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Another rival of Chevy in the truck market is Toyota, which has recently introduced the similarly themed LET’S GO PLACES. Seems like pathways to the future are ruling the slogans of the truck genre.  What do you think about Chevy’s new theme in view of its competitors?
Steve BairdJust so you know, I'm all about brands and the law, both professionally and personally.

Wes AndersonAs far back as I can remember, I've been fascinated with graphic design, visuals, and branding. Tiffany BlofieldAlthough my initial career path was to be one of the Supremes (not the musically talented ones with platform shoes and sequins, but rather, the nine wearing sensible shoes and pressed black robes in DC), I will likely stay in Minnesota as I have never lived anywhere else. Martha EngelI’ve always been passionate about smartly designed, cleverly branded, and well-crafted products – from cars to craft beer to fashion to gadgets.
Brent LorentzAlthough I wish I could say my path to the law was the result of a lifelong dream or calling, it was more the result mere curiosity and an affinity for leather-bound books.

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