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Buying a former rental vehicle might seem like a bad idea to some people, but Budget Rental car sales replenish their fleet often, putting their rental cars up for sale at affordable prices. Budget Car Rental - Budget partners with Autonation to sell fleet units when they are ready to re-stock their inventory with new vehicles.
If you buy a former Budget rental car directly from Autonation, they perform a complete service by a qualified mechanic before they are available for sale. If you buy from a dealership, some do service the vehicle prior to sale, however, they are not required to. Wherever you decide to purchase a rental car, ask the sales representative to run a CarFax report. Unless you have a family member or close friend who owns a dealership, dealers sell cars to make money so keep that in mind when shopping.
Another great avenue for the rental car buyer is to go to Budget and rent one of their vehicles before you buy one. Buying a rental vehicle through Budget rental car sales can save you money, and you can own a vehicle with relatively low mileage and possibly some remaining warranty. New inventory in stock with over 120 photos so you can see just how nice this car really is.
Golf Car Associates stocks the full range of new Yamaha golf carts and offers various used golf carts for sale, as well as trailers and numerous other golf cart Accessories.
We have supplied Yamaha Golf Cars to Glendower, Waterkloof, White River Country Club, Killarney, Glenvista, Zwartkop, Cullinan, Highland Gate Estate, Graceland, Clarens Estate, Sabie River Bungalows, Royal Swazi Sun, Zebula Estate, Vaal de Grace Estate, OR Tambo Airport, Rustenburg, Killarney, Kempton Park, State Mines and Reading Country Club to name a few.
The new Yamaha PTV (Personal Transport Vehicle) is available as a 2 seater or 4 seater and is compatible with the raised suspension kit.
The Yamaha PTV Fuel Injected Petrol Golf Cart is a variant of the petrol model which features an industry first: electronic fuel injection. Golf Car Associates is proud to offer the very popular Fuel Injected PTV Golf Cart, with its Yamaha built 357cc Fuel Injected engine and unsurpassed quality, in both 2-Seaters and 4-Seaters - for sale and full service fleet rental agreements.
Golf Car Associates has been supplying Yamaha golf carts to the Coal Mining Industry for more than 7 years. The standard cart if fitted with six 8v batteries (170 amp-hours), however we can also fit eight 6v batteries to provide 240 amp-hours (without vehicle modification required).
The YTF2 is a 357 cc fuel injected Petrol engined golf cart with tilting rear bin and a Tow Hitch point, with the ability to pull a small trailer. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
To look at, the Passat R-Line is quite a conservative and inoffensive choice The R-Line styling pack brings with it uniquely sculpted front and rear bumpers and side skirts.

One of our favourite standard features in this model is the automatic boot opening, operated either by a button by the steering wheel or the key fob.
Inside the interior is of a high quality and behind the wheel, like other Volkswagen cars, navigating your way through the various controls is simple.
There is lots of space to stretch out on long journeys and headroom and legroom is good for all passengers.
The Passat isn’t the most exciting car to look at, nor is it to drive, but it is also pretty difficult to fault. Bauer Consumer Media Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm reference No. The Netherlands has the second-biggest market share of electric cars, after Norway.   Electric cars made up less than half of a percent of the 85 million new vehicles sold in the world last year, but German energy researchers say that tiny wedge of sales accounts for almost half of all battery-powered passenger vehicles on the road today. Servicing and detailing used vehicles is a cost all dealerships should incur to help them sell their used inventory. If they don't have access to CarFax, ask them for the vehicle identification number or the VIN, and visit CarFax on your own to purchase a report.
Arm yourself with used car valuations by visiting Edmunds, a new and used vehicle resource website, and get price ranges for the different makes and models you're interested in.
Remember that Autonation and dealerships that sell Budget rental cars will have a smaller selection of these vehicles to choose from than their other in-stock used vehicles they received as trade-ins. Even if you rent it for one day, you can get an idea of the comfort and performance of the vehicle before purchasing. Be a smart consumer before you buy and think of your rental car purchase as a large purchase, so put in the due diligence first. Runs and drivers perfect, cold AC and heater works as tested, tires like new with perfect paint.. These Yamaha golf car and golf cart products are available in Johannesburg, Gauteng and surrounding provinces, in South Africa. That latter stat means company car drivers will pay tax at 20 percent, and based on this model's ?22,700 price without any options, it works out at ?75.67 a month for a 20 percent tax payer.
That'll come in very useful in the supermarket car park if your hands are full of shopping or children. The rear seats fold down easily too and there are plenty of practical storage cubbies, cupholders and a big glove box. You'll find great deals on General Motors, Toyota, Chrysler, and Ford vehicles at heavily discounted prices. Dealers buy these former rental vehicles at deeply discounted prices and then re-sell them in their used car departments.

This is called reconditioning cost, so ask the dealership what reconditioning has been done to the vehicle. Vehicle history reports include important information such as prior owners, warranty and recall repair history along with any accident history. While you can save money, be prepared to choose from a make or model that might not be your first choice.
Complete service ready to go, car was inspected and has a clean title never wrecked, no rust.
Besides the sale of golf cars, Golf Car Associates offers full maintenance rental and stand-alone service agreements for fleets. Please note that the PTV comes factory-fitted standard with the stylish Yamaha halogen Head & Tail-lights, hooter, rear-view mirror, and fuel gauge & hour meter on the dash.
The standard cart is fitted with six 8V Trojan batteries (170 amp-hours), however we can also fit eight Trojan 6V batteries to provide 240 amp-hours (without vehicle modification).
In fact it is everything the maintenance team could need to complete their days work, and all completely mobile.
The comfortable ride is complimented by the soft suspension and lack of engine and wind noise. Many of the vehicles from Budget rental car sales have a remaining manufacturer transferable warranty and Autonation can help you finance a Budget rental car. If you want to buy a Budget rental car from a dealership, call the GM, Ford, Toyota or Chrysler dealers in your area and ask if they have any for sale.
In a similar manner  people usually do like to shop and pander at  brick & mortar auto dealerships with all their fixtures , displays and personal service. Keep in mind that dealers will mark-up the price of these rental vehicles more than Autonation, who partners with Budget to sell retired rental vehicles.
Most rental car companies, including Budget, sell vehicles when they top out at 15,000 to 30,000 miles. Available only in Green, pre-fitted with lights and horn and an optional Suntop (shown below). This is part of China’s two-prong strategy: to encourage Chinese consumers to buy Chinese-brand cars and to encourage wider adoption of electric cars to help the country’s smog-choked cities.

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