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Now, we know from answering thousands of car buyers' questions that most people care more about reliability, low running costs, low tax, fuel economy and practicality than they do about how a car corners, sounds or looks, but we got into this job because we love cars and we'll always tell it like we see it. You see, Mitsubishi 's new small car has a lot going for it; it's distinctly large inside the cabin (if not in the boot), well-equipped, cheap to tax, ostensibly fuel efficient and it comes with an eight-year warranty.
That's a decent amount of equipment, but even so we feel that the Mitsubishi needs to be a couple of thousand Euro cheaper than it is. By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the privacy policy. This is a collection of original photos taken by Jim during his years of collecting and restoring classic autos. Jim is a connoisseur of fine craftsmanship and he considers photos taken at auto shows to be within the public domain. NOTE: This image has been robbed from Jim's site and different cropped versions are all over the Internet forums and on numerous web sites.

Get into Lagoon drive which is the main beach road, follow it right to the end where you will come to a dead end, where the parking is and the entrance to a nature trail, you then follow the nature trail onto the beach, turn left and walk up to the beach till you get to the lagoon and that is where the nudies go. Job done for a lot of people, even when compared with the likes of the Skoda Citigo, SEAT Mii and Volkswagen up! Plus, we find them, even the most basic of which, quite desirable, and astoundingly good to drive. No matter how attractive it is on paper, we suspect that many will be swayed by the power of some of the bigger brands. They may not be used on any other website or publication without written permission of the photographer. A compliment to the quality of the restoration, or a combination of other unique qualities that caught Jim's eye. Jim estimates that the paint is 1970s era lacquer and it is cracking and falling off in sheets.

Admittedly it's comfy enough in town, but there's a lot of lean through the corners and the steering is particularly long-winded. This 1956 Nomad is well on it's way back to it's former glory with an LT1 engine with 700R4, as well as suspension mods and modern wheel-tire combo. The engine is a surprise though; it pushes the Space Star along with real verve despite producing only 80hp.
If your automobile is shown on this website, and you would like additional information posted to the narrative, or for some reason you would like the image(s) removed, please contact us via the email link on this site and the changes, or photo removal will be done immediately. A glance at the specs confirms it's a light car, which no doubt helps its fuel economy and emissions figures.

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