).
There are two ways of getting rid of a wanted status for your car - you can switch license plates or you can repaint the vehicle using a different color #1. You'll have to be VERY careful while using the stairs, because you'll be surprised by two enemies along the way #1.
Climb on top of a wooden table #1, so that you'll be allowed to get past the flaming passageway. Make sure that there are no gangsters in the vicinity and then run to your right to take cover behind a small brick wall #1. You can't eliminate all enemy units from the balcony section, so sooner or later you'll have to get down to the ground floor. Joe is badly hurt and he needs a doctor, so you'll have to drive him to El Greco (you've already been there during the fifth chapter of the game). Watch a cut-scene showing a conversation with El Greco, go back to your vehicle and start diving to Bruno's hideout located in the southern part of Empire Bay.

The first Playboy magazine (it's one of the collectibles in the game) can be found on a table #1 and you can also turn on the radio, interact with a few objects and listen to Joe's funny remarks. If you've chosen the realistic mode in the game options you'll have to be very careful, because it's going to be slippery. Joe will pay for them and thanks to the documents you won't have to worry about resuming your military career. Return to the car (Jefferson Provincial) which was noticed by you and Joe when you got here. This means that if you're seen by the police while driving around the city a new police chase will commence #1. Make sure to test other actions while inside the workshop, because this time everything will be available for free.
Each time you've encountered a gangster you'll have to react quickly to avoid being killed.
You should be able to eliminate the rest of enemy units from here, especially since most of the gangsters will be focused on attacking Joe. There's a large stash of grenades near one of the active lamps #1 and they may come in handy in the near future. Start off by acquiring a car and obviously you can throw out one of the drivers from vehicle passing by #1 or steal a parked machine.
You won't be penalized for damaging Joe's vehicle, however it's best to keep it n good condition. Notice a radar in the lower right corner of the screen - the red line will show the quickest route to your destination (you can also see it on the main map opened with a TAB key). Listen to yet another conversation and then press the E key while standing close to the counter. You'll have to drive fast to escape the cops, but you must avoid hitting other vehicles and objects from the environment at the same time. Thankfully you can avoid police cars and police officers on foot, because they'll be represented by blue rectangles and arrows on your radar. Make sure to check the area to your left after using the stairs, because you'll find a Playboy magazine on the ground #2.

Take cover behind one of the pillars located far away from the balustrade when you get there #2.
Choose a set of lockpicks (they cost 7 dollars) from the list of objects sold by Giuseppe #2.
The object of this mini-game is to wait for each pin to find itself in a correct spot (it will be shown in green #2) and then to press the E key to keep it that way. Notice that you will be allowed to break the glass to get in by pressing the Q key, but for now you should be interested in holding the F key.
Prevent the police cars from getting too close and it shouldn't take long until you've lost them. Use the map to locate a nearby workshop, stop near the main gate and press the E key to honk your horn #2.
You won't have to think too much how to kill them, so you should worry only about scoring precise hits. Don't forget to check your radar often, because some of the gangsters may want to surprise you and use the stairs to get here #2.
I would recommend that you take your time, because you'll soon have to perform similar actions under pressure of being caught by the police. Perform similar actions to a recently completed mini-game by holding the pins when they're shown in green #2.
Joe will then inform you about a job well done #2 and he'll also say that it would be a good idea to visit a mechanic. If you make a mistake while trying to stop a pin you'll have to repeat the last step and of course that will make the mini-game last much longer.

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