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There’s a wide range of standard features carried by the Volkswagen Phaeton, reflecting the huge investment Volkswagen made.
The Phaeton is a mid-size luxury sedan, which has failed miserably to meet the laid expectations by Volkswagen motors in terms of sales figures.
Volkswagen Golf is also noted for its striking radiator grille and elegantly shaped headlights. Leave it to German auto maker Volkswagen to broaden its brand appeal and tap the upmarket by introducing product breakthroughs.
The Routan’s front grille and exterior design lets car aficionados easily identify it as a Volkswagen innovation. I have looked at this model and find that the electronics are difficult to use and the power door is slow. This fifth generation Jetta was introduced in 2005 and ran until 2010 when it was replaced. Being based on the Volkswagen Golf means all the engines you'll find under the bonnet will be familiar. Volkswagen's venerable 1.9-litre turbodiesel engine produces 105hp as well, though thanks to a far healthier torque figure it feels stronger than its petrol relation. To drive it's almost identical to the Golf too, meaning it's surefooted, relatively refined (accepting that diesel engine's sometimes obvious gruffness) and largely unremarkable. That 1.9 TDI might not be the smoothest engine Volkswagen has produced, but its decent economy combined with enough performance make it a popular choice - that underlined by the numbers for sale. Volkswagen might always have marketed the Jetta as something a bit more special than merely a Golf with a saloon boot, but the reality is it's exactly that.
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A consistent best-seller, the VW Golf embodies good build quality, strong residual values and reliability. The Golf hatchback has been around in six guises since 1974 and has since appeared as an estate, a convertible and a saloon (if you count the Jetta and Bora). Premium materials and refined details applied with exacting standards resulted to a classy, comfortable, and quiet luxury vehicle. The original 1976 Volkswagen Golf Mk1’s winning formula rested on its punchy engine, solid suspension, and some other sporty additions.

The handsomely trimmed interiors have a classy look, which is underscored by perfect climate control. When Volkswagen teamed up with the Chrysler Group to create the Routan, it added an interesting footnote to its history. Offered here thanks to the Irish market's demand for compact saloons the Jetta is at its most basic a Volkswagen Golf with a saloon boot grafted on the rear.
The Volkswagen badge carries some gravitas though, meaning it feels a cut above its mainstream rivals.
Specification levels depend on budget, but you'll not be short-changed by the S model, though Comfort brings the nicest all-round level of equipment. While that's true if you prefer the proportions and secure boot of a saloon then it's fine, particularly if you like the virtues of strong build and image that come with the Volkswagen badge. It's approaching its 40th birthday and shows no signs of dropping off the sales charts yet. Hatches are by far the most common as they're regularly close to the top of the sales charts.
Some top-end models got leather thrown in and were known as GT Sport Leather, while Match versions arrived later in the MkV Golf 's lifetime, so they're in shorter supply. It's practical, reliable and exceptionally well built, all of which add up to create exceptional resale values. Among the exclusive features are a four-zone climate system and standard 4motion four wheel drive, plus a selection system for the motorist’s ride preference. The new-generation model looks athletic and is eco-friendly, too, from the production process to actual use. The Volkswagen Routan is a reworked version of Chrysler’s minivan, but with more upscale appearance and styling. It's all but identical to its hatchback relation save for that rear end, though Volkswagen did add a more sparkly chrome surrounded front grille and bumper trim to give it some upmarket gravitas. That TSI model is unusual though, as the majority of petrol cars sold are powered by the 1.6-litre engine. It's quite punchy (within a narrow power band) and it's a more comfortable long distance cruiser than its petrol relation. That saloon boot might not have the convenience of the Golf's hatchback, but it's still a sizeable offering, the Jetta proving a good size for small families.

A tremendous choice of engines, specs and body styles are available, with everything from the most innocuous of estates to the hallowed GTI in the line-up.
The MkV version we're looking at here has an utterly huge range of engines that isn't far shy of the current MkVI model's selection. Flagship GTI and R32 models are coveted by enthusiasts and promise big power and lots of fun. If you're after a penny-pinching eco hatch, then that's covered with the BlueMotion, but those who crave something at the devilish end of the spectrum won't be disappointed by the GTI and R32.
The VW Routan is available with the Chrysler 3.8 liter V6 engine that makes 197 horsepower, features plush roller seat system, plus internet access for wi-fi enabled devices. The 2009 model features taillights with a curvature that brings to mind of the current Passat and Jetta.
Trim levels follow Volkswagen's S, Comfort and Sport line, all coming with air conditioning, alloy wheels and electric adjustment for the mirrors and windows. Traditionally, the Golf has never been the most affordable of family hatchbacks, but cast iron values make it a safe place for your cash. The latter is an old fashioned, naturally aspirated engine, which is incredibly sluggish and undesirable. The V8 engine option came with a six-speed automatic transmission, while the W12 was matched with a five-speed automatic. Standard all-season traction control and ESP are some of the safety and security features of the Volkswagen Routan.
The Volkswagen Golf Mk2 likewise stood out with its red-lined bumpers, subtle GTI badging, and striped upholstery. Powered by a 1.8 liter engine with twin-cam 16-valve head, the car inspired respect and suited young professional’s image back then.

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