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Chicago O'Hare Airport has four terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and Terminal 5. Below are listings of O'Hare air carriers according to the O'Hare Airport terminal in which they are located. A total eclipse of the Sun has not been seen in the continental USA for nearly two generations.
Although people may opt for the longer durations in eastern regions of the USA, poorer weather prospects here suggest going west. Prudence may suggest observing from regions of good weather prospects with shorter durations than locations with longer durations that have higher probabilities of not seeing the eclipse at all. Currently maximum total eclipse durations are declining with the 2009 July eclipse longest of the 21st Century.
Finally, maximum duration of a total solar eclipse occurs only on the center line of the eclipse path about mid-way between its ends.
Read about the Eclipse at Madras, Oregon including circumstance of the eclipse in Part  4. IntroductionWith several options to get from Lyon (France's second city and an economic powerhouse) to London, I picked the direct British Airways flight to Heathrow over the direct easyJet flight to Gatwick or connecting via Air France or other European airlines. In Economy, the cost for the 1h10 minute flight was €9 (A$12) between BA and easyJet, and I had luggage, so BA actually came out cheaper.
While I'm normally a fan of business class, the "Eurobusiness" style of convertible seating (where three economy seats with a few inches extra legroom are sold as two business class seats) doesn't really draw me in.
With oneworld Sapphire frequent flyer membership (and a card from the Priority Pass lounge network) giving me access to business class lounges, and armed with our article on how to score those extra-legroom Eurobusiness seats when flying Economy, I decided that I would save the $956 and travel Economy. Since British Airways only lets you check in prior to the T-24 (24 hours before departure) time if you're a oneworld Sapphire (Qantas Gold equivalent) or higher, I made sure that my frequent flyer number was in BA's system and chose my seat when I booked.
Since I wrote our guide to picking the best seats in Eurobusiness I chose 4F, which was the first row of Economy on this British Airways A319.
If you're a fan of self check-in kiosks, be advised that the BA ones in Lyon are around the corner from the BA check-in desks (to the left as you walk through the doors into the terminal). After waiting for about five minutes in the business class queue (owing to my oneworld frequent flyer status) I was checked in, although it's a good job I spoke French -- the agent's English was a little ropey.
Frankly, that was an inexcusable error, especially since I was obviously a partner airline frequent flyer and therefore likely to be unfamiliar with the airport. I ended up sitting at the dreary departures gate with no wifi for an hour, and there was absolutely nobody from British Airways' contract ground staff to complain to.
Instead, I got a superb pain au chocolat and a bad café au lait from the Caffe Ritazza kiosk and tweeted in irritation. The A319 is a relatively small plane, which means people board and disembark quickly, so you might be away early. Apart from the check-in agent who didn't tell me about the lounge location, the other part of the flight that really fell down was baggage reclaim at BA's headquarters in Terminal 5. With 34 inches of seat pitch (the space between my seat back and the one in front, which is "my space" during the flight), I was pretty comfortable on this short flight -- which is why I picked my seat carefully. On the downside, the leather was ripped and torn, with several visible rips on the seatback pocket in several places inside and out. In Economy on a flight of this length (just over an hour), you get a single trolley service of alcoholic or soft drinks, and coffee or tea.
It reminded me of flying BA during the BASSA union strikes last year -- or of comedian Pam Ann's "Mona" character, if that means anything to you.
The two other crew, who looked after Economy, were superb, however -- solicitous, friendly and happy to hand out an extra can of diet coke.

As an Economy experience, this was an great flight with unacceptable ground service on both ends. Being in the know about how Eurobusiness works really helped, especially on a mostly full flight like this one. You'll note that the only difference between business and economy is a blocked middle seat and a curtain between the two.
You'll note how business class and the economy row behind it are separated by only a curtain. On a short flight like this, which cost me €99 (A$133), it simply isn't worth it -- especially with the status to get into the lounge anyway. 75,000 Bonus Qantas Frequent Flyer Points, After first eligible purchase within the first 3 months. BA stopped priority baggage for ALL passengers on European flights at about the same time as they moved to T5. I gather the only reason they even give tags to agents in places like Lyon is to put onto bags of passengers connecting to long haul flights where priority baggage is still done and for people who insist on them being tagged.
So to me it says if the airline offers priority baggage then other OneWorld customers will be afforded the same priority, if however prioity bagage isn't offered (such as BA on intra Europe flights) then clearly it won't be offered. Club Europe is a VERY VERY average product , I have used it several times now, however , the price is a lot cheaper if you plan your flights earlier ,(around half the price) This fare doesnt hang around for long though , but if you are connecting to another Europe destination after a 23 hour flight from AUD, then the use of the lounge does come in handy .
Ever-improving business class seats are making many airlines rethink the need for first class.
A seven minute duration will not happen again until 2150 June (7m14s) while a total eclipse with a duration near maximum is nearly two centuries in the future. Not until 2078 will total eclipse durations begin to increase when Saros cycle 139 begins to bring eclipses of longer and longer durations. This position may often be difficult to access as it was, for example, during the 2012 November Australia eclipse. Since I didn't have a printer, and I was travelling with hold luggage, I planned to head to a desk at the airport anyway, so I didn't worry about printing my boarding pass. Very few passengers seemed to be aware of these, and the queue for check-in was quite long.
She did issue me priority luggage tags (which isn't strictly a oneworld frequent flyer benefit, although I've been granted it before). What's the use of organising priority luggage if it doesn't work?)LoungeIncredibly frustratingly, the agent didn't tell me that the lounge BA uses is before security and passport control, not afterwards.
If I had indeed paid the $956 for a one-way business class ticket where lounge access is a major part of the offer, I would have been livid. My family originates in Yorkshire, where tea isn't brewed properly if you can see the bottom of the cup, and this was superbly strong tea. There's no reason I should be standing around for 35 minutes for my bag at BA's main hub." alt="The ground service needs serious work at both ends. You also get the aforementioned magazines (though I doubt economy passengers behind row 9 get Business Life), but other than that, bring something to read, listen to or play with.
The purser (in charge of the cabin service, and who mainly stayed in Club Europe) was noticeably disinterested and couldn't-care-less.
When you spend half as much time waiting for your priority-tagged luggage as you spend in the air, that's a bad sign. Buy a sandwich in the airport to replace the business class meal and you're ahead of the game. Just an FYI, if you're a Qantas Gold (oneworld Sapphire) you aren't entitled automatically to priority baggage on BA or any other carrier - it's not a oneworld benefit.

What you will find is on flights leaving Heathrow they will never tag your bag, but on flights to Heathrow it is a bit hit and miss, but it doesn't matter anyway as on arrivial tagged bags are not treated any different.
Between 1984 and 1993, however, there was a Terminal 4, which served as the international terminal. Although eclipse durations have their maximum values along points on the central line, these durations diminish with increasing distance from the central line.
Almost half are approximately three minutes or less (as will be with the 2017 August eclipse).
This will not happen until the remarkable 2186 July total eclipse (7m29s), the longest duration of totality during the years -2000 to +4000. For this eclipse, maximum duration was 4m02s over the central Pacific Ocean and not the Australian mainland.
They're behind your left shoulder." style="display:inline-block" title="Looking for the self check-in kiosks? Even worse, France is one of the countries where you can't re-enter from departures after you have officially left the country through passport control, even if you offer to be re-screened again.
Fortunately, air traffic control let us depart early, so we were well ahead of schedule even with a slight delay on arrival at Heathrow. After Terminal 5 opened, that location was turned into the airport's ground transportation hub. Annular eclipses occur when the Moon's disk is not large enough to hide the entire solar disk at maximum eclipse.
Unfortunately, this long duration will take place about 400 mi (640 km) east of South America in the Atlantic Ocean, 500 mi (800 km) north of the equator. Fortunately, greatest duration for the 2017 August eclipse does occur over the mainland USA. She didn't crack a smile until she was serving drinks to the Club passengers in the three rows ahead of me.
It is likely that Terminal 4 will make a second appearance as a part of future O'Hare expansion projects. Totality is a two minute eclipse on the West Coast with the east coast having 34 seconds more.
Thus, western location may again have an advantage since summer storms tend to build during afternoon hours, a common occurrence during summer months. The duration of totality decreases slowly at first with the distance from the central line of totality then increases rapidly. Although much less spectacular than total solar eclipses, central durations are often much longer. The approximate range in altitude of the Sun in degrees during the eclipse is also shown for both west and east regions.
For example, at a distance of 60% away from the central line to the edge of totality, the duration is still 80% of maximum.
Even if the fractional distance from the central line is one half, the loss in duration is only about 15%. Hence, observers usually do not need to be exactly on the central line to experience most of the duration of totality.

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