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Emissions Decals Can Vary, To Verify You Are Ordering The Proper Decal You Must Match The Emissions Code Located On The Corner Of Your Original. SYSTEM OPERATIONSee Figure 1The Evaporative Emission Control (EVAP) system is designed to prevent fuel tank vapors from being emitted into the atmosphere.
COMPONENT TESTINGSee Figure 2Before embarking on component removal or extensive diagnosis, perform a complete visual check of the system.
Clean the filter in the canister by blowing no more than 43 psi (294 kPa) of compressed air into the pipe to the outer vent control valve while holding the other upper canister pipes closed.
To test for a short in the valve; attach an ohmmeter, and check for continuity at the positive terminal and the body of the valve.
When draining the coolant, keep in mind that cats and dogs are attracted by the ethylene glycol antifreeze, and are quite likely to drink any that is left in an uncovered container or in puddles on the ground. When replacing any EVAP system hoses, always use hoses that are fuel-resistant or are marked EVAP.
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Compact and maneuverable the versatile e4 carries four people in spacious comfort—with 43 inches of leg room for an exceptional ride. Polaris®-engineered for a premium ride and long-lasting durability, it has more built-in comfort and street-legal safety features than a golf cart and is more maneuverable, cost-efficient and sustainable than a van or truck.

Find everything you need to care for your GEM® vehicle from owner’s manual, quick reference guides, charging information and the latest brochure.
Find answers to the most common questions about GEM® vehicles, such as battery and charging questions, as well as where they can be driven.
Enjoy a smooth ride with 43" of legroom, an improved suspension, sliding seats, and optional electronic power steering. Feel confident while driving with standard features like 3 pt-safety belts, street tires, automotive-grade glass windshield and an occupant protection system that meet the SAE roof crush test specification.
Experience quiet, zero-emissions electric power for just $.03 per mile operating costs, plus choose from a variety of battery and charger options to meet the demands of your specific application needs. The GEM e4 is uniquely designed with a flatbed which can be customized in many configurations to assist in a variety of specific applications. The RiderX application highlights the GEM approved residential roads where the vehicle can legally be driven. The email address entered is already associated to an account.Login to post Please use English characters only.
Many states now have adopted California and New York standards above Federal standards setting the bar that much higher requiring in many cases clear display of these labels and decals. When the engine is not running, gasoline vapors from the tank are stored in a charcoal canister. Every vacuum line and vapor line (including the lines running to the tank) should be inspected for cracking, loose clamps, kinks and obstructions.
Also be sure that no activated carbon comes out of the canister during the cleaning process.

Using an ohmmeter, measure the resistance between the positive terminal and the other terminals. This app can also access driving efficiency, charge status and real-time range expectations.
All 1971 and newer El Caminos have emissions labels or decals showing that they were manufactured to meet either California or U.S. The charcoal canister absorbs the gasoline vapors and stores them until certain engine conditions are met and the vapors can be purged and burned by the engine. In some vehicles, any liquid fuel entering the canister goes into a reservoir in the bottom of the canister to protect the integrity of the carbon element in the canister above. Each vacuum port on the engine or manifold should be checked for restriction by dirt or sludge. This 1983 DYT El Camino emissions label or decal is affixed in the engine compartment or in a readily accessible location.
At the top of this El Camino Emissions label are the words VEHICLE EMISSION CONTROL INFORMATION and the corporate name or trademark of the GM.
If you live in an area that requires CARB (California Air Resources Board) or other Federal standards, make sure your emissions system meets requirements by checking with local rules and laws.
Remember, most states require your El Camino to possess emission standard equipment in order to pass smog and get registered.

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