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The Veloster arrives to take on the establishment of two door hatchbacks, although I can’t help but feel its only real rival is the Volkswagen Scirocco.
It is quirky, but it’s a neat solution to a problem South Africans have with two door cars; we seem to like the styling, but we don’t like the reduced practicality of restricted rear seat access.
Rear space is to be commended – there’s generous rear space even though the outside of the car makes the rear seem like it would be cramped. The only engine option available is the new generation 1.6 GDI naturally aspirated petrol, which you can spec with a 6-speed manual or Hyundai’s newly developed double clutch transmission.
The ride is comfortable though – very smooth even on less than perfect roads, but with enough firmness to encourage you to press on.
With a slew of active and passive safety features, the Veloster has received top marks in the industry, carrying a 5-star EuroNCAP rating.
A significant premium over the Hyundai, and likely with less standard kit, but offers much more to the driver. Ciro started his first car website at the age of 19 and promptly dented his first ever test car. While two-door coupes such as the Renault Megane are certainly similar by all accounts, the Scirocco and the Veloster are the only two that immediately come to mind that are completely uniquely shaped from the hatchbacks they are based on. I understand this approach – in a way it’s impossible not to like the design and layout – it’s functional and accessible. That’s down to clever design – the rear seats have a very low hip position, and afford more comfort than some of the newer four door hatches I’ve test recently, notably the Mercedes A Class.

My unit arrived with the double clutch ‘box, which I found to be seamless in automatic mode, and relatively quick in manual. It feels like it was designed very much for economical cruising, and is a little reluctant to really put on the power.
There’s loads of grip, and body roll is managed well especially at the rear, but feedback through the steering wheel is a little lacking and I wasn’t entirely sure what the front end was up to. Its unique look certainly attracts attention and the three-door setup solves the impracticality of owning a two-door car. It’s a car that plays in a segment I quite like – sporty, practical coupes – a segment dynamically and aesthetically difficult to compete in.
The rear door on the passenger side has a handle integrated into the black plastic glass housing, a trick Alfa Romeo used to use to make its 4-door cars look more like 2-door cars. It’s a lot of spec you might pay extra for on some of the car’s rivals, and makes the price feel like very good value indeed.
Perhaps with a proper stick shift the Veloster would be a bit more exciting, but the whole package feels reigned in – for a car with such dramatic looks, I think it could have been more excitingly tuned. It’s not an unrewarding drive but the VW still has some secret in their handling sauce that makes the Scirocco feel alive compared. But I feel the dynamic package has been toned down a bit too much, I think Hyundai missed an opportunity to offer the buyer something a little more edgy and aggressive.
Hyundai announced that it had received 15,300 bookings and 79,200 enquiries within 20 days of the launch.

The Veloster arrives at a very interesting price point though, and I was keen to see what it had to offer. It kind of works, and I asked a few people to have a good look at the car, and no one could tell me what was odd about it. If you like the brand and you’re not too fussed about looks, the i30 makes much more sense. The Elite i20 is based on an all-new platform, and is longer in wheelbase than the previous generation model.Sales figures for August and September show that Hyundai delivered 6,627 and 8,903 units of the Elite respectively.
The rear reminds me of the Honda CR-Z I reviewed a while ago, with that double-decker glass arrangement. Rear visibility is reduced, but it’s easy to see your blind spots and reversing is aided by a standard-fitted rear-facing camera. Even with Maruti having increased prices of the updated Swift, the Elite is a good INR 50,000-70,000 more expensive than the Swift (the top-end diesel variant, in particular).

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