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Furthermore, vehicle-to-vehicle communications, or V2V is being tested by manufacturers like Ford to ensure wireless communication between vehicles is a viable and useful resource for cars to have.
Displays which overlay on the windscreen to show information could be common place in all future cars. Whilst airbags are nothing new, future cars may very well employ airbags that actually stop the car itself, not just the driver. It is a well known fact that the world is losing fossil fuels that cannot be replenished, so alternative forms of energy are being explored. These are exciting times for the motoring world as it seems there are so many possibilities and ideas currently being worked on by many manufacturers that the future is bright. Our question is, where are the flying cars we were promised, and what do you as drivers want from the cars of the future? Leave a comment below with your best idea.
Volkswagen has released the first photos of the 5-door version of the VW Up, with sales expected to start at the end of 2012 in the UK. So far, VW has given us no further details, and all we have are photos of the exterior of the 5-door Up, with no interior pictures released. With over 20 years servicing Portland's premium dealerships and some of the most exotic automobiles Portland has ever seen we feel that we have the experience required to handle your most prized possession.

Connections are possible to computer systems at home, to our smartphones, and even to each other.
Augmented reality (AR) devices which display external objects and information in front of the driver is a very real technology that could see widespread use in the future. Mercedes are working on methods to use airbags as an active, rather than passive safety system.
It’s stated that by 2040, half of all new cars will be hybrids. At present due to the fact batteries are taking up lots of car space, new methods are being looked into. Instead of one engine, these smaller motors would sit at each wheel, offering more control over steering and suspension. We should all expect a lot of change and new technological innovations hitting the market soon. But we assume that apart from the extra doors, the 5-door Up will be the same as the 3-door Up. Our highly trained staff looks forward to the opportunity to service all of your auto detailing and hand car wash needs. So we know where we’ve been, we know where we are, but… Do we know what to expect in the future?

Wireless technology allows a certain level of autonomy in our vehicles, so it’s no surprise to see that in the future, our cars will probably be driving themselves. This aims to allow communication between a car and its surrounding road signs, traffic signals and vehicle safety issues. They would deploy from under the car, and the bags would have a coating that enhances friction to help slow the car down when deployed. Cutting down on weight and moving parts, it could become a common theme in many cars within the next forty years. However, don’t be surprised to read about AR dashboards displaying real-time information sooner than you think. These battery panels would be made from polymers and carbon resin, reducing the weight by up to 15%. They can be molded into car panels and would capture energy such as kinetic (when braking) or just when plugged into a mains source.

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