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Shopping for a used car can be a scary experience, as sometimes you just never know what you’re going to get!
Before starting your search for a used car in Charlotte, why not equip yourself with the right information to avoid any problems?
Choose a reputable dealership: If you’re not buying your Charlotte used car from a private seller, make sure you’re buying it from a reputable dealership like Toyota of N Charlotte! Get a vehicle history report: Whether you’re buying from a reputable dealership or a private seller, you should always get a vehicle history report.
Know what you’re getting: Before making your purchase, make sure you’re aware of exactly what you’re getting. The best way to avoid paying too much or buying a dud is by shopping at our used car dealership in Charlotte! Like we said, there are some serious mistakes that can be made when you’re hunting for a pre-owned vehicle.
Shop within your budget: First you need to figure out what kind of budget you’re working with and stick to it! Do your homework: Although you’re more than welcome to just stop by our used car dealership and browse our inventory to find what you’re looking for, we suggest doing your research beforehand.
Get what you need: Although there are probably a ton of features you could think of that you want in your Charlotte used car, first you should think about what you NEED! Even when buying a pre-owned vehicle, we suggest you go to a reputable dealer like Toyota of N Charlotte. At Toyota of N Charlotte, we have a wide variety of used cars to choose from including used Toyota and used Scion. If you’re looking for a used car in Charlotte, you may be have stumbled upon these modified models and wondered if they’re for you. When buying a Charlotte used car, there are a ton of things you should take into consideration. Many drivers like to modify their vehicles to reflect their personality and stand out in a crowd; however, what fits you may not be for everyone. On the other hand, if you’re into modified cars, you can get an already-customized used car in Charlotte without putting the money and work into it yourself.
Some enhancements can actually add value to a vehicle and might be exactly what you’re looking for. Although modified used vehicles can look cool with a custom paint job or go faster with an enhanced engine, they aren’t always reliable.
Maybe you don’t trust the already-modified pre-owned cars, but you want to customize your vehicle to fit you. Visit Toyota of N Charlotte today to check out our pre-owned vehicles and our parts center! The number of air bag related vehicle safety recalls has doubled in the last six months, and the failures triggering these recalls intensify the chances of failure when they’re needed most. Many vehicle owners report airbags are not deploying in severe car accidents or are unintentionally deploying during regular driving.

According to a study of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration records, automakers have issued 22 airbag-related recalls in the past six months compared to 10 in the prior six-month period.
22 of the latest airbag vehicle safety recalls have an effect on every corner of the auto industry, involving 7 different suppliers and 13 different automakers.
Airbags depend on on complex software that senses a crash within milliseconds, and must analyze which airbags are needed; front, side, curtain, or knee.
NHTSA’s database holds hundreds of complaints about airbag malfunctions that have caused numerous damages. Company spokesperson Alby Berman said Takata was supportive of the involved automakers through the recall process with technical analysis and replacement parts. The latest technology associated to occupant-detection systems is complicated and predisposed to problems. Just by putting in some added effort, you can save yourself a lot of hassle, frustration and money!
The last thing you want to do is waste your time searching for the perfect vehicle and then not be able to afford it. With online research, you can get a good idea of what you’re looking for, about how much it costs and more! Whether a ton of space inside or a lot of power under the hood, you can narrow your search by first taking your needs into consideration. We hold ourselves and our vehicles to a high standard you might not find with some other pre-owned car dealerships or private sellers. If you’re thinking about buying a modified vehicle, you’re going to want to weigh the pros and cons. Once you want to sell your vehicle, it might be a little harder to find a buyer with the same taste. Most modifications also don’t add to the value of the vehicle, which means you typically won’t have to pay extra for the added customization. If you want a vehicle with upgrades such as a sunroof, alloy wheels or a premium stereo system, you may be able to find them in a vehicle that has already been modified. In extreme incidents, air bags are deploying and inundating occupants with shrapnel, sometimes with mutilating or deadly consequences. They deploy with substantial force, with the objective to keep the passengers inside the car. However, this isn’t the case everywhere you go, which is why it’s important to be prepared! If you’re buying from a private seller, you may have to get the vehicle’s VIN number and buy the report yourself. Although these prices won’t always be the same as what you’ll see in car dealerships, you can at least get a good idea of how much you should pay. Our helpful Sales Specialist can also help guide you the whole way, so you can make the right decision! You can also check out our inventory on our website and call our Internet Sales Team at (888) 883-3797 for more information or to set up an appointment to meet with a Sales Specialist.

Plus, once you get your sights set on a vehicle above your price range, it can be hard to beat it with one within your budget. We even have our entire inventory on our website, so you can see what we have to offer before even showing up! Once you find what you need, you can start thinking about the features you want like high-tech features and leather seats! You can even see a vehicle history report with our used cars in Charlotte, so you don’t have to worry about acquiring hidden problems!
This is common as some models like the Scion FR-S and Scion tC are performance-driven and are practically made to be modified! We’re sharing the pluses and minuses of buying a pre-owned vehicle that’s been altered. Our professionals can also help you install these items, so you can be sure it’s done right! In many instances, the investigations did not start until years after the first complaints were made. Manufacturers’ are moving to international programs where hundreds of thousands of vehicles share the same components, turning lesser problems into global issues. Being prepared and extra careful can protect you from dishonest used car dealers and from buying a lemon. If they used the wrong parts or installed them improperly, it can end up costing you a ton of money for auto repairs. Contact our Internet Sales Team at (888) 883-3797 to set up an appointment to meet with a Sales Specialist.
NHTSA had no comment on the rise in airbag defects. Possible problems can delay for more than a decade, presenting risks to innocent motorists.
When the airbag deploys, it sprays passengers with the plastic and metal parts that hold the airbag in place. We want to help you avoid this, which is why we’re sharing a checklist you can follow, so you don’t miss a thing! We know the car buying process and we’ve seen it all when it comes to buying a used car in Charlotte. This is why you should get receipts for all of the work that’s been done and make sure it was all done by a reputable shop before buying. Takata airbags installed in vehicles as early as 2001, are involved in five of the most recent vehicle safety recalls.
This is why we want to share some of the common mistakes buyers make and how you can avoid them! In written notes, NHTSA investigators say some of Takata’s front passenger-side airbag inflators could provide excessive pressure in an accident, resulting in metal shrapnel striking occupants.

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