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Obwohl man bei der Lufthansa auf der Langstrecke mehr und mehr auf Maschinen des Flugzeugbauers Airbus setzt, sind auch noch 22 Boeing 747-400 im Einsatz. Als eine der ersten Airlines setzte Singapore Airlines in Deutschland auf den Airbus 380-800, unter anderem auf FlA?gen von Frankfurt nach New York und Singapur. In den Boeings 747-400 der Cathay Pacific gibt es nur eine Notausgangsreihe, die keine Trennwand vor sich hat. Wer auf dem Weg in die USA ist, wird sich eventuell in einer Maschine von Delta oder American Airlines wiederfinden.
Located to the west of New York City and just across the state border into New Jersey, Newark provides easy access to Midtown and Lower Manhattan via the NJ Transit train service: linking the airport with NY Penn station at Madison Square Garden in just three stops. All of United’s existing flights from Newark to LA and San Francisco – many of which are currently served by Boeing 737 aircraft with domestic-style recliners at the pointy end – will also switch to Boeing 757s with international-grade flatbed seating. United offer three daily non-stop services from Australia; Sydney – San Francisco (SFO), Sydney – Los Angeles (LAX) and Melbourne – Los Angeles, all on the new game-changing B787-9 Dreamliner aircraft. At TravelEdge Corporate, the largest privately owned corporate travel company in Australia, you get the best of both worlds – personal professional service alongside the latest in dashboard reporting technology and a choice of online booking tools. FOR THE AIRBUS A318, A319, A320, A330, A340, A350, A380, EMBRAER, BOEING 737, 747, 757, 767, 777 AND 787 AIRLINERS. Qantas, Lufthansa, Northwest, Singapore, FinnAir, Korean, Hawaiian, AirTran, Air France, United, Malaysia, China and American Airlines. Seating Charts for the Airbus A319, A320, A330, A340, A380, Embraer, Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767, 777 and 787 Airliners. To get a preferred seat on a plane, it is extremely important to select your seat as early as possible.
Pay for exit rows: wSome people think it's obnoxious to charge for what was once free, but this perk is well worth it.
American Airlines also sells other "premium" seating for $5 to $25 per leg within the 48 states (the fee may be higher for Hawaii, Alaska, and international routes). Many people that fly for pleasure or for business purposes have to sit in an airplane for 2-3 hours or sometimes even longer, depending on the trip that they make, and during the flight, seating in an uncomfortable area or section in the airplane can be uncomfortable. Airplane and airline seat charts can be really handy for frequent fliers and help them to choose their seat in the airplane even before they buy their tickets.
Most of the airlines publish seat configurations for their airplanes but the quality of those seat maps is some times questionable and some of the details and information about seats are very general.
In addition to published seat maps which can be found on airlines websites, there are some other sites that publish aircraft seat maps for almost all the commercial airplanes that are flying these days. Reading and understanding a seat map should be carefully looked at because of the design of each seat map. Airplane seat maps that can be found on the online can help people choose the best seat that will make for a more comfortable flight. Airline cabins are frequently classified as narrow-body if there is a single aisle with seats on either side, or wide-body if there are two aisles with a block of seats between them in addition to the seats on the side.
On wide body-aircraft the center block of seats between the aisles can have as many as 5 seats on planes like the layout on some McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and Boeing 777 aircraft, although Boeing recommends the 3+3+3 over the 2+5+2 layout. Window seats are located at the sides of the aircraft, and usually next to a window, although some aircraft have seat rows where there is a window missing. An aircraft seat map or seating chart, is a diagram of the seat layout inside a passenger aircraft. Electrically adjustable lumbar support is found on most long-haul first class and business class seats. Seat pitch is an indication of legroom, referring to the space between a point on one seat and the same point on the seat in front of it. The largest seat pitch in any commercial airline's short-haul economy section is 37 inches (94 cm) in Finnair's Airbus A319s. Seat width is the distance from armrest to armrest, in Economy class this is typically around 43 centimeters (17 in).
Is there somewhere online I can go to find out if my airline seat is next to the bathroom or to close to the engines and super noisy or way in the back? You can also go to some of the popular websites that specialize in airline aircraft types (example here) and find where your airplane seat is located like SeatGuru or SeatExpert.

You can also call your airlines 800 number and ask them to tell you where your seat is located on the plane. More about us!People usually search out some problems relating baggage lost or mishandled or damaged solution, airport check in times, best hotels surrounding airport to stay, city offices contact details, flight status & cheap flight deals and airports contact details.
Doch fA?r einen ordentlichen Platz muss es nicht zwingend Business Class sein: Auch in der Economy gibt es SitzplA¤tze, die deutlich besser sind als andere.
Wer mit dem sogenannten "Jumbo" auf die Langstrecke geht, sollte sich um die PlA¤tze 33 A oder K bemA?hen.
Die Sitze 14 A, C, H und K liegen in der ersten Reihe der Economy und direkt am Notausgang, was famose Beinfreiheit bietet. In den Boeings 767-400 der Delta Airlines ist ein guter Platz aber fast nur gegen Aufpreis in der "Comfort"-Zwischenklasse zu kriegen. Schlechte oder gute Sitze sind entsprechend markiert, Nutzer kA¶nnen ihre Kommentare zu einzelnen SitzplA¤tzen abgeben, bewerten und Bilder hochladen.
JetBlue has added extra legroom on its Airbus jets, with at least a 36-inch seat pitch in the first 11 rows of its Airbus 320 fleet and at least 34 inches in rows 12-25 (seat pitch is the distance between any one point on the seat and that same point in the row ahead or behind).
Northwest and AirTran will sell you an exit row seat, with more leg room than in first class, for $15-20. Premium economy: When passengers are checking in, United Airlines sometimes offers them upgrades to "Economy Plus," which has up to 5 inches more leg room, for relatively little money. This happens very often due the lack of details that each airline is publishing about their airplanes or because people that fly don’t consult an aircraft seat map before they book a ticket. Knowing the place where you sit before going aboard allows you to find out details of a specific seat from extra legroom to missing windows or any other details. Usually airlines don’t publish seat maps for all of their airplanes, they do it only for the major airplanes and for the ones flying on frequent routes. Seat maps that can be found on these specialized sites have the airline seating maps have more detailed seat information.
Finding the right seat with the help of an aircraft seat map can improve your experience and make your short or long haul flight much more enjoyable. On very small aircraft such as the Beechcraft 1900 there are only individual seats on each side of the aisle (1+1 seating). Very wide planes such as the Boeing 747 or the Airbus A380 have ten seats abreast, typically in a 3+4+3 layout, although this layout is also sometimes used as a high density layout on aircraft normally seating nine abreast, such as the 787 or L-1011.
Window seats are preferred by passengers who want to have a view, or a wall which they can lean against. They are often published by the airliners for informational purposes, and are of use to passengers who can select their seat at booking or check-in. Rarely, economy class may also include a mechanically adjustable lumbar support on some long-haul aircraft, however, with the trend towards slimline seats in Economy class, this amenity has mostly vanished from most new Economy class seat installations. American Airlines' business class seats in their Boeing 767-200s are 62 inches (160 cm), the largest in any short-haul business class.
Some airlines will let you change your seating position over the phone and some will tell you to arrive at the airport early and you will get a boarding pass that relates to how many people have checked in before you.
Laut den Experten von Seatguru vereinen diese PlA¤tze "das beste zweier Welten - Fenster und Beinfreiheit", weil die Sitze davor fehlen.
Durch die Position an einer Trennwand gibt es mehr Beinfreiheit, man wird zuerst bedient und kann schnell aussteigen. Die Sitze 30 A, B, F und G verfA?gen zwar ohne Aufpreis A?ber den meisten FuAYraum der Economy Class, sind allerdings auch unweit der Toilette. Frequent flyers on Northwest get to reserve these seats when booking, for free if they're "elite" members. If you're a frequent United customer, check out Economy Plus Access, which allows you to reserve economy plus for yourself and a guest for a full year of travel. The widest narrow body aircraft such as the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 have six abreast seating in a 3+3 layout. Passengers in seats adjacent to the aisle have the advantage of being able to leave the seat without having to clamber over the other passengers, and having an aisle they can stretch their legs into.
Examples of such aircraft with adjustable lumbar support in Economy class include Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200ERs and US Airways A330-300s. US Airways' first class flatbed seats in their Airbus A330-300s have a seat pitch of 94 inches (240 cm). If you arrive at the airport early you can usually ask the person at the ticket counter about you seat or to see if the agent can give you the seating position you desire. Zudem sind die PlA¤tze in der zweiten Reihe der Economy Class, was eine schnelle Bedienung beim Essen und ein einfaches Verlassen des Flugzeugs sichert.

In den Boeing-Maschinen vom Typ 767-300 der American Airlines empfiehlt Seatguru die PlA¤tze 21 B und J in der zweiten Notausgangsreihe. Even if your first choice seat is not available, select another option to ensure you have a seat assignment; it can usually be changed later.
Asymmetrical layouts also exist, the Embraer Regional Jets have 1+2 seating while the Douglas DC-9 aircraft typically feature 2+3 seating. If a seat block has three or more seats, there will also be middle seats which are unpopular because the passenger is sandwiched between two other passengers without advantages of either window or aisle seats. Southwest Airlines previously offered a few such seats on some aircraft, rearward facing seats are also common on business jets to provide a "conference" type layout. Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) was the first to implement this, avoiding I (1), O (0) and S (5). More seat pitch can mean more legroom, but it is also affected by the thickness of the seat back.
Weil die PlA¤tze auf HA¶he des FlA?gels und vor den Triebwerken liegen, ist zudem der LA¤rmpegel geringer als an anderen Stellen im Flugzeug.
Reihe 24 liegt zudem noch am FlA?gel vor den Triebwerken - und bietet so mehr Ruhe vor den FluggerA¤uschen.
British Airways also has rearward-facing seats in its Club World (Intercontinental Business Class) Cabin. Airlines which allow internet check-in frequently present a seat map indicating free and occupied seats to the passenger so that they select their seat from it.
Airlines have claimed that a reduction of seat pitch can be compensated for by a thinner seat-back design.
Hier empfehlen die Experten die Sitze A, B, C, H, J, und K in der Reihe 55 am Notausgang mit "schier unbegrenztem FuAYraum". In den Airbus 330-200 der Etihad dagegen sollte man die PlA¤tze 33 C und H ins Auge fassen.
It has been argued that rearward facing seats are safer because in the event of a crash, the sudden deceleration will propel the passenger into a rearward facing seat instead of out of it.
Sie bieten viel Platz und guten Zugang, auch wenn sie etwas weiter hinten in der Economy Class liegen. The force is therefore distributed over the entire seat back, instead of the straps of the seat belt. Quasi unbegrenzte Beinfreiheit bietet auch Platz 60 D - bei diesem Gangplatz fehlt der Platz davor. An argument against rearward seats has been that passengers who desire the natural layout of forward facing seats may be uncomfortable with a rearward layout. In the typical widebody economy cabin, passengers are seated seven to ten abreast, allowing a total capacity of 200 to 600 passengers. On the safety aspect, the argument has been that during a plane crash, debris such as luggage, will fly forward in the cabin, quite possibly into the passengers in rearward facing seats. The largest widebody aircraft are over 6 m (20 ft) wide, and can accommodate up to eleven passengers abreast in high-density configurations. On the cost aspect, rearward facing seats need additional strengthening which adds extra weight and therefore higher costs. Wide-body aircraft are also used for the transport of commercial freight and cargo and other special uses, described further below. Seat maps that can be found on these sites usually have more details and on some websites you can find comments from other passengers with ups and downs about each particular airplane seat. However, airlines quickly gave in to economic factors, and reduced the extra passenger space in order to maximize revenue and profits. Depending on how the airline configures the aircraft, the size and seat pitch of the airline seats will vary significantly. For example, aircraft scheduled for shorter flights are often configured at a higher seat density than long-haul aircraft. This is during taxiing, take-off and landing, although turbulence may also prompt the captain to turn on this sign. Airline seats may be equipped with a reclining mechanism for increased passenger comfort, either reclining mechanically (usually in economy class and short-haul first and business class) or electrically (usually in long-haul first class and business class). Most aircraft also feature trays for eating and reading, either in the seatback which folds down to form a small table in most economy class seats, or inside the armrest which folds out in most first class, business class, bulkhead, and exit row seats.

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