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WARNING: If you are not using the Greenfield Texturepack, change the noteblocks to black wool and add buttons to them. February 18, 2012 1 Comment One of the most lionized and lauded drug crews in rap, the Supreme Team has gone down in hip-hop’s lyrical lore as one of the baddest to ever do it in the 1980s crack era in New York City. Position in Organization- Supreme was the recognized founder and leader of the Supreme Team.
Claim to Fame- Oversaw the team during its “wonder years” from the early 80s until his incarceration by the state in 1985 and then the feds in 1987. Notoriety- In Ghetto Qur’an 50 Cent called Preme the businessman and said he was very well respected in the streets. Crimes- Supreme has been convicted numerous times and even called himself, “the usual suspect.” He was convicted of cocaine conspiracy in the state, and continuing criminal enterprise and murder for hire by the feds. Current Status- Served two years in the state and then went home on appeal bond when he overturned his 1985 conviction. Position in Organization- Prince, who is Supreme’s nephew, was the enforcer and second in command for the Supreme Team. Crimes- Prince was finally convicted by the feds in 1991 after numerous acquittals for multiple murders, drugs and weapons charges in the state. Current Status- After serving several short terms in the 1980s with the state while fighting his numerous charges at trial, Prince has been in federal prison since his 1993 sentencing. Position in Organization- Black Just was a Supreme Team lieutenant who allegedly started as a worker in Babywise’s crew before rising up to run a crew of his own. Claim to Fame- Black Just was known as a Supreme stalwart and it’s said that he “bled Supreme Team,” holding the crew down through thick and thin. Notoriety- Black Just was very instrumental in the young 50 Cent’s early drug dealing career and ran a boxing club in the hood that 50 frequented. Crimes- Although Black Just dodged all the big cases, he was in and out of jail in the 80s and 90s, but never did any significant time.
Position in Organization- Babywise was an original Supreme Team member, a part of what they called “the original seed.” He was down since day one and his crew controlled the red top vials. Claim to Fame- Babywise was known as a smooth ladies man who kept to himself and avoided the limelight, but would bust his guns when necessary, while handling the teams business. Crimes- Babywise has a criminal record that stretches a mile long, but has never done any significant amount of time and has ducked all the big cases by always knowing when to cut out from the scene.
Current Status- He is currently free and living his life, staying low profile and out of the way, whereabouts unknown. Supreme Team Lieutenant, hip-hop hustler, original gangsterPosition in Organization-Bimmy was a long time lieutenant for the team and got down with the crew right after their inception. Notoriety- Bimmy has been known as a longtime Supreme Team lieutenant and Supreme enthusiast who had one foot firmly entrenched in the entertainment world and one foot squarely planted in the criminal realm. Current Status- Bimmy is very present and accounted for these days with a hip-hop culture magazine, Cornerstore, many Youtube videos on the Internet talking about the Supreme Team’s past glories and a nephew, Waka Flocka Flame, who is big in the rap game. Position in Organization- Puerto Rican Righteous was one of the Supreme Team’s top enforcers. Notoriety- Righteous is mentioned in 50 Cent’s Ghetto Qur’an and became infamous as a turncoat when he switched sides and decided to testify against Prince and his former comrades. Current Status- A sister of one of Prince’s co-defendant’s allegedly saw Puerto Rican Righteous in the late-1990s at Beach Week inVirginia Beach.
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Pled guilty in 1987 to a CCE charge in the feds for running the Supreme Team and was released in 1993, just as his nephew Prince and crew were going to trial on federal RICO Act charges. Untouchable inNew York City’s tabloid newspapers during the late-80s due to his proclivity to beat any and every case the state brought him up on.

The feds got him for RICO act violations including facilitation of a homicide, witness intimidation, drug conspiracy and continuing criminal enterprise.
He is serving 7 life sentences and has done his time in the Bureau of Prisons United State Penitentiary system at USP Allenwood, USP Leavenworth and USP Beaumont known as “Bloody Beaumont” among others. He was known to be a Supreme favorite and controlled the orange top vials, selling at several drug spots in and around Baisley Projects. He would go visit Supreme in federal prison and relay his orders back to Prince and the crew. 50 Cent has mentioned Black Just numerous times in magazine interviews and rapped about him on 50 Bars of Pleasure, 50 Bars of Pain. Due to the Supreme Team’s code of silence and no snitching mentality, Black Just was never indicted on any of the major RICO Act cases the crew faced. He worked as a lieutenant under Supreme and sold out of numerous drug spots in and around Baisley Projects. He was one of the only members in the crew who refused to talk business on the phone and this was long before Goodfellas and The Wire. He was known as one of Supreme’s main men and allegedly shot another crew member, Green Eyed Born, in the leg, for having a disagreement with Supreme.
He did a couple of years inNew York state for various drugs and weapons chargers and supposedly beat a murder case inNorth Carolina. He was in charge of the blue top vials and was known as a major money getter and player who all the ladies and rappers flocked around. He has been around since the beginning of hip-hop and has managed to move between the two worlds successfully. He was know as the ultimate stand up guy until his late-80s arrest for engaging in a shootout with three police officers. He was driving a brand new Mercedes and told the sister that “all that (him testifying) wasn’t meant for Teddy and them,” meaning that his testimony was only for Prince. And what would be the best place to do so other than the one of the top states when it comes to car luxury sales: California.
It has been proven over and over again, and it is used across many industries and advertising mediums. Coming in to replace the Gallardo, the Huracan is currently the most popular Lamborghini on sale.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. They were ghetto superstars in the extreme in their day, but check out the fate of these legendary American Gangsters before you try to be the next Scarface.
He is credited with bringing the drug crew into existence and overseeing all of their operations. The characters, Nino Brown in New Jack City and Majestic in Get Rich or Die Tryin’ are said to be based on Supreme. The organized crime task force was always conducting continuous investigations regarding him and his dealings also. Prince had a vicious crew and security force that had several drug spots inside and out of Baisley Projects.
He beat multiple murder charges including the gruesome quadruple murders of four Colombian coke dealers Prince and his crew tricked into bringing 8 kilos of coke to them at Baisley Projects. Prince was notorious for making potential witnesses to his and the team’s crimes disappear or recant their stories. Currently he is back at USP Allenwood and is working on several book and movie projects and trying to get back in court and overturn his convictions. Its said he made $20 to 30 thousand every other day at his spots and took care of all the other Supreme Team members financially, Supreme especially, as they went in and out of jail, fighting their cases or did their time in prison. The Supreme loyalist stayed true to his boss till the end, dying right next to him in the shootout with E-Money Bags, possibly even taking the bullet meant for Supreme. He allegedly made $20 to 30 thousand every other day and was a Supreme loyalist and supporter who answered to no one but himself. He didn’t take photos or go out to parties, preferring to stay low profile, get money and handle his business.
Babywise was one of the originals and has remained loyal to Supreme and flown the Supreme Team banner since the jump. He was said to punctuate all his sentences with “Word to Preme” and considered Supreme a God. At the same time inspiring rappers like Run DMC and LL Cool J, who adopted his street styles, attitudes and mentality. Due to this and the notoriety he had because of the company he kept, a lot of people in the streets have long suspected Bimmy of being an informant, but his name has never showed up in anyone’s paperwork, so team members put it down to idle talk and jealousy of a hustler who had a long and uninterrupted run of success. With Righteous and their Spanish members the Supreme Team was able to bypass the bigger black dealers like Fat Cat, Pretty Tony and Tommy Mickens and buy cocaine in wholesale quantities directly from Colombians, thus cutting the price down and increasing the quality of the product at the same time. One who betrayed the trust of his homeboys by breaking weak and snitching to save his own ass.
He eventually pleaded guilty to this charge and agreed to testify against Prince and his fellow security team members for an 8 to 16 year fixed term in the state for his cooperation. He implied that the other dudes from Prince’s crew just got caught in the snitching crossfire. At his pre-1987 peak, it’s said he generated $200,000 daily selling crack and cocaine out of his drug spots at Baisley Projects.
He has been accused of shooting 50 Cent and allegedly had a hand in the Jam Master Jay murder.

He pled guilty to two gun charges in the early 2000s for being a felon in possession of a gun in New York and for taking target practice with a machine gun at a Maryland shooting range. Then proceeded to double-cross and murder them instead of paying them for the coke in the summer of 1987. The feds took his whole crew down with him and most of them are all serving life sentences. Black Just was very involved in the mid-80s and 90s hip-hop scenes, going to all the parties, events and hobnobbing with all the rap superstars to be.
It took Supreme a couple of years, but he got revenge for Black Just by having a hit squad kill E-Money Bags Dead Presidents-style in 2002.
He was one of the most intelligent members on the team and espoused his values on life, drug dealing and the Supreme Team freely. His name has gone down in legend, even as he has attempted to stay in the background and let other members of the team get all the hype and accolades. His crew controlled several drug spots in or around Baisley Projects and made almost $20 to 30 thousand every other day, selling crack and cocaine.Claim to Fame- Bimmy has always been known as the most well connected Supreme Team member in the music and entertainment business.
He has always been a familiar figure around the Southside of Jamaica cruising in his BMW or Mercedes Benz.
He was one of the most feared and respected team members and eventually was placed in charge of the security force under Prince. Righteous was said to be genuinely fearless and was very respected for the work that he put in. He has told people that he testified against Prince because Prince slept with his wife when he got locked up, implying that Prince betrayed him first. He testified at Prince’s state and federal trials, did his time and got out, forever branded a rat. He managed to produce Crime Partners, a straight-to-video DVD based on a Donald Goines novel of the same name.
Known as the enforcement wing of the team, Prince’s crew handled all beefs, confrontations, security matters and inner team disciplinary actions. He was also brought to trial for shooting a rival dealer point blank in the head in broad daylight and acquitted when the witnesses recanted their testimony. He’s done interviews in Don Diva magazine and been written about in Queens Reigns Supreme, Cop Shot and Pieces of Weight by 50 Cent, who refers to Prince in the book as King.
He was down with the hip-hop scene from day one and ran with Run DMC, Russell Simmons and LL Cool J when they were still rapping on the block.
Although not known to bust his gun, he has always been a serious money getter and hustler extraordinaire.
When Prince and Supreme were in jail, fighting cases,  Righteous handled their business, collected moneys owed and enforced their will on the streets. He played a major part in the double-cross murder robbery of four unsuspecting Colombian cocaine dealers, who were lured into Baisley Projects under false pretenses, and then viciously killed for the 8 kilos of cocaine they brought to sell to the team. Righteous was also known as a loose cannon who perpetrated the worst of the Supreme Team’s heinous and violent crimes and then flipped the script on his comrades and blamed them for his actions. Supreme came up with the slogan, “No singles, no shorts” which his dealers chanted like a mantra, repeating it to crack customers, meaning no dollar bills and don’t come short with the money. Prince was known as one of the most violent and feared gunmen and kingpins inNew York City during the crack era and had no problems blowing a person’s brains out whenever the opportunity presented itself.
He was down with Rich Porter and Alpo back in the day and used to go to all the trendy clubs of the era like The Rooftop, Latin Quarter and The Tunnel. The rappers were like family to him back in the day and Bimmy also supported a young 50 Cent, who used to hang with Bimmy and Black Just before he became famous. Making sure the spots ran smoothly, the connects kicked down kilos and malcontents got in line by any means necessary. It’s said Supreme had such an aversion to dollar bills that he used to pass out $3000 worth of singles a day, everyday in Baisley Projects. Blackie was a very smooth character and dresser who was known to change cars like other people changed shoes.
He was known as a fly dresser that rocked all the latest fashions and luxury automobiles of the era. At one point Bimmy worked as an A & R man in the music industry and had his own venture, 3 to Life Entertainment, which helped him to make inroads into the industry.
He also had turkey giveaways and funded trips to amusement parks for the kids that lived in the projects. Supreme went through the Bureau of Prisons Supermax ADX Florence step program and is now at USP Lee working on his case to regain his freedom. Driving Porsches, Beamers, Benzs, Land Rovers and other luxury automobiles from the 80s and 90s. It’s said that it was his crew that sported the infamous matching red Supreme Team jackets. He has always stayed fly and in fashion and rocked luxury whips and sported dime pieces on his arm. He was killed by Mobb Deep affiliate E-Money Bags in a 1999 shootout on the streets of Queens.

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