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Car reliability stats updated, passat problems pinpointed, Whenever we post about a volkswagen, comments about reliability (or, more specifically, the lack of it) inevitably follow.
Subaru blanked 2015 power vehicle, The car reliability ratings are out and the subaru brand does not have any cars in their lineup on the list.
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Even with a recent rash of recalls, Toyota (along with Scion and Lexus) is still near near the top of CR's reliability chart. Affordable, efficient, functional and in some cases fun, the compact car has long been the top choice of those looking for reliable transportation that won’t break. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Wize: Let someone else by the car new and drive the expensive years of the car (years 1-5). Here’s an example of the difference of borrowing to buy a car versus paying cash for a car. Let’s say you have $6,000 saved and you buy a $30,000 car (which is about $2,500 less than the average price of a new car in 2014).
Instead of being in debt and making payments to someone else, you make those same $453 payments to yourself and put them in a savings account.
At the end of 5 years you have $27,180 + $2,000 & you can go buy a car worth $29,180 with CASH!
So, with buying the new car on debt at the end of 5 years, I’ve lived in debt for 5 years and at the end have an $11,000, 5-year old car to show for it.
But if I’ve saved, I’ve been in no debt, so if something happened to my income or I needed the resources for something else I had the available resources. So you’ve decided to pay cash for a car, and buy a car that won’t lose value immediately.  What’s a smart strategy for buying a USED car? 1) Before you look at any cars you must answer this question: How much money do I have to spend? 2) Once you determine your maximum out of pocket then you need to determine the different model car(s) that you are shopping for. In the Consumer Reports Used Car Ratings pay close attention to the Reliability Report as it will tell you for each model car what the reliability of the used model is. As you can see the Honda CR-V has excellent ratings for nearly every component for every year model. I usually look at 2-3 of these as I am determining what year model(s) are in my price range. Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds both use more specific information that you input (zip code, mileage of car, condition of car, features of car, etc) to find a more specific average price.
Tip: Don’t get overwhelmed here by all the specifics, just enter in what you think would be average and then when you find a certain car you can be more specific. AutoTrader shows you specific cars for sale in your City (or a larger area that you choose). The bottom line is that you should now be able to focus in on 2 or 3 specific year models of the cars you are looking for (i.e.
The plus side of looking at a Car Dealer is that they have a much greater inventory of cars.
The steps below are specifically for buying a car from an individual but many of the same steps could apply in buying from a dealer. Wize: How someone has cared for what you can see, can tell you a lot about how they have cared for what you can’t see.

Has the car had all of the routine maintenance (as instructed by the car’s manufacturer) done on it? There have been times that I have immediately walked away after seeing the car because I can tell from the outside or inside condition of the car that it has not been taken care of by the owner, or I sense that the owner is not being honest with me about the car. Again, I am no mechanic so as I drive the car I can’t analyze every noise & clank but I can tell if there are noticeable issues with the engine or the steering components. Step 3: If I am still interested at this point I ask to see the cars maintenance records and ask for the car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Step 4: If I leave feeling like this car is a likely candidate, the next step for me is to go back home and using the car’s VIN to get a CarFax. One exception to this is that I did purchase a car for one of my daughters that had a salvage title because of hail damage. Wize: Another factor that will show up on the car history report are cars that have previously  been rental cars. Carfax is the leading company producing the car history reports but they have become more & more expensive. Step 5: If everything checks out to this point then I let the owner know that I am very interested and ask them if I can take the car to a mechanic. A mechanic usually charges $75-$100 to fully check out the engine and other mechanical components. If the mechanic does find issues that would have cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars then you can walk away from the purchase and your $100 will have been very well spent. Don’t be hesitant to negotiate with the owner but if it’s the car that fits your needs and your budget then don’t hesitate to pay a fair price. Consumer reports survey data provides information on new and used car reliability and owner satisfaction..
Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination. We have a new "app" available for automobile enthusiasts called Cars Connected - connecting you with all things automotive in your area. Honda and Acura are also listed as producing highly reliable vehicles, with only the four-cylinder Accord and TSX receiving average ratings. That alone warrants careful planning and strategic purchasing to get the most for your hard earned dollars. Based on what you find in Consumer Reports narrow your choices to 3-5 vehicles that have good used Reliability rankings.
Vehicle Dependability StudySM (VDS) released today.The study, now in its 25th year, examines problems experienced during the past 12 months by original owners of 2011 model-year vehicles. Nissan had a strong showing despite the fact that its Cube, in the first year it has appeared in this report, received a below average score. Porsche and Volvo are near the top of the industry while Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi are among the worst.
Regardless of where you purchase the car it will be registered in the jurisdiction in which you live. If they have not taken care of the visible parts of the car then there is a high likelihood that have not taken care of the necessary maintenance that you cannot see. Below is an example of the front page of one that I purchased from a different online company. Overall dependability is determined by the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles (PP100), with a lower score reflecting higher quality.The study finds that overall vehicle dependability averages 133 PP100, a 6 percent increase in problems from 126 PP100 in 2013. Asia is once again at the head of the class while America has reportedly made great strides and Germany is a mixed bag.
In total, nearly 70 percent of the entire General Motors family is rated at average or better.

BMW was certainly not helped by its N54 engine, Mercedes has six of 13 models receiving below average ratings and Audi got the same ratings for 75 percent of its lineup. All information on this site is the opinion of its members and not the opinion of the site itself.
Cash, and then having a process to make a wise car purchasing decision will all help contribute to making a decision that helps lead to financial freedom!
Predicting reliability is predicting the future – no one really knows what will happen, but we can make some good guesses by taking the time to do a little research.
The rest of the lineup however, was rated average or better, including the entire Infiniti model line. Ford is the top domestic manufacturer on the list though, with 90 percent of its lineup being given ratings of at least average. On the flip side, the Porsche Boxster has the highest rated reliability in the entirety of the report.
Here are the best ways to find out if a car is reliable by doing some research on the internet.1. Subaru, Hyundai and Kia all had good scores as well, with only Subie's WRX falling below average. It's not all good news in the states unfortunately as none of the Chrysler products were able to receive a rating higher than average. If you really dislike the transmission shifter being between the two front seats instead of on the steering column; or if like me, you drink lots of coffee and there’s not enough cup holders!). The decline in quality is particularly acute for vehicles with 4-cylinder engines, where problem levels increase by nearly 10 PP100.
These smaller engines, as well as large diesel engines, tend to be more problematic than 5- and 6-cylinder engines, for which owners report fewer problems, on average."Automakers are continually looking for ways to improve fuel economy, which is a primary purchase motivator for many consumers, particularly those buying smaller vehicles," said Sargent.
Power also finds that the fewer problems owners experience with their vehicle, the greater their loyalty to the brand.
Combined data from previous years' VDS results and vehicle trade-in data from the Power Information Network® (PIN) from J.D. Power show that 56 percent of owners who reported no problems stayed with the same brand when they purchased their next new vehicle. Consumer ReportsConsumer Reports provides quality reliability ratings for just about every vehicle, and when you subscribe to their website you get access to all their ratings (even if you only subscribe for one month). Avoider StudySM shows that consumers are much more likely to avoid vehicles from brands that rank lower in dependability. If you don’t want to subscribe online, you can go to your local bookstore and buy their annual Automobile Buying Guide in print (most bookstores stock them all year). On average, 23 percent of consumers avoided brands that ranked in the lowest quartile of the 2013 VDS because of concerns about reliability. In contrast, only 9 percent of consumers cited that same reason for avoiding brands that ranked in the top quartile."By combining our customer research with trade-in data, we see a very strong correlation between dependability and real-world brand loyalty," said Sargent. The gap between Lexus and all other brands is substantial, with Lexus averaging 68 PP100 compared with second-ranked Mercedes-Benz at 104 PP100. Take a look:Consumer Reports is dedicated to giving you a great deal of information, and they do a lot of polling and testing to come up with their data. MINI receives one model-level award for the MINI Cooper.The Vehicle Dependability Study is used extensively by manufacturers and suppliers worldwide to help them design and build better vehicles, which typically translates into higher resale values and customer loyalty.
It also helps consumers make more-informed choices for both new- and used-vehicle purchases.The 2014 Vehicle Dependability Study is based on responses from more than 41,000 original owners of 2011 model-year vehicles after three years of ownership.

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