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Drive home today in a quality used vehicle from Wilcoxen Auto Sales, home of on-demand used car financing.
We work closely with a number of banks to help you obtain financing with the lowest interest rates possible, including: Sierra Central Credit Union®, Safe Credit Union®, Wells Fargo Dealer Services® and Lobel Financial®. All of our pre-owned auto sales are backed by PRco®, or Guardian® warranties (coverage depends upon the vehicle itself). Relax knowing that you’re driving home in a safe, road-tested vehicle from Wilcoxen Auto Sales. Our website uses cookies to gather information on how you use our website andto enhance your experience. AZ Car Sales in Milton Keynes chose MotorCommerce to create and market their website, their requirements; a fresh, new and easy to use website to increase car sale enquiries and increase website traffic.
Grand Dale Garage chose MotorCommerce to create and market their website as they required a fresh, new and easy to use website to increase car sale enquiries and increase website traffic. Robert wanted MotorCommerce to not only create their website but their sister website too SSD. With over 60 years experience within the motor industry , Motor Commerce have been at the sharp end of the industry and speak your language. The average age of a vehicle registered in Australia steadily increased in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Car sellers in Australia are at an advantage, both due to current market conditions and the growing popularity of online car sales. The manufacturer will update their dealerships – which they will call Renault Store showrooms – with engaging displays, improved customer flows and interactive discovery zones. There will be four key steps defining the new Renault Store experience: welcoming the customer, introducing the brand, displaying the range and exploring the products. A welcome desk forms an instant focal point for the customer, who will be greeted by a host or hostess and pointed in the right direction for their visit – be that sales or after-sales. Renault’s character and heritage will be thrust into the spotlight with the addition of a Brand Wall.
Two new facilities, the Brand Bar and the Configurator, will allow the customer to get to know the products in more detail and customise their new Renault or Dacia.

Although the roll-out should be complete by the end of 21017, Renault says more than half its is expected to be converted by the end of this year. You won't find a better Quality of cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans at such low, low prices anywhere else!
We will give you a reconditioning report so if we have anything done to the vehicle you will know about it. We can pay off the amount you still owe if the vehicle is in good condition, and you have good credit. The website now offers full details on any vehicle listed including, technical data, performance, consumption, engine data , Emissions and much more.
They wanted to give people the opportunity to find out more useful information about the cars they wanted to buy in the local area, so they created the Used Car Sales Surrey website. Integrating Dragon2000 their DMS system into the website admin was key part of this project. We have strong relationships with key strategic partners that helps us to offer a complete Internet solution. Fluctuating petrol prices have affected which brands and models sell the best or depreciate the most. It ranges from statistics and industry trend reports to communities and forums where people can get unbiased information.
From private-to-private car sales, to used car classifieds, to online wholesale buyers, it has never been easier to buy or sell a car online.
In the past, trading in a car may have been the easiest and safest option, though not the most profitable. Once your reach an agreement with SYCF over the phone, the transfer can be completed in as little as 24 hours.
The Brand Bar creates an area where visitors can sit, and using the tablets provided, browse the ranges of models and view the latest pricing and offers. The Renault Store concept has given us all the tools to help customers to make the right choice when buying their new Renault or Dacia. You are in and out of here much quicker than other car pre-owned dealerships—pick out your car, take a test drive around the area, go through our 15-minute financing, and finish up with quick paperwork wrap up.

The owner of the auto shop was going to sell the business but our grandfather decided to take it over and buy the shop.
And most importantly we recognise that the only real measure of our success as a supplier to you is the delivery of quality enquiries via your website. The other alternative was the more profitable but significantly more time consuming and risky option of selling a car privately.
Depending on showroom size, miniature model display cases will be available, demonstrating the progression of the Renault product line-up throughout its vibrant history.
The combination of zones in a dealership will be adaptable, and tailored to each individual dealership’s needs and size. The Configurator will have a large interactive display allowing customers to explore available vehicle options and customise a vehicle to their choosing. With such great used car financing and remarkable service, we have an incredibly high amount of repeat business. But aside from industry fluctuations, one factor that has caused particularly major changes is the emergence of car sales online as a market segment. This means that today’s car buyers and sellers are much more well-informed than in the past. Some have been forced to advertise car trade-ins more aggressively, or take a higher cut off each trade-in to make up for the lacking numbers.
In addition, because of Australia’s laws and restrictions related to new car sales, the used car market is much more favorable to the seller here than in North America. In Australia, a 3-year-old car is worth on average 45% of its original cost, compared to only 30% in North America. You can also get more cash when selling online rather than trading a car in – $1000-$2000 more, on average. This is due to lower overhead for online wholesalers and the competitiveness of the market.

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