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The first major development in the history of GPS navigation which could be seen as the fore father of GPS was the advent of the compass and sextant. Coupled with the sextant they could measure angles of the stars, moon, and sun in relation to the horizon using small mirrors – but the early sextant devices were again flawed as they were only accurate when being able to measure latitude.  Sea farers and explorers were still unable to calculate longitude and so the quest for more accurate navigation continued. Moving into the 17th Century, a group of scientists joined forces in England and called themselves the Board of Longitude. The reason this was so well received was because it only ever lost 1 second a day, and when combined with a sextant, the chronometer was able to let explorers and adventurers figure out what their latitude was… and now more importantly, also longitude.  The World didn’t know it at the time, but this was an early development in the history of GPS systems and set us on the way to changing navigation as we know it today. Despite this system being a huge advancement it was still not perfect because it used ground generated radio waves which need to make a choice between a high-frequency radio system that was inaccurate and does not cover large areas, versus low-frequency which had broader coverage but was also not accurate. This confirmed the scientific assumption that a satellite’s position could be tracked from the Earth and was one of the first true technological steps in being able to calculate an object’s ground position using radio signals from a satellite that was orbiting the planet. The Transit System used six satellites that orbited the Earth circularly in polar orbits.  The US Navy were able to measure the Doppler shift of the radio signals and thus let the submarines be located by position in a timeframe of just fifteen minutes. By 1978 they had launched the first GPS satellites into orbit and by the 1990s the system was using 24 satellites to accurately provide GPS for a number of applications and was then made available to be used by public companies.  The Global Positioning System history was now ready to make the first steps into being used by the public for things such as in-car navigation and exploration methods. Recent news has highlighted people now looking to take indoor location positioning as the next level, and even attempts to create new and better alternatives to GPS navigation.  Whatever happens next, GPS navigation is here to stay and will continue to be a huge part of our lives for years to come.
We will update this History of GPS Navigation page as soon as any new developments in the technology occur so please bookmark the page for future reference or share it on your social networks using the buttons you see on this page.  If you wish to reference any of the material on our website then we would appreciate that you credit us with a link back to the History of GPS Navigation page on the GPS Bites website. GPS has hit the mainstream, but it wasn't long ago that the concept of in-auto navigation didn't even exist. It's tough to believe, but in-car GPS navigation has already been around for more than a decade.
Twenty years ago, a road trip meant a bunch of fold-out maps stuffed into your glove box or your car door panel pockets. Most people don't realize that in order for global positioning to work, Einstein's theories of special relativity and general relativity must come into play. While those two effects work against each other, the net result isn't equal: You end up with a discrepancy of roughly 38 microseconds per day. The Road to In-Car NavigationEven after 2000, it would be a while before consumers would see GPS navigation in cars en masse. This product hasn't changed in over a month and may have been removed from Amazon or Amazon has stopped sharing price data for this product with partners like us.
Sign up for price drop alerts and begin tracking this product by completing the form below. The iTrail GPS Data Logger is the SMALLEST GPS data logger anywhere! It easily fits in a backpack, car, purse, or anywhere that you need to track GPS location of your loved ones, employees, or fleet vehicles. The iTrail is a passive GPS logging device, which means that the unit creates a historical log of your vehicle's driving history. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. To retrieve your driving data, simply connect the unit to your PC with the included USB cable.
The first time you use the iTrail, you will want to give it a direct line of sight to the sky to let it acquire its first signal.

Included with the iTrail GPS logger, you will receive a protective silicone case, USB connection cable, software installation mini-CD, and quick-start guide. It takes less than 5 minutes to install the software, and then you'll be ready to log your driving data!
The iTrail can be placed anywhere in the vehicle, including the glove box or center console. With normal driving usage (1-2 hours per day) it can last up to 30 days on a single charge. Yes - the map software is powered by Google Maps, so you need to be connected to the internet to view the routes. If you would like to make an enquiry or talk to your Case Manager please email or use our Live Chat option to contact us.
At Harriet Bond our tracking packages provide the perfect solution to monitoring your employees' movements.
This fantastic piece of equipment provides you with real-time, online access to your employees' location. We also have tracker packages available with surveillance attached so we can capture the photographic evidence you need to confirm their whereabouts and activity. Our clients can login to our portal to view the tracker's location, history and reports in real time.
Harriet Bond Detective Agency will customise a surveillance package to meet your requirements. A vehicle tracker is a highly recommended, convenient and cost effective method of monitoring a person's movement 24 hours a day. Our live GPS tracking system provides a comprehensive report of the vehicle's movements 24 hours a day.
Harriet Bond Detective Agency will customise a vehicle tracking package to meet your requirements. All vehicle tracking packages include deployment and retrieval by our highly trained agents.
GPS Tracker Free Software with Taximeter Printer Camera Product Description T01 Vehicle techograph gps tracker, works for cars, trucks, bus tracking and fleet management.
Because the compass needle always points in a northwards position it was possible for sea farers to know where they were and in which direction there boat or ship was heading. They said that they would pay a handsome fee to anybody that was able to calculate the longitude of a sea vessel to within an accuracy of 30 nautical miles.
Pulling over, unfolding one like a giant newspaper, and then figuring out where you were and how it corresponded to what you were seeing through the windshield was the norm. Department of Defense first developed satellite-based global positioning technology for the military. But the military added interference to the signals to ensure their own version was the only one that could be used with any precision.
Russia's own GLONASS system of 22 satellites will soon work with some compatible smartphones in the U.S.
On a basic level, GPS finds your position by looking at the time stamp from a number of satellites orbiting the earth, how far away each one is from you, and how far apart each one is from the other.

That incredibly small difference is still enough to report your actual position off by miles, which would render the GPS system worthless, were it not for allowing for relativistic effects. Early routing algorithms were imprecise, and sometimes repeated steps over and over again—long lists of instructions that basically said to stay on the same road for 12 miles were a constant source of frustration. The optional Magnetic Car Mount Case allows you to easily mount the iTrail under your car.
All you pay is the purchase price for the iTrail, there are never any monthly fees or additional charges.
You will be given full access to the tracker webpage and a link to watch the vehicle movements live online.
We doesn't provide vehicle locator gps products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully.
A clever guy called John Harrison stepped up to the challenge in 1761 with his invention of the chronometer timepiece.
Along the way, those maps gave way to MapQuest or Yahoo Maps print-outs, and now, fortunately, we've got portable navigation devices (PNDs), in-dash GPS systems, and GPS-enabled smartphones. An early satellite-based system dubbed TRANSIT was up and running as early as 1960, with more refined and precise versions involving multiple satellites in general military use by the early 1980s (pictured, right). After four years of deliberations, President Clinton signed a bill in 2000 ordering the military to cease scrambling satellite signals used by civilians. Beginning around the turn of the century, computer-generated, turn-by-turn directions from websites like MapQuest were a common sight.
Plus, you still had to print them out and take them with you, which meant you needed to pull over to read the next few steps. If this isn't the exact match you were looking for, check out the other versions of this product in our database. Voice-enabled navigation is more commonplace than ever, as the average PND price keeps getting lower and lower, and high-quality navigation apps are available for most smartphones. This instantly upgraded the accuracy of the few consumer-based systems already in existence by a factor of 10, and opened the doors to a much larger, consumer electronics-based industry for GPS navigation. But because of relativity, the clocks in the satellites advance ever so slightly faster than clocks on the surface of the Earth. Not only were these websites godsends for finding unfamiliar hotels and restaurants, but they also assisted plenty of small businesses heavily reliant on driving—think of home improvement contractors, real estate agents, and freight services, just to name a few examples. And if you wandered off course, you were just as lost as you would have been with a map—worse, actually, if you left the actual map at home, since the printed directions were for one specific route. Plus, moving clocks are slower than ones standing still—again, by a very tiny amount.

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