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The color blue is the color of the ocean and the sky, and this reflects in the soothing but powerful presence of blue BMW cars. If you follow this link you can go to Deanna Moore‘s page where she shows you this ridiculously adorable ice cream cart and where you can buy printables to make your own ice cream themed party.
There are some gorgeous cardboard playhouses out there, but I am very fond of the ones where you can tell a child took part in the decorating.
Tea Wagon Tales made these little houses and added little craft store birds to them to hang on the wall.
At the moment there is a large box in the middle of the playroom with a shoe box in it and whatever else my toddler can fit in there. My 4 year is not inclined towards crafts at all, so I’d end up doing all of the work on some of these. Best toy I ever had were the 6 giant boxes in which my parent’s dining room chairs were shipped. Hello, always i used to check webpage posts here early in the dawn, because i love to learn more and more.

If you don’t have one, come on over because I have roughly a gazillion broken down in my garage in case I should ever need them. My kids would probably make a bit of a mess with this, so I would throw down a shower curtain or plastic tablecloth first.
We tend to get rid of our boxes right away because I hate clutter, but I think I’ll start pilfering empty boxes from work and trying these out. My toddler seems to enjoy crafts more, so maybe I’ll just have to wait a few years for stuff like this. When I was a kid, My sister and I played with giant furniture boxes – made a playhouse, a fort, a plane, etc.
Well, not when you’re stumbling out to go pee for the third time at two in the morning and one runs out to smack you and runs back in her box. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But after cruising around the internets I may have to find new uses for them this weekend, due to the fact so many brilliant parents out there are making some amazing things out of them.

One of the universal truths about parenting is that kids always seem to love the boxes that new toys come in more than the actual toys, and I can attest to this. And it costs a lot less than buying them the sort of counting activity center you find in waiting rooms.
A few weeks ago I purchased a large light fixture online and the box it arrived in was gigantic and filled with packing worms. It’s later in life that those simple creative flights get stifled because you worry what other people will think.
I was all ready to dump the worms and break it down for recycling until my kids freaked out and demanded they play in it all day, which they did, closing the box and both hiding in it. If any of these look like fun to you, you can also head on over to your local self-ove truck rental joint because they usually have brand new boxes for sale, or check your grocery and see if they have any used ones they can give you.

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