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This tacoma rooftop tent is not like other roof tents you may have used or even seen in the past. Kindly SHARE, LIKE and ADD us it helps out, be entered for a new 2016 Bigfoot Roof Top Tent! This Jeep rooftop tent is not like other roof tents you may have used or even seen in the past. The Campout Awning stores in a durable vinyl bag and a hook and loop fastner strap holds the rolled up canopy securely in place inside the zippered bag.
Campout's durable construction - Heavy-duty aluminum channels, sturdy hardware and rugged vinyl fabric make the Campout the strongest bag awning available. With room for two and some cargo, you can hit the road or the woods comfortably and economically.
Model T Runabout with tent attatched:The initial Model T's came epuipped with only the barest necessities, but soon they were modified to facilitate camping enabling enthusiasts more mobility.
Farmer with Tractor and Model T: (1917)Henry Ford always dreamed of building a horseless machine to relieve the hardship off of the farmers.
Model T Hauling Cows: 1920The Model T was very popular with farmers because of its versatility and durability. One of the most popular uses was pulling power off the engine to run small portable saw mills.
Model T converted into a snowmobile: (1922)Model Ts were easily converted to handle many tasks, but one of the most unique was the snowmobile conversion kit.

1924 Model T Truck:The Model T provided the most robust underpinnings for commercial vehicles and delivered maximum utility at a value. 1925 Model T Runabout pickup:In 1925 The Model T Runabout pickup was introduced with the first factory-installed pickup bed. Ford Model T Street Light Maintenance Truck: 1926Model T's were used in different trades and were adapted for many special uses. In 1927, Albert Luce (seen here) put a steel body on a Ford Model T chassis to make the first steel-bodied school bus. This updated tacoma roof top tent is made to fit on almost any tacoma roof rack system, like Thule, or Yakima. This updated Jeep roof top tent is made to fit on almost any Jeep roof rack system like Thule or Yakima. The canopy assembly is housed in a slim, white vinyl, zippered bag that attaches to the awning rail on your RV. For example, an 8 foot 5 inch Campout Awning would require a mounting area of 8 foot 8 inches. There is a standard 2-inch receiver at the rear for additional cargo basket, bike rack , etc… These are tough little units that can take a beating.
The premium quality makes one wonder why anyone would pay more for more expensive brands of tacoma tents. This is now designed with a DROP DOWN floor that expands the interior space and makes the folded back bed a couch!

With state of the art waterproof polyester, you have maximum water protection to keep you dry in the most extreme conditions. It's very difficult to keep them in stock; enjoy the freedom that this amazing product offers. This "Bigfoot" Jeep Shelter Model 5590 has special features and specifications that are specifically garnished by Bigfoot Roof Top Tents exclusively. The extruded aluminum awning structure consists of the lead bar which houses the fold out arms and braces. You can literally pull your tacoma over to the side of a lake and open your tent within two minutes.
Like the Duck Back Hard Shell combined with state of the art waterproof polyester giving the user maximum water protection to keep you dry in the most extreme conditions. You can literally pull your Jeep over to the side of a lake, open your tent within two minutes, and be taking a peaceful nap. Customers have commented how they like to share the space with their beloved pets like the family dog or cat. Treated application, so no need to worry about all those long days as this tacoma tent will be shielding you from the sun.

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