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While many property owners around the country continue to enjoy strong capital growth, the national inflation rate dropped to 1% in the 12 months to June, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Rod Stewart is selling the six-bedroom Essex home where he has lived for 30 years, and which has inspired many songs, including 'Time' and 'Another Country'. Audi’s world launch of the new TT coupe and TTS coupe took place in southern Spain, staging out of the beach town of Marbella along the Mediterranean. The last interesting detail worth pointing out on this Nano Grey display car are the wheels.
See more photos from the Ascari-based TT technical display via our photo gallery archive linked at the usual spots below and also to the right of this story.
Planned test routes took drivers into the nearby mountains, including a long winding road north to the Ascari circuit near the town of Roda.

Even more interesting, this was not an Audi Exclusive build but a TTS built using standard options and colors. Again, we believe this is not an Audi Exclusive tailored setup but a standard interior option. The first with body panels is meant to show the considerable use of aluminum in the new car’s bodywork. Also make sure to follow-along with our Core TT feature series HERE where we drive and explore the new cars, consider the TT’s future and look back at its rich heritage. On location at Ascari, Audi offered up many displays including technical components and then this static and highly optioned grey Audi TTS coupe. This home has been used by a commercial organisation and now is ready for anyone to move into it as a home with 3 bedrooms, 2 living areas.

Further, the new Audi S6 product catalogue we reported on earlier this morning shows a similar new interior option for that model and making us think the offering will be something offered across the S-car range. We’re hearing 20-inch wheels may be already approved for the American market on the new TT and as such this wheel may very well be offered through dealerships once the TT and TTS hit the market sometime next summer.
The home also includes a good sized kitchen and dining area and built in robes to all bedrooms.
This home will suit many buyers seeking to acquire the opportunity to live in a home where they can change some things to suit their needs but have it a home that has massive living room at the rear.

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