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BattleMachines2009 (0)2012-08-24 22:21I'm going to guess this will be the fastest car in GTA V.
I must admit, I've been focusing on helping someone move in, so I haven't had a lot of Internet time. BattleMachines2009 (0)2012-08-25 04:55I just looked at the new screens, and the new police helicopter is a Eurocopter AS350. J-2 (920)2012-08-25 07:53 BattleMachines2009 wrote because it makes no sense to reuse the GTA IV model. GTA V is set in the same "universe" and time line as IV, just 4 years later, so the cars are almost the same, there are obviously new models, but models already seen in IV doesn't have to change at all, maybe some of them have restylings now, but in this case, the Infernus is exactly the same as it was in IV. Tycek (168)2012-11-11 01:29According to many sources we'll get one city called Los Santos.
Hamisxa (1)2012-11-12 08:18 Tycek wrote According to many sources we'll get one city called Los Santos. Tycek (168)2012-11-12 14:04I'm not gonna get in some childish argument with guy who thinks that he discovered America, because he found that Los Santos where game will take place (which is known since november 2011) is located in San Andreas (which is known since october 2004).
Hamisxa (1)2012-11-12 18:33 Tycek wrote I'm not gonna get in some childish argument with guy who thinks that he discovered America, because he found that Los Santos where game will take place (which is known since november 2011) is located in San Andreas (which is known since october 2004). Tycek (168)2012-11-14 19:03Judging by the rims, front and side intakes, yes it's the same car. Tuppence870 (67)2013-07-09 23:41Aside from some of the rear details, this seems to be more of a Ferrari Enzo.
Tuppence870 (67)2013-08-15 23:22Possibly, but the LaFerrari concept is younger than the oldest screenshot of this car.
IanE55 (0)2013-08-20 04:29 matt__jon wrote What a shame, the cheetah used to be such a beautiful car, now its mostly based on the enzo, one of the ugliest Ferraris of all time. CaptainMe93 (0)2013-09-30 01:39According to its description on the in-game website that sells the car, it's apparently supposed to be a prototype from the early 1970s. Based on this description, it appears to be based on the 1970 Ferrari 512 S, which also served as the basis for a one-off concept, the 512 S Berlinetta Speciale.
Tycek (168)2013-10-26 17:51Either they've seen the Ferrari before its premiere, or changes made to Enzo turned it into LaFerrari.
As you can see, the Cheetah has the Enzo's nose, grille, hood, doors, front fenders, wheel arches and windows. Tycek (168)2013-11-25 12:12It's cool how you didn't highlight several features that are shared by both Cheetah and LaFerrari. Tuppence870 (67)2013-11-25 12:58 Tycek wrote It's cool how you didn't highlight several features that are shared by both Cheetah and LaFerrari. Obviously, the LaFerrari is the Enzo's latest successor, so they are very similar cars anyway.
Tycek (168)2013-11-25 14:13Since it's not LaFerrari and too far from being a Enzo - MFG will be the best choice probably. Let people what they want or do you meant let you what you want, because you're pushing it the hardest to Enzo?
Tycek (168)2013-11-25 15:52Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't we suppose to judge vehicles by what they look like, not what they were based on? Evil Tim (1)2013-11-25 15:56I'm not entirely sure there's a difference between those two things. You know that one writer wrote a book about giant transatlantic vessel called "Titan" hitting a iceberg and sinking, killing many people in the catastrophe few years before 1912. Evil Tim (1)2013-11-25 16:03 Quote You know that one writer wrote a book about giant transatlantic vessel called "Titan" hitting a iceberg and sinking, killing many people in the catastrophe few years before 1912.
Tuppence870 (67)2013-11-25 16:04I would argue that IV's Banshee is more of a late 90's Viper, but I have literally just answered your other question above.
Tycek wrote What I was trying to show here was the possibility of R* creating LaFerrari by coincidence.
Tycek (168)2013-11-25 16:11Since you don't want to understand a thing out of this discussion I'm leaving it as it is. Also, it turns out that Polish and English don't work particularly well in Google Translate - could this be a language problem?
ItsaUserName (69)2013-11-25 19:27 Tuppence870 wrote Let's say a 1982 game somehow predicted the exact appearance of the Lotus Elise. Tuppence870 (67)2013-12-17 02:25 ChoclitBunny wrote The top of the rear end is different, but for the rest I can't think of any other car than Ferrari LaFerrari.

And finally, I just noticed that the Cheetah's rear splitter is identical to the one on an Enzo.
The earliest screenshot of this car was released in August 2012 (check the date of the earliest comments on this page). A lot of you car maniacs will probably freak out if I say - like I said before - that the makers of GTA 5 might have us all fooled, by creating an amalgamation of what they like best in LaFerrari and Enzo combined with their own creativity.
The front looks like Enzo, but the front wheel arches, headlights and cockpit look like 458.
Personally, the way I see it, the first screenshot that was made available of the car, was released before the final production photos were even made for the LaFerrari.
It does look strikingly like an Enzo, atleast when it comes to the front, but when you get to the back, it's not even remotely close.
I'd say, the best thing that you could list it for now (until we happen to come across either an answer from RockStar or another car that looks closer to the Cheetah), would be that it was a "Made for Game" car.
Mark0 (401)2013-12-19 14:08There are one developer team from Serbia that made character models for GTA IV and GTA V. If that doesn't work, we could just look at the facts here, because they should mean a lot more than simple opinions. Tycek (168)2013-12-20 12:18Since it's not licenced in any way it can be MFG, which was of course unnaceptable for some members. Tycek (168)2013-12-20 14:08I respect Rinspeed's wish, so I will leave this without comment.
I had considered this, but the shape of the windshield structure is still closer to that of an Enzo.
Tuppence870 (67)2014-03-18 21:16At the end of the day, you should be looking at evidence, not just opinions. Black Bart (84)2014-03-19 14:07We all know it's a Ferrari, so I'll leave it as a Ferrari Unknown.
Tycek (168)2014-03-19 14:09Seriously who is changing that to Ferrari Unknown all the time, when it clearly is not licenced. Die Autos sollten ein reallistisches Fahrverhalten haben und es sollten originale Autonamen-und Marken vorhanden sein. Der Panzer sollte endlich ma Ketten haben so das ma damit auch andere autos überfahren und nicht nur rammen kann. Und wenn man mit nen Flugzeug fligt und mit einen fügel bei einen hochhaus oder so an rempelt dann soll der abreisen und nich dann so komisch drehen. CiF3r LASS DEN BULLS**T VERDAMMT HIP HOP IS MEIN LEBEN HIP HOP IS DAS GEILSTE AUF DER WELT OK? Realer schaden nzw verletzungen wären blöd, wird man 1 mal angeschossen in den kopf is man tot? Und wenn man den kranken wagen dauernd rufen muss, kann man auch ekine verfolgungsjagden machen.
Der Typ den man spielt sollte ein Punk sein und es sollte Ende der 70er Jahre in England spielen. Der Chaos auf der Strasse könnte wesentlich *chaotischer* sein denn in Wirklichkeit kommt man ja kaum voran mit nem Wagen in ner Grossstadt! Vielleicht ein unterirdisches Tunnelsystem, in dem eine Sekte von halbtoter Menschen haust, die dir mit schwarzer Magie einheizt. Ansonsten hoffe ich das die Grafik nicht allzuviel besser wird, mein armer PC hat schon an SA zu knabbern. Kannst du dir nicht vorher überlegen, was du schreibst, damuit du nicht innerhalb von 14 Minuten 5 Posts machen musst? Hopefully, the Infernus will be closer to an Aventador, because it makes no sense to reuse the GTA IV model. I believe the 2nd Trailer is around 2012 when the first front view of Cheetah were revealed, and Ferrari didn't give the LaFerrari design to public (even R*) and there are no news about leaked LaFerrari design in 2012.
I'd say it is one, but with an Enzo-like front, because LaFerrari is simply out of the question.
The LaFerrari was released 1 year after the first Cheetah screenshot so it's impossible to say it's a Ferrari LaFerrari. Just look at it, it doesn't matter when the car was revealed if the one in game is quite close to the real one.
I've highlighted several features that are shared by both the Cheetah and Enzo, but do not appear on the LaFerrari.

And frankly, the fact that this was first seen a year before the LaFerrari should mean we shouldn't even be having this discussion in the first place. In the case of the Cheetah, many of its features are taken directly from the Enzo, which also makes it seem similar to the LaFerrari.
More than half the design is lifted directly from the Enzo - at least 10 people have posted this above and the proof is fairly undeniable.
You started that months ago when you likened me to Marec, and it's exactly this which created the picture I see of you now. You can't stand term MFG just like him and you will do everything, even attack other people and calling them names just to prove your point. It's an eerily similar production that happened to be similar without actually being related. I'm trying to work something out here, but you're accusing me of things that I have never done. It would be Made For Game, since the actual Elise did not materialize until 1996, so the 1982 Game's car was created purely out of it's designers imagination, not a real-world example. The rear end of the player's car looks exactly like the 1999 - 2004 Ford Mustang, but because not even the previous generation had been made at that point in time, and the front end doesn't look anything like a Mustang, it remained MFG. Now, it's possible that Rockstar might've gotten contact with Ferrari and they may have gotten a sneak peak, but personally, I'm not seeing how it could be a LaFerrari. I mean, even though this game has been the most detailed of all in the GTA franchise, it's still a game.
That's why I put so much time into these complex analyses - I look at the evidence available and try to get the most accurate identification.
Like the Carbonizare, everything here is lifted from a single car (the Enzo), aside from a few details at one end (in this case, the rear). Manufacturer unknown should be used in cases where car was licenced, but graphics, car position or lack of details makes it impossible to identify further. Plus, it's a production version of a concept car (similar to the Cheetah bio in the website). And this car has much more in common with the Enzo than the Carbonizzare has with the Aston Martin Zagato. They simply rounded it here and there, changed headlights and side intake getting LaFerrari looking car in the end. I mean, clearly this car is implied as an Enzo, but to keep the final design not TOO close to the real car, they "fictionalized" it. Some of the side vents were also inspired by this car, with the sidepod and sideskirt using similar lines to the Cheetah. Personally, I say if at least 75% of the car is related to any actual car, it should get filed as what it mostly looks like. Here we can see every side of the car and since you can't say it's one models of the Ferrari it can't stay like that. San Andreas ist ja ein Bundesstaat, aber gibt es einen Bundesstaat in dem es nur drei Städte gibt? You just can't admit you're wrong on this, and you'd rather label this as a generic nothing than let people get what they want.
In my mind, it is a car that has no relation to any real world vehicle (hence it has been "made for the game"). Of course, we could just settle this like gentlemen, but I suppose that is out of the question?
Similarly, if the Watson Revenge in Burnout Paradise is considered an Enzo, this is undoubtedly one as well. Glaube nicht, dass es hier jemanden gib der die Erfahrung und Zeit hat für so ein anspruchsvolles Projekt hat. It makes me wonder how you became an admin, since you only ever root for your own personal pursuits and never the needs of your community. Just because the car has a few styling cues from another car doesn't automatically not label it as an Enzo, just because of a few of those details. It looks more like last Viper than previous one and we know it wasn't possible for them to see one in 2007 or earlier.

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