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Send us your pictures and text of your favourite classic police cars and we will publish them here for the world to see! King of Carts can deliver this golf cart to your location anywhere in the USA including Atlanta GA, Chicago IL, Philadelphia PA, Nashville TN and beyond!
If you want to keep several receipts with you so that you can fill them out by hand and provide them to renters, customers or clients, you will probably want to download the Word template that prints three cash receipts per page. Finally, if you like the functionality of Excel, you can download the Excel receipt template that offers some built-in functions and features to save you time. Welcome to the Hooniverse Obscure Muscle Car Garage, a feature in which we try and introduce you to muscle cars you may never have known about, as well as re-define what a muscle car can be.
The Chevrolet Can-Am was always referred to as ‘The Little Chev’ in local advertising campaigns. According to the South African Magazine Top Car, it is estimated that today only thirty of these scalding hot rods are still in existence. The project was giving the go ahead by GM, although funding only came from the Chevrolet Dealer Team, set up by Van Rooyen. Is the Chevrolet Firenza Can-Am the very definition of an Obscure Muscle Car, and should it go into the Garage? You're not the only one who approves that car (well, he had a different engine though).
Reminds me of the South African BMW 333i, a E30 with the 3.2L M30 Big Six out of the 7 series. The other Vauxhall Viva based car in GM's worldwide empire was based on the earlier HB Viva rather than the HC like this. The article with the yellow LH prototype summarizes the basics of the myriad versions of the story that have been circulating about these cars since the 1970's. I have long wanted to combine an HB Viva estate with an LJ Torana and make a sports estate XU3. I’m currently the owner of a Chev Firenza 74 model and i absolutely love my car… wish there could be more love and respect for our classics! This electric vehicle has been completely rebult, fully inspected, tested and ready for sale. This allows you to print several pages of blank templates that you can cut apart and store. Each template has a date line that updates automatically to the current date, although you can change it to any date you wish to enter. It was brought to my attention a couple of years ago about two V-8 powered muscle cars of the ’70s that were manufactured by Ford and GM. However, there was an American V8 power plant that put out massive amounts of power, which sat in one of the smallest cars ever.

The Can Am owes its existence because of two very different reasons; One was the other South African great V8, the Ford Capri Perana (A feature on this car is forthcoming), and the other is due to the efforts of local racing legend Basil van Rooyen. The initiative established that for every Chevy sold in the country, R5 (The Local Currency is the Rand (R), which was virtually equal to the American Dollar at that time) would be contributed to the competition budget. The Holden V8 was therefore 45 cc over what was needed, and a batch of 302 CI small block engines were sourced and imported from Michigan. Chassis numbers suggest the Can Am’s were built in relatively small numbers, with a team of specialists assembling the cars. The oil crisis hurt sales, although new examples were still being purchased in 1975 at a reduced price of R 5,800.
These were based on the British Vauxhall Viva which was replaced by the Vauxhall Cevette, itself, slightly lighter than it's sister car, the Chevrolet Chevette.
It didn't hang around, and that was with half the cylinders and less than half the displacement of the 302! I have a copy of the factory magazine from GM of South Africa with an article regarding the build of these cars. PIAGGIO APE VAN FOR SALE: Piaggio Ape, Coffee Catering Vans, Piaggio 3 Wheeler for Marketing Promotion Piaggio Ape 50 Ireland UK and Europe . Choose between templates for Microsoft Word or Excel.slide 1 of 4You may wish to download just one cash receipt template or all of the templates offered for different reasons. The receipts have spaces for receipt numbers, the name of the payer and the reason for the payment.
Neither one of these machines were produced for the North American Market, nor were they made for our close cousins down under in Australia. Van Rooyen was a South African race driver, engineer and founder of tuning company Superformance at the time. These engines were prepared for the Camaro Z28s competing in the Trans-Am racing series, but after Chevy decided not to compete in the North American Series any longer, these engines were readily available. Superformance provided GM all the kits comprising of; Personal branded 13 inch wheels, a Personal three spoke leather steering wheel, Koni shocks and vented hood slats.
A line of thought that has led to the focus of speed in road safety taking over in policing in Australia to a ludicrous extent.
If I ever see one for sale anywhere near me, me and the wife might need to have a conversation about priorities in life.
AFAIK, nobody has yet found a verifiable factory LJ V8, and, like a lot of these kinds of stories, the truth becomes less clear the closer you get to those who were there.
The practice only stopped being popular in the 90's when the supply of good donor cars started drying up, and the internet made it easier to verify a real one. Glad these are still enjoyed and rank right along with ’69 COPO Camaro, Hemi Dart, and others as a REAL muscle car!!

If you only need a single receipt and do not foresee needing more in the future, you may wish to opt for the Word template that prints just one receipt to a page.
There are two sections for the payment amount, including a text line and a numerical space. These were locally produced in the country of South Africa, to be certified for racing in a local Production Car series. Before the car could be raced, one hundred had to be built to comply with the rules for the South African Argus Production Car series.
The big-valve engine had four-bolt main bearing blocks, ran a 11:1 compression ratio and with an 800 CFM Holley on top, it was rated at a conservative 290 hp and 300 foot pounds of torque. Added to the package was the trademark American Racing Equipment spoiler which could be adjusted. Just like in America, if one had a crystal ball to see their future worth, more of these scalding cars would have been bought.
I will get to the Ford version at another time, but first, let’s discover the Chevrolet Firenza Can-Am 302!
But what I would like to know is this: Do you really care about South African Muscle Cars in this series?
The Payment Method section has interactive check boxes beside each payment method, such a cash or money order, so you can simply click on the one you choose. They have American V-8 power, and a Muncie 4 Speed transmission, but is that enough for you?
There is even a dotted line between the two receipts so that you can cut them apart more easily. You can print it as is and fill in the information with a pen or you can complete it in Word and then print it when you are done. The template was made using a Word table, so you can easily change the colors or other formatting if you desire. Each receipt has a place for the date and receipt number, payment amount and payee's name, payment method and other important details.
You can change the blue and white table colors by going to Word's Table Design tab or menu.

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