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A New Jersey Dodge dealer agrees that having a checklist can help you buy a used car with confidence. Is there evidence of an accident, or flood, fire or other major damage to the body panels? One of the first things to check on the inside is the mileage, including the average number of miles the previous owner put on the car per year. When taking the car for a test drive, choose your own route, preferably one that will take you through city streets, fast freeways driving and any hills in the area. Check the GPS or navigation system, as well as any MP3 or cell phone charger outlets to make sure they work. My Vehicle Service Schedule is a printable PDF file suited to your home management and car maintenance needs.
Print out your Vehicle Service Schedule and keep it in your Home Organization Notebook or in your glove compartment.
Once you place your order for this digital product, I will e-mail the PDF to the e-mail address listed with your account or Paypal account. If you have any custom schedule, checklist, or chart requests to aid your pursuit of organization, please feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to fulfill your request!
Designing Life carries home organizational printables to help you design your life, thank you for spending some time looking through my store!

As you can see in the picture above (taken at the Horton Creek Campground), we filled up my Subaru (with 2 crash pads taking up lots of the space), but used every bit that we brought. 5–7 GALLON WATER JUG – When you live in a place with as good of drinking water as Tahoe, no other water will do. FIREWOOD – Annoying to pack, but way better than buying a bundle for $6 from the camp host.
SLEEPING PAD, BAG AND PILLOW – Go ahead and sleep as comfy as possible when weight is not at a premium. PAPER PRODUCTS including toilet paper, paper towels and moist towelettes if you really want to get fancy.
We’ve actually got Sunscreen in the daypack section above, but sun protection is important! The vehicle care items are listed on the left to help you keep track of when you take your vehicle in for maintenance and service and to keep you regularly returning to the shop to keep your car or truck in the best possible condition. If you love this product and would like to share it, please refer family and friends to my site to explore the amazing home organization printables painstakingly designed by Designing Life.
A cutting board, a sharp knife, a Coleman double burner, a coffee press, a double-wall mug, a kitchen towel, a tupperware to act as both plate, bowl and daypack sandwich holder, stacking utensils and a Snow Peak cookset are my essentials, but I expand that to include much more depending on the length of the trip. I use the Nemo Cosmo pad with pillowtop for a bed-like base, a Mountain Hardwear Phantom sleeping bag, and the big pillow from my bed.

I like to pack my Chaco flip-flops as well as some comfy camp shoes, like Vans, that are easy to slip on and off, yet will keep your toes warm. I go ahead and get my daypack packed with whatever essentials it needs (sunscreen, lip balm, energy bars, rain jacket, etc) so it’s pretty much ready to go.
Yep, I live the life, with a lake view from my desk, lunch breaks on the beach with my dog, and morning powder runs when the snow's good.
Print them out every other year and keep them all together to know exactly what you have done for your car and when! I ski, snowboard, skate ski, and cross-country ski in winter, and hike, mountain bike, backpack, and lay around on Tahoe's beaches in summer.
I am fresh out of the car from a great camping and climbing trip to Bishop, California, so I thought I’d round up what we brought, along with some tips on packing and staying organized. Try packing all your food in one bag or large tupperware, then have another for all the pots, pans, cutlery, etc.

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