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In recent years, due to safety concerns and regulations, the industry has begun to differentiate between various materials and grades of chain and the specific applications they should be used for. One of the safety measures implemented was to place chain in Grades based on the ultimate breaking strength of that chain. The other safety measure was identifying which types of chain are appropriate and strong enough for overhead lifting. Carbon Grade 70 chain is a “heat treated” carbon steel chain that has no alloying elements added to the steel. When any type of overhead lifting is required, use only alloy chain slings unless specified by the manufacturer. Training is key in knowing how to properly size and use any type of chain for any application. Henry Brozyna is a Product Trainer specializing in Rigging & Load Securement for Columbus McKinnon Corporation.
Since you are living in western NY and you are planning to use this chain for pulling in wet conditions, I would recommend the G70.
Please remember that this blog post is in regards to the ASME standards as they apply to North America. Also sling chain is designed to go around the load & come in direct contact with the load, hoist chain is not to contact the load.
Hoist chain, because it has to go around a lift wheel that has the same outside shape as the chain, it cannot have as great an elongation as sling chain. Can you please advise why the chain used for chain sling is more ductile than the chain for chain hoists? This is something all chain manufacturers are doing to remain consistent throughout the industry. Car mechanic check Not only damaged wheels that can harm your car, but they can also endanger your safety in traffic or on the high-way, because they are not as sensitive and controllable than normal wheels.

Car mechanic check Using the genuine article is a much easier and safer to protect the finish. Car mechanic check Obviously, you want quality work, but if you must leave your car in the auto repair shop for weeks, this can be a problem with the travel alternative.
We provide you with a free vehicle bill of sale form to help you write your own bill of sale quickly and easily.The bill of sale form is a legal document to legally transfer the title of the vehicle from the buyer to the seller.
It is one of the most versatile and reliable ways to lift, tension and tie down materials in a variety of applications. The chain’s working load limit will have to be of sufficient strength to support the weight of the load plus any additional forces imposed by angles and hitch type(s) used.
This chain will elongate before breaking but does not have the properties needed for overhead lifting; therefore, Grade 70 chain is not intended for overhead lifting. The preferred chain for load securement is Grade 70, but any grade of chain can be used for tie downs or tensioning. If you have a 20′ chain what can is the maximum it can stretch before you must dispose of it. If this chain were used in a hoist and it started to elongate, say 5%, it would no longer be able to go over the pocket wheel. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
It also helps protect both seller and buyer from future legal issues.The bill of sale for motor vehicle form is very simple to use. In the past, people would use any type of chain to lift something, tie down a load or tow a vehicle. To ensure that alloy chain consistently meets this requirement, ASTM requires the use of certain alloying elements in the manufacturing of the steel for alloy steel chain. We provide you with two copies of the forms, one in Microsoft Word document format and another in PDF form.

Proper inspection, safety procedures and general standards of practice for chain were lacking. For example, G80 means that the maximum stress on the chain at ultimate strength is 800 newtons per millimeter squared. These alloys can vary from company to company, but some key requirements are specified by ASTM. Grade 70 chain has a gold chromate finish to help resist corrosion from continuous exposure to the elements and the rigors of highway use, such as road salts in the winter. Refer to load securement safety standards FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance), WSTDA (Web Sling Tie down Association) or the state regulations for more information. If you have Microsoft Word installed in your computer and you want to customize the form, just download the Word version otherwise, you can download the PDF version.Vehicle bill of sale form’s particularsThe bill of sale form provides essential information about the motor vehicle or used car being sold as well as seller and buyer.
The alloy properties also improve the wear and tear that the chain will experience.  Note that when chain is in use, no amount of stretch is allowed. It needs to be able to handle the tension applied, which is based on the surface that it is being moved over plus some fraction of the weight of the load. The advantage of using the Word version is that you have the ability to change the form to suit your needs such as you can insert additional clauses or remove unwanted sections.The PDF version of the form is provided in case you don’t have Microsoft Word to edit the form.
We provide you with many kinds of bill of sale that help you process private sales of used car, motorcycle, boat, firearm, etc.

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