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For a company that bills itself as a “different car buying experience” with no dealer fees and no haggling, the loan figures prove the Off Lease Only business model is working for car buyers with all types of credit. Off Lease Only General Manager John Giasullo said the company’s spiraling success is rooted in a deep dedication to customer service, a mindset that literally costs Fischer millions of dollars a month but pays off in the end. Customer reviews posted on third-party review sites are filled with praise about everything from off Lease Only’s customer service and price to selection.  Thousands of happy customers have also voluntarily taped video testimonials about car shopping at Off Lease Only.
It is reviews like that which have vaulted Off Lease Only to the top of the used car industry.
Stop in to one of Off Lease Only four locations and drive home your next beautiful used car today!
Mazda MX-5 totally changed the thinking in the automotive world when it was introduced to a surprised world in 1989.
With extra features applied to both versions, Holden is kicking off the new models with drive away pricing on manual variants. Holden has added showroom sparkle to its Cruze small car lineup, with new Z-Series models to replace the existing CDX and Sri-V sedan and hatch variants. With extra features applied to both versions, Holden is kicking off the new models with drive away pricing on manual variants until the end of May.  Priced at $22,990 drive away for the manual Z-Series sedan, and $27,990 drive away for the manual Sri Z-Series sedan or hatch, the introductory offer represents a $1000 and $1500 increase over their respective list prices. List pricing is otherwise identical to equivalent CDX and SRi-V models, and adds Z-series badging, floor mats and sill plates, and dark finished versions of the existing alloy wheel designs. The Z-Series sedan also adds a lip spoiler, and the SRi Z-Series gets alloy pedal covers and a spoiler added to the hatches.
Holden Cruze sales have dropped 22 per cent to date compared with 2013, so Holden will be hoping the Z-Series models will help combat fresh segment rivals like the new Mazda 3 and Toyota Corolla sedan in the 2014 sales race. That's the position of Mitsubishi Fuso, which has taken the bold step of introducing a new generation Canter with an engine 1.9-litres smaller than the one it replaces as well as an industry first dual-clutch automated transmission. Working Wheels can confirm, after an on-road test, that it certainly has ample performance. We had a steer of the newly-introduced narrow cab model, which is 200mm narrower than the regular cab and serves as the basic entry level model. It had a hefty steel tray on the back, but it was empty so we still don't know how the rig will perform running the 1500kg-odd payload on the back (taking into account the heft of the tray) that allows it to be driven on a car licence. The new engine is an advanced unit with a variable geometry turbo and piezo injection which allows for extremely accurate combustion (it injects four bursts of fuel for every bang) allowing it to generate 110kW and 370Nm of torque. It copes well with several steep hills on the drive route that takes in some suburban driving and a trip to Lorne along Victoria's surf coast.
Dual clutch automatics, found in more and more cars including the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, can get a bit confused in city conditions, but the Canter's works so well I don't even think to flick it into manual mode. The gearbox also has a special creeper mode that means it can ease forward or backward at low speed like a traditional automatic, which is handy when backing up to loading bays and such. Mitsubishi Fuso can't say how much because it varies depending on the body fitted to the truck and its usage.
Our test truck did bounce around a bit, not surprisingly given it was empty, although the bumps are likely to have made more of an impression given it has a fixed driver's seat. Mitsubishi Fuso has moved to a rack and pinion system for the steering (like a car) and the Canter steers and handles extremely well. The cabin layout is clean and practical, the plastic quality is high and there are lots of thoughtful hidey holes for all your gear and also for paperwork. These are minor niggles though and, on the whole, the new Canter is an extremely impressive truck.
The report comes as Holden contemplates building V6 Commodores in China after delivering a car industry bombshell on Wednesday by confirming Australian manufacturing would end in 2017 following a directive from GM Holden's American headquarters and a failed gamble with the Federal Government. News Corp Australia can reveal the death sentence to the Australian-made legend has resulted in V8 Supercars secretly plotting a name change and category shake-up with the "V8'' Holden facing extinction.
The sport will move away from the long-serving V8 power plant amid the biggest shake-up in Australian car manufacturing history and avoid becoming another NASCAR, which use uniform bodyshells that are nothing like a road car. GM Holden is understood to be considering several options, including building a new platform Commodore in China, but The Daily Telegraph understands there will not be a V8 Holden on the showroom floor for the first time since the Kingswood was born in 1968. The Australian icon may also decide to follow Ford in an American muscle showdown and axe the Commodore for a Camaro to war with the Mustang, which will be a Falcon substitute for rev heads. News Corp Australia last week revealed international racing giant Roger Penske had sent his first lieutenant to Australia with global Ford heavyweight Jamie Allison in a move that could see the Mustang and V8 Supercars spearhead a Ford led industry shake-up.
While Holden refused to reveal their master plan after a failed bid to snare public cash, News Corp Australia can confirm Holden have indicated they will remain in V8 Supercars beyond 2017 sport likely to become the brand's most important marketing platform. Whether it is a foreign made V6 Commodore, a mid-sized substitute, or an American legend, the company will need the help of V8 Supercars to sell the non-Australian substitute to their legion of Aussie fans.
V8 boss James Warburton, the former TV boss, was confident Holden would continue its famous Australian motor racing legacy, even though it will be a new look war against bitter enemy Ford.

With Nissan already entering the V8 Supercar series with a V6 road car, the sports move away from the V8 engine would allow further manufacturer to join the series and see a major shake-up in the sports rule. The offshore shift will leave up to 3000 Holden workers without a job by 2017 with the announcing causing uproar when Victorian Premier Denis Napthine made the announcement in State Parliament. Acting Prime Minister Warren Truss said Holden boss Mr Deveraux told him around 1.50pm the decision had been "made in Detroit" that the company would be "closing a significant part of their operation" in Australia and New Zealand by the end of 2017.
Devereux has been appointed to a role in China, where many are predicting he will be part of an all new Chinese built V6 Commodore.
This facelift for the C1 is designed to keep the small Citroen fresh until an all-new model arrives in 2013. Then go and win races on a Sunday and sell, sell, sell the road-going versions to all manner of punters on a Monday.
The folks at Lotus proceeded to install all manner of mechanical upgrades and technical wizardry to ensure these cars went fast and were capable of winning races. The Cortina has not been restored in any way, however its iconic ermine white paint was given a re-spray sometime in the seventies and the engine enlarged.
Open the bonnet and you are immediately confronted with the double overhead cam shaft 1558 cc motor filling the engine bay.
Jayco's Flite Camper range has been extended with the Swift Camper Trailer series starting from $15,490.
Spokesman Andrew Ryan says the camper trailers are suitable for a wide range of small cars. The camper trailers come in Touring and Outback models with a 137cm front bed, personalised front and rear mouldings and a variety of tent colours. The Swift Camper Trailer features a full-height sink in the kitchen, with a Dometic RM2350 fridge.
Like all Jayco models, it has a galvanised Endurance Chassis and is made of aluminium with vacuum-bonded fibreglass walls, which are 150 per cent thicker than aluminium cladding and are hail and dent resistant. 1 dealer nationally for the issuance of prime and subprime auto loans, outranking 16,000 other dealers across the country. The finance manager was attentive and compassionate, he listened to my needs and found the plan that was just right for my needs,” the customer wrote. We are proud to have four used car dealerships throughout the State making it even more convenient for our customers to save thousands on their next pre-owned car. Nearly 100,000 happy customers have chosen to save thousands by purchasing their used cars from Off Lease Only, and you should too!
Prior to that most car makers felt that ever stricter safety regulations meant it was all but impossible to make a car safe unless it had a roof. The Cruze Sportwagon will not be available in Z-Series guise, and continues in existing CD and CDX guises. The biggest concern is whether opting for a smaller engine has transformed the truck into a gutless wonder. It passed several tests including making the correct changes on some hills that had completely befuddled the Eco Canter's automated transmission (which is a different unit).
That and the new engine, which is also considerably lighter than before, make for some good fuel economy.
All Canters have a fuel consumption calculator which is great for checking how economically you are driving.
Its independent front suspension system has been overhauled and now uses coil-over springs instead of a transverse beam.
The better specified regular cab models all have more comfortable suspension seats as standard. The only other niggle being the high-pitched screech it makes when you leave the key in the ignition and hop out of the cab for something (thanks to the immobilizer). From a marketing and sales perspective there is no greater platform than V8 Supercars and the audiences we bring to any manufacturer, regardless of where the cars are built.
We have a decent selection of photos but, just like Peugeot with the 107, Citroen don’t seem keen to send us any interior pics. Colin Chapman at Lotus race cars got the contract to work on 1000 of them for homologation for Group 2 touring car racing in the UK and Europe. Then to give themselves an additional advantage Ford and Lotus enticed some the best in the world to drive them. But to those who know the discreet yellow and green `Lotus' badges on the rear guards and the green stripe along the flanks are the giveaways. It was imported by Geoghegans Sports Cars in 1971 from the UK, and David is the third owner in Australia.
They stand 150cm high from the tyers to the roof. Jayco products come with a three-year roadside assistance and 12-month manufacturer's warranty. Off Lease Only’s auto loan accounts with Capital One went from zero to the highest in the nation in three years, Rizzo added.  Off Lease Only had been ranked No.

5 independent used car dealer in the nation by Auto Remarketing magazine, a trade publication for the used car industry. With locations in Miami, Palm Beach, Lake Worth and Orlando, you have thousands of used cars for sale all priced thousands below retail. Like all of these, it may require a manual burn from time to time when it can't manage one on the run, although we didn't need to do so on our test. Open wheel heroes such as Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart and Jackie Ickx all strapped into the Fords.
Not content with the Lotus, David also has 1967 GT Cortina and an unusual 1966 V4 Ford Corsair. Its great road grip, near-neutral balance and pin-sharp steering provide exactly the type of car that appeals to keen drivers.
Its light weight and agile handling meant these Formula One jocks and others won, and won often. Then in 1995 I had an opportunity to buy it again, but before I could close the deal the car was stolen and just disappeared. Read OffLeaseOnly reviews and watch Off Lease Only customer testimonial videos to see what sets Off Lease Only apart from every other used car dealer in the Nation. The slightest hint by the driver to the steering wheel seems to be all that's needed - there really is a feeling the MX-5 is responding to the driver's mind not just their hands and feet.
Owners just love to take them for a quick blast along their favourite stretch of road on a sunny Sunday morning.The Mazda MX-5 was launched in Australia in October 1989 and remained almost unchanged in its body until March 1998, when a near-new car was introduced.
At the same time, an increase in boot space made the MX-5 a more practical car, one that could be used by a couple on holiday jaunts with a bit of careful packing.A facelift in October 2000 saw the rounded grille replaced by what Mazda calls a five-point grille to bring it into line with the styling theme of the rest of the Mazda family at the time. It was slightly larger than before, though weight increases were kept to a minimum.With a couple of updates along the way this model is still current on the new market. A new model is imminent and expected in the first half of 2015.Many drive with the top down even if the weather is threatening, well aware the soft-top only takes seconds to close, something that can be done when stopped at a red traffic light. You should have a supple body though, because a fair bit of upper body twisting and shoulder strength is needed.A folding hardtop roof made things much simpler when introduced in September 2006.
It not only works neatly, but adds a minimum of weight to the car and takes little away from luggage carrying capacity. So popular did the folding hardtop become in Australia that imports of the soft-top slowed, and ceased altogether towards the end of 2012, some of these may not have been registered until early 2013. There's a school of thought that says used soft-top MX-5s may increase in popularity due to their rarity.
That was lifted to 1.8 litres in November 1993 in a new engine that was slightly modified, with an emphasis on a wider spread of torque. In October 2000, the engine received a new variable valve timing system to improve power and torque. Keen owners say the relative lack of engine power is actually a bonus because it gives them good reason to use the gearbox.Earlier manual gearboxes were five-speed units. A six-speed was used in the 10th Anniversary limited edition of 1999, and became standard in the October 2000 model. The six-speed is a close-ratio unit, in fact the overall top gear ratio in both boxes is pretty much the same. To our way of thinking the six-speed isn't quite as pleasant in its feel as the latter five-speed units.An automatic transmission with six forward ratios became an option in 2005. Sporty programming of its electronics means it's not far short of a manual in driving pleasure. But give us a 'proper' manual any day!Good design and high build quality mean the MX-5 is reliable. It's fairly easy for a good amateur mechanic to work on and spare parts are normally reasonably priced.
Heavy deposits of brake dust on the callipers and the inside of the wheels may be sign of racetrack use, or simply of hard on-road driving.In early models look for stitching that's worn or broken in the soft-tops. Discolouration in the plastic rear window in early models ruins the looks, but isn't overly expensive to repair.
A glass rear window was used from 1998 and is probably the best choice for all but the MX-5 purists.Look for crash damage that's been repaired, indeed it may be very wise to call in a professional if you are in any way suspicious. Be suspicious of water stains on the seats and trim, check under the carpets for dampness or rust as the MX-5 may have been caught with its top down in the rain.The engine should start easily, idles reasonably smoothly and not blow smoke from the exhaust under hard acceleration. The gearbox should be light and positive in its change action and not baulk or crunch even on the fastest of changes.

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