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Visit haunted hotels, meet unusual people, dine amongst the spirits, hear old campfire tales and peruse old historic landmarks. If on your way out to Las Vegas along Interstate 15, you take a side road, along the old Route 66, you'll pass by Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch. Elmer opened up the Bottle Tree Ranch in 2000 in the small town of Oro Grande, and is made up of over 200 trees and other assorted "art" installations. A bunch of old signs adorn the outside fence that surrounds the bottle tree ranch greeting visitors as they park along Route 66.
The majority of the "trees" have something on top of them sorta like a star on a Christmas tree. Elmer Long can often be found hanging out in his forest, greeting his visitors and talking to them.
Elmer's Bottle Tree Ranch is located on Route 66 (this part of the famous road is also referred to as the National Trails Highway).
As mentioned, the Brown Derby led to three additional Los Angeles area restaurants including the Hollywood Brown Derby, the Beverly Hills Brown Derby, and the Los Feliz Brown Derby.
The Beverly Hills location, located at 9537 Wilshire Boulevard was opened in 1931 and lasted until the early 1980s. The Hollywood Brown Derby lives on, most notably by being recreated at various Disney parks including Disneyland, Disney World, Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo Disney! What do you do with ivy that escapes your fence, grows over nearby support wires, and completely overtakes a nearby telephone pole? In 1986, the former hair stylist, Welch, took his sheers to the overgrown ivy at the corner of Hayvenhurst Avenue and Plummer Street, and created a fifteen foot tall poodle!
It occasionally is done up for the holidays, most notably as a reindeer for Christmas complete with a light up red nose, a giant red bow and an antler coming up off its head. In Arcadia, east of Pasadena, near the Santa Anita Raceway sits a Denny's with a large windmill sprouting out of its roof.
Located in the small town of Paradise, outside the closed Skyway Lodge Motel (also called the Carousel Motel), is what appears to be a giant bug, a ladybug to be more precise.
Although it's now on its (at least) fourth restaurant, 5370 Wilshire Boulevard started off life in the 1930s as a photography store called The Darkroom! Since the 1980s there has been a string of four restaurants at the location starting with the Indian restaurant, Sher-e Punjab. As of 1989 the front facade of the building became a Los Angeles Cultural Historical Monument, which is part of the reason why the series of restaurants endured having a giant camera on their place. At 4,210 acres, Griffith Park in Los Angeles is not only the second largest park in California but also one of the nation's largest parks. With ghosts appearing and ostriches stampeding, Griffith eventually foreclosed on the ostrich farm which was failing, causing Burkett to vow vengeance. To get away from the cursed land and the ghost, Griffith donated 3,015 acres to the city of Los Angeles in December 1896. If you believe writer and newspaperman Horace Bell, Don Antonio Feliz again appeared in 1898.
However, even though the curse doesn't appear to be inflicting pain upon anyone any more, several ghosts have been sighted throughout the park. One location that Dona Petranilla is said to haunt is the Crystal Springs Ranger Headquarters also called the Paco Feliz Adobe. As if the ghosts, curses, and other general weirdness wasn't enough, urban legend also claims that there's some sort of creature lurking in the park and stalking its visitors. Lastly, the park has also been used as locations in several movies including Back to the Future, Back to the Future II, The Rocketeer, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Back in November 1966, thousands of animals were relocated a few miles north from the Griffith Park Zoo to the new Los Angeles Zoo that still remains open to this day. The Griffith Park Zoo was originally opened in 1912, amusingly built on the former location of Griffith J. In the mid 1920s, with the failure of the Selig Zoo, William Nicholas Selig donated several of his animals to the Griffith Park Zoo. By May 1958, people had had enough of the Griffith Park Zoo and its condition, leading voters to vote for the establishment of a brand new zoo.
Over the storied history of the Griffith Park Zoo, there were a few famous or more appropriately infamous animals kept there.
The "San Diego Zoo" that appears in the movie Anchorman had several of its scenes filmed here.
This video shows me driving from West Observatory towards East Observatory, basically leaving Toontown.

But it is most recognized as the entrance and exit to the Batcave from the 1960s Adam West Batman TV series and later movie, usually shown with the Batmobile rocketing out of the cave. The cave is actually fairly short, with one main entrance, and three exits, one exit being very small.
To get to the caves, from Hollywood Boulevard, take either Canyon Drive or Bronson Avenue (Bronson merges eventually into Canyon). On Overland Avenue, to the left of a convenience store 7-11, hanging off the neighboring building is a giant hot dog! Thai Town Express inherited the giant fiberglass hot dog from Red's Hot Dog when they moved into the location in 2007. Well on November 16th, 2011, after the Thai restaurant had long been closed, the hot dog was removed from its building and relocated over to Overland Avenue, as its former home was scheduled to be destroyed. Now, although it overlooks a place that actually sells hot dogs, it technically sits on the edge of a building that houses the National Promotions and Advertising Inc or NPA.
So if you want to see a giant hot dog, head on over to Overland Avenue and maybe, if you wish, get a hot dog at the 7-11 next door. Located in the parking lot of a mini mall at the corner of Vermont Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard is an art installation called Vermonica, named by joining the two street names. The art installation was only suppose to be temporary since Klein originally borrowed the lights from a light yard located not far away on Santa Monica Boulevard. Vermonica was installed about fifteen years before Urban Light, another art installation located outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Wilshire Boulevard.
Like trees all planted in nice neat rows, a forest of 202 street lights can be explored outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Wilshire Boulevard.
Chris Burden, the artist, began collecting the street lamps in December 2000, purchasing the first two at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.
Urban Light has appeared in at least a few movies including "No Strings Attached" and "Valentine's Day", a commercial, a Tori Amos music video, and even in some television shows.
Rumored to have once been a Volkswagen repair shop, then Hole in the Wall Welding, the Spider Bug has been there for decades.
Gravity Hills are locations at the base of a slope or hill where supposedly if you park your car and leave it in neutral it will somehow roll up the slope of the nearby hill. Scientific reasoning often explains this as an optical illusion which makes it appear as if you are rolling up hill.
Eventually, we plan on checking out some of these and seeing if our car does indeed roll uphill, but for now, since we had so many inquiries, we decided to put up this stub of a page to handle the requests.
Altadena Gravity HillDirections to the supposed Altadena Gravity Hill: From Highway 210 in Pasadena, head north on Lake Avenue. Antioch Gravity HillApparently this gravity hill is a result of children who died on the scene. The Gravity Hill can be found on Empire Mine Road not too far from the Black Diamond Mines.
Note, the Charman Bridge in Ojai also is rumored to have had a school bus go over it, this one back in the 30s or 40s. Brentwood Gravity HillThe Brentwood Gravity Hill is the classic urban legend of a bus filled with children in the fifties skidding off a road into water and all the children drowning. Cabazon Gravity HillRumor has it that on Morongo Indian Reservation there exists a road where if you park your car at the bottom of the hill it will roll up it. Corona Gravity HillThe gravity hill in Corona involves a distraught young girl driving recklessly down Lichau Road after her boyfriend broke up with her. Jamul Gravity HillJamul is a San Diego suburb where a gravity hill exists on a set of train tracks. La Jolla Gravity HillSupposedly located on West Muirlands Drive between Nautilus and Fay Streets. Livermore Gravity HillMile Marker 157 on Patterson Pass Road in Livermore is the location of yet another Gravity Hill. If the ghosts of children or teenage lovers isn't enough for you, the ghosts of angry naked football players lurk around a tree near Gravity Hill. Although there could be as many as two gravity hills in Moorpark with a possible other hill located on Happy Camp Road. Placer CountyOn Highway 20 between Truckee and Nevada City, approximately four miles west of the Interstate 80 junction and 80 miles east of Sacramento, exists Placer County's so called Magnetic Hill. Santa Paula Gravity HillThe Santa Paula Gravity Hill is located on Toland Road off of Highway 126 between Valencia and Ventura. Sonoma Gravity HillThis Gravity Hill was created by a bus full of children hit a dip, lost control and went off a nearby cliff killing everyone. SylmarThe supposed approximate address of the gravity hill is 12772 Kagel Canyon Road, not too far from Lopez Canyon.
Taft Gravity HillAccording to one of our commentators, there is a Gravity Hill between Taft and the small town of Fellows out by Route 33.

Whittier Gravity HillThis gravity hill is rumored to be in a cemetery called Rose Hills located in Whittier, California (down in the Los Angeles area) on Workman Mill Road, near Rio Hondo Community College and the interchange of the 605 and 60 freeways.
Whittier also has Turnbull Canyon Road which is suppose to be full of Satanic cults, UFO sightings, and a gravity hill! International Fiberglass is perhaps best known here as the company that made the Muffler Men that stand guard on our highways, but they also built other fiberglass statues such as the well known Sinclair Dinosaurs and the less known, but oh so awesome, giant rooster like this one in Los Angeles! International Fiberglass specifically targeted chicken restaurants for the big birds, and advertised them as "Something to Crow About . Originally, I thought there were only four of these massive birds in California (one in the hills near Jackson, one in someone's side yard in Lockeford, and only one on top of a building in Los Angeles). On Route 1 in Mendocino County in the small town of Gualala is the Gualala Nursery and Trading Company and it is filled with giant metal dinosaurs! Superior Poultry in the Chinatown portion of Los Angeles on North Broadway plays host to a giant rooster on top of its chicken store. LA Fresh Poultry in Los Angeles on North Virgil plays host to a giant rooster on top of its chicken store.
Nestled on the corner of Walden and Carmelita in Beverly Hills, sits The Witch's House, more formally known as The Spadena House. It was relocated to Beverly Hills in either 1926 or 1934, and since then has been the subject of many urban legends including: a story stating that it was built for a movie version of Hansel and Gretel, a story stating that it was built by a Snow White and the Seven Dwarves fanatic, and a story that states the owner use to dress up like a witch on Halloween to give out candy (which is highly possible and rumored to be the source of the house's name).
A few years ago, the house underwent major restoration as the current owner named Michael Libow is trying to preserve the whimsical structure. The house has also made a cameo appearance in the movie, Clueless, starring Alicia Silverstone. So you're cruising down Vineland Avenue in North Hollywood and as you come up to the intersection with Burbank Boulevard, there he is, standing thirty two feet tall, grinning evilly down at you, scaring the pants off of you! The maniacally grinning, has X's for eyes clown proudly stands on the corner bearing a large drum with the liquor store's name emblazoned on it. The liquor store is called Circus Liquor and it proudly boasts 750 types of beer, 1000 types of spirits, and am impressive selection of kegs! The clown and liquor store are also something of a movie celebrity having appeared in a few movies and music videos.
So if you suffer from coulrophobia and thus are deathly afraid of evil clowns, perhaps you should get your alcohol from some other liquor store than Circus Liquor. Rumored to once have been potentially a Jerky Shop, more recently it was reported by my friend, Eric, that it is was a lemonade stand the last time he passed by.
Nicknamed the "Land of Four Seasons", Tehachapi is on Highway 58 between Bakersfield and the Mojave. Featured are well over eleven thousand classic car, antique car and old car photos and videos along with information about them.
Well from the fanciful mind of one Horace Bell, a frontier author who wrote and founded a newspaper devoted to social commentary called the Porcupine.
Supposedly if you take out a carpenter's level, it will actually prove that you are indeed rolling downhill.
Two right turns after Rinaldi Street the road will appear to crest and run downhill into a another hill ahead.
To get to this Gravity Hill go down East Cotati Avenue towards Petaluma Hill Road (or take Rohnert Park Expressway east to Petaluma Hill Road). But as it turns out there are easily at least 30 of these birds lurking in California, including a full on infestation in the Los Angeles area! There are no less than five that can be seen from the road, plus additional dinosaurs inside the shop, as well as other metal non dinosaurs. It's your standard white bird, with the typical paint job of so many other Giant Roosters in the city. The most common species is the metal T-Rex, and he's often found alone, much like a real T-Rex.
Camel Corps that Jefferson Davis had brought over from Middle East and put into action back in the mid 1800s (although some stories claim Old Topsy might have just been a descendant of one of those camels).
However, there are several high concentration areas of dinosaurs spread throughout California; areas where not one, not two, but often half a dozen or more dinosaurs gather band together to greet roadside travelers. Mammoths, giant apes, giraffes, tapirs, deer, horses, and even a giant sea serpent all have gotten in on the metal sculpture craze and can often be found with their more common dinosaur friends. You will be facing "downhill," evergreen trees to your left with something that resembles a flood control channel past that, a wall of rock and dirt to your right.

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