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A method for traffic sign shape detection is presented, which does not require extensive training and is based on fast template matching suitable for real-time applications. In any case, I feel that many cars are going even faster than the posted 25 mph, especially during rush hours. Ideally, I would like to use a camera with a slightly wider lens to give the Kalman filter more time for conditioning. Speed estimation is done in a C++ based program, using the OpenCV library for background detection and various transformations. Center coordinates for moving contours detected in the previous step are fed to the "VehicleTracker" object. Figure 2: A simple overview of what the VehicleTracker class does during program execution. I haven't worked on this project since I published this post, so unfortunately it is still not very advanced. My next goal is to change the Kalman filter so it takes the size of the detected "blob" into account. I'm going to rewrite it all to use the OpenCV highgui for showing the images, because the whole thing would be much simpler then.

I just saw that the code that actually defines the Cinder app is located in the "src" folder, named "VehicleTracker_v03App.cpp".
Raspberry Pi Camera Module Motion Detection and Time Lapse Project using Python Script Part1. To substantiate my gut-feeling, I decided to measure vehicle speeds on the street in front of our house. A rectangle of known dimensions drawn on the street (marked during a calibration procedure with white dots as seen in B allows for a perspective transform (A-2) of the acquired image. As the name implies, the VehicleTracker keeps track of all the vehicles that might appear at any given time. I've only tried it for the street right outside my house, so I don't know how robust it is when faced with different situations.
Post processing phase enables detection verification thus drastically increasing detection accuracy. I find this to be high for a residential neighborhood, but 25 mph is the norm here in the USA.
These white blobs are then sent to a contour detection routine (A-4, which returns the center coordinates of each blob.

To do so, it uses a Kalman tracker for each detected vehicle track, and performs some rudimentary estimation of whether the object present is a car or not.
It's also using the libcinder library for the GUI, which is a bit more complicated than necessary during the testing phase. It's an XCode project, and the relevant files are in the "xcode" directory if you go to the "source" view. All method parameters, if required, can be tweaked without the need for time-consuming retraining procedures. These center coordinates are then sent to the Vehicle Tracker class (A-5), which determines whether they belong to a vehicle, and if so, what the instantaneous and average vehicle speed is. The method shows robustness to various conditions that often impose problems for color based systems. The proposed method can be used standalone or with already developed methods as a verification layer.

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