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My talking tom – windows games microsoft store, Discover the #1 games app in 135 countries! The San Antonio & Aransas Pass, known to most folks as "The SAAP," or "SAP," has a remarkable story. The San Antonio & Aransas Pass railroad station was one of the first depots to be built in San Antonio.
The depot, opened in 1886, though not as grand as other San Antonio stations, was a very practical building for an efficient district railroad.
With the successful completion of the first mile, the railroad got four more miles of track from a San Antonio street car company. The SA & AP is the railroad that killed the town of Helena, once the county seat of Karnes County, but now a tiny ghost town, a not so wide spot on a quiet back road.
This San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railroad steam locomotive is a "Consolidation" class 2-8-0. SA & AP locomotive 68 on its side after a derailment or accident, produced by a Beeville photographer. SA & AP pile drivers either building a new bridge or, more likely, given the debris in the foreground, repairing a damaged bridge.
At this time the railroad had 688 miles of track and 50 locomotives The line was re-organized under new management but, noticeably, without Uriah Lott.
The SA & AP line to Corpus Christi was down graded to secondary status in 1925 almost immediately after the Southern Pacific was finally allowed to legally control and purchase the railroad.
The "SAP" depot in San Antonio had already ceased to function as such before WW I, during which time the ground floor was used as an officer's club, although some railroad offices were maintained on the upper floor. After years of de fato control, the Southern pacific is allowed to take outright ownership of the S.A.
Tracks south of the electricity power stations at Elmendorf through Floresville to kenedy are pulled up.
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Wallpaper that displayed are from unknown origin, and we do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual, artistic rights or copyright. Begun as a local independent in 1884, it is the only of two railroads that was formed in San Antonio itself.
With this in place, it then managed to wrangle ten more miles of track from a Pennsylvania steel company. A colorful legend exists about how this happened and as it is not inconsistent with the known facts, it is quite fun to repeat it. The loss of life and the entire train and all its contents, which included alcohol, to the delight of the crowd that came to see the accident, led to many lawsuits. The Southern Pacific bought the controlling interest in the company from Mifflin Kenedy but did not exercise direct control.
By 1916 the SA & AP had 86 locomotives and was earning $1,228,000 a year from passenger service and $2,851,000 from freight. The line through nearby Pleasanton, originally built by the San Antonio Uvalde & Gulf Railroad became the primary line. The tracks north through Boerne were removed after 1971, when the Southern Pacific ended rail service beyond the rock quarry just south of Camp Bullis.

The building was sold in 1925, but not before the depot got to feature in a movie about Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders.
Ford, Mercury and Lincoln fans will have a showcase of over 2,800 vehicles to check out on the National Parts Depot showfield. If you are the legitimate owner of the one of the content we display the wallpaper, and do not want us to show, then please contact us and we will immediately take any action is needed either remove the wallpaper or maybe you can give time to maturity it will limit our wallpaper content view. He had built the Tex Mex railroad, first as a narrow gauge, then widened to standard gauge, and came to the "SAP" after the initial surveys had already been made but no actual construction begun. Essentially, towns had to pay substantial amounts if the railroad was to provide it with service. It was the engine that pulled the railroad's first passenger train, from San Antonio to Floresville, on Jan. By this time the "SAP" was running three passenger and six freight trains a day in and out of San Antonio.
This, coupled with the fact the railroad mainly used light weight rail, usually 50 pound, was a recipe for disaster.
These included some for having built a wooden bridge over a river very well known to flood. Many a small town was created by the railroad, either directly or indirectly, and once small towns such as Kerrville and Kenedy, named for the railroad's early financial "savior," grew nicely into much larger communities. The SAU & G, affectionately known as the "Sausage," had itself become part of the Missouri Pacific's system, as part of a grouping of former independent lines called the "Gulf Coast Lines." The SP found it to be more advantageous to lease use on the more direct MOPAC line than to upgrade the older, twistier, SA & AP line. An article in the Geneva convention states that prisoners of war must be held at the same latitude at which they were captured. It stood for another fourteen years and was occupied by a variety of interests including a furniture company for over ten years. During this event, you will enjoy great indoor displays of concepts, customs and historically-significant cars and trucks; test drives by Ford Motor Company, a burnout competition, activities for the kids, industry guests, giveaways, autocross for all skill levels and club gatherings. All of the content we display the wallpapers are free to download and therefore we do not acquire good financial gains at all or any of the content of each wallpaper.
The company owned three Baldwin locomotives, all second hand 2-6-0s, which they named the "Sam Maverick," the "Chas Hugo," and the "M. Aransas Street was renamed South Alamo and now extends on the other side of Flores as far as the interstate and beyond. Payment would need to be in the form of land for a depot and the right of way for the rails, plus good old fashioned cash, of course. Heat would warp the rails, rot would set in to the ties, and any rain would undermine the line, as there was no proper drainage. As the North African campaign progressed many such prisoners were taken and the USA was obligated to keep them at or near the same distance from the equator.
A wooden frame building, its life span of over 50 years of service came to an end a little after the SA & AP was fully merged into the T & NO in 1934 and completely lost its original identity.
San Antonio's premier funeral director, Porter Loring, whose first job had been a ticket agent at the depot, bought the window frame he had once worked behind. The excitement continues with a shopping experience you won’t soon forget as part of the enormous swap meet, car corral and the Manufacturers Midway for the best in parts buying. Many San Antonio city leaders, however, thought that competition was needed with this line built by the Galveston Harrisburg & San Antonio Railroad, which had already become, essentially, a subsidiary part of the Southern Pacific empire. A new railroad in a new direction is quite a thing to observe and crowds thronged to see the "new" train in both towns.
Some form of inducement for the railroad was expected and necessary, to cover construction expenses.
The marshalling yards and repair facilities in Yoakum became the heart of the system, with lines running north, west and east from there.

Furthermore, most of the company's bridges and trestles were wooden, which did not make for very durable structures during river flooding. The SP was sued by the Texas Railroad Commission, as Texas law forbade the ownership and control of parallel and competing lines, which was certainly the case with the route to Houston, and it was forced to divest itself of its stock in the SA & AP. Central Texas fitted the bill and the railroad delivered the prisoners and the supplies to keep the camps going. Now just about the only section of the old "SAP" remaining is what is now called the "DALSA Sub" by the Union Pacific. The depot's benches ended up and are still at the Little Rhein Steak House on Alamo Street, on the Riverwalk. The SA & AP got started with just one mile of track, which Lott himself and some other company officials helped to build, engaging in the task of laying track in the Texas heat themselves to create interest and attract more money.
Having got this far, all the initial money was gone and the railroad might have died if Lott had not traveled back to Corpus Christi, where he had once briefly run a store, to see Mifflin Kenedy, who had helped to finance the Tex-Mex.
The railroad even reached to Kerrville, to the north west of San Antonio, much to the chagrin of Fredericksburg, who had been promised a rail connection. In those unregulated days, when the necessity to get the rail line laid quickly and cheaply was paramount, so revenue could begin to flow in order to pay for construction, there were many accidents. The first port reached by the fledgling railroad was Corpus Christi, in 1887, not Aransas Pass, which was eventually reached in 1889. Most of the first mile was made with rails and ties previously used by other railroads, and a retired old steam engine that had been on its way to the scrap heap.
For example, Corpus Christi, which only had a population of around 2,000 people, had to pay the "SAP" $102,950, this figure having been determined by the railroad. They would have to wait until 1913, but that's a different story, worthy of an entire chapter by itself. Add to this dangerous situation a high volume of traffic on single tracks, insufficient sidings for passing trains and primitive system signals and track access controls, and the results were obvious. The DALSA "sub" section is a connection between two main lines, allowing trains to move from one to the other.
Furthermore, the route was all but undeveloped and there existed great potential for profitable enterprises and new towns along the way. Building on this success the SA & AP then spread north from San Antonio into the Hill Country, reaching as far as Kerrville.
The building was occupied for over ten years by a furniture company and survived until 1939. It had been thought that Aransas Pass was the more likely candidate but Corpus Christi ended up winning the distinction. Because of the influx of relatively well paid cowboys needing to let off a little steam and get relief from the rigors of their dusty labor, Helena had a fearsome reputation for lawlessness of all kinds, including gun fights and murder. In time the focal point of the railroad became Yoakum, where the railroad had its repair shops. When Lott had gone there to obtain Kenedy's assistance, he had had to travel there first by train to Galveston, on the rival" Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio RR, and then by ship to Corpus Christi. The legend says that a nearby landowner's son was killed in one of the frequent gun fights that had made the city so notorious and the father swore to get his revenge by "killing the town that killed his son." This he did by offering right of and cash, a bonus in railroad terms, to the perennially financially troubled railroad.
The new direct link between San Antonio and Corpus Christi was obviously a quantum improvement.
And now all that remains of Helena is the lonely old court house, later used as a school, the metal bars of the once very popular jail and the remains of an abandoned Masonic Lodge.

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