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A University professor who would put a sign on his door saying "Away Fighting The Forces of Capitalism" when he was out of office once told me that the reason populism tends to pool around reactionary right-wing ideas is that the motivations for, and expected benefits of left-wing ideologies are less easily quantifiable and thus harder to express. I've never found any thorough academic grounding for this opinion but it strikes me as empirically true; for me right-wing politics are still largely based on protecting the (some would say) natural instinct to look out for number one.
On the other hand left-wing politics are based on aims that can't be measured or explained so easily; quality of life, equality of opportunity, social mobility and progress - all seen by many on the right as - and scrambled by too many on the left into - blustery shibboleths rather than illustrable goals (that's you Russell Brand).
The constitutional difficulty in expressing left-wing views makes it nigh-on impossible for a pinko Moonbat fellow traveller like myself to correlate them with the policies of any one political party to such an extent that I can feel completely comfortable about voting for it. In essence, I think that everybody is entitled to a basic standard of living; a clean environment, the right to live free from discrimination, freedom of expression when compatible with the previous point, democratic participation, a house, electricity, water, food, a good education, medical treatment, social care if necessary, protection from crime and accidents, public transport and job opportunities - as a bare minimum. I believe the Government has the right, and more importantly the responsibility to provide this for everyone and that this aim is achieved by making essential services universally available, which is most efficiently done if the service is the end in itself, and any capital it generates is a means to that end. This dynamic can be most easily accomplished (and this is where it's important to re-emphasise that this is just my opinion) by placing these services in public hands where practicable, and regulating them where impracticable so that where possible the capital remains the means and the service remains the end. My recognition that not all services can practicably be publicly owned maybe makes me more centre-left than left left. In order to provide a minimum standard of living, among the most important services the Government should provide is a comprehensive welfare state so that people who can't generate their own capital by working can still, to use the technical term, not die. These services should be funded through progressive taxation - the richest subsidising the poorest through taxes on income and wealth. That's about as simply as I describe my own ideological drivers but it's a key set of moral criteria into which any party who's going to get my vote's policies must fit.
Most parties fall at this hurdle; the stipulation of social freedoms alone is enough to rule out the Britain Firsts and BNPs, and arguably even UKIP - if you consider legal immigration a social freedom and seeking asylum as a human right - though bigger hurdles to voting for them are (to name a few) their insistence that recent migrants not have access to the welfare state and NHS, restriction of child benefit, Repeal of the Climate Change Act and proposed reintroduction of divisive Grammar Schools. The Conservatives, from my perspective, don't bear much more analysis; the bedroom tax threatens people's ability to put food on their table and a roof over their head, as does right-to-buy, albeit indirectly by shrivelling the already arid supply of social housing.
If all politics is a stage then the Liberal Democrats' entire manifesto is an aria sung by a eunuch. Veering from my framework slightly, this functionary attitude towards policy-making paints the Lib Dems as merely an extension of the civil service, and since voting should be an expression of morality and ideology, a vote for them would feel wasted.
Back on policy, they have also failed to put their foot down on such issues as the aforementioned bedroom tax which suggests that if they're not a complete political Ken Doll then they are actually a threat to the minimum standard of living.
That covers and rules out what might be termed the right-wing and centrist parties, and now to delve into the differences between the left-wing parties.
Firstly a word on the left left, as I've referred to them so far; the problem with TUSC, SWP, CPGB et al is that their policies, for better or worse, are so grounded in sweeping philosophical and moral notions that they're impossible to reconcile with the actual mechanics of making legislation - which is key in applying principle to manifesto. Add in to that the problems these parties have had with democratic process even within their own small organisations and, for all their moral goodwill, they actually represent a practical and functional threat to the minimum standard of living.
The problem comes in the detail, like the far-left parties the SNP's left-ness is too often manifested in statements of principle rather than policy, and, like the Lib Dems, where there are actual policy promises, they seem to be points of differentiation from other parties with which they broadly agree rather than part of an all-encompassing vision for the country (though granted their limited geopolitical remit is probably a factor). Partnering with Visa, McDonalds’ Suggests a Budget for Employees which Ironically Shows in the End Just How Impossible It is to Get by on the Minimum Wage.
Besides skipping certain expenses and skimping on others; to meet the income levels portrayed in the budget, McDonalds suggests associates to work not one but two jobs. In earlier posts, Edward Lambert addresses the loss of real wages and the potential impact on the economy.
McDonalds was one of the restaurant employers (Papa Johns, Olive Garden, Applebys, etc.) stating the excessive cost of the PPACA would force them to cut workers hours to 30 hours).
On the other hand, as Rusty reminds us, the Obama health care plan may be too complicated to be a reasonable answer to the the health care problem.
What I find shocking about the McD budget is first that it assumes the worker will have another job… this is life on a treadmill. Here’s the link to the pdf giving the details of how one survives on sub-standard wages. Here’s the weekly spending on incidentals, if gas and groceries can be thought of as incidental. So some how a McDonald’s emploiyee ends up with $3,650 in savings at the end of the year.
But when you add up the cost of raising a kid to adulthood, plus the thousands of hours of unpaid labour that make up part of your cost, (and mine,) a company paying $8 an hour for a healthy, sound employee who can read, write, add and subtract, reason and compromise and function, is an amazing bargain. Gene Nichol, law professor, among other duties, at UNC-Chapel Hill, dug into the poverty numbers here in NC, in part to rebut one of our elected officials who said there is no real poverty in NC, the Census Bureau skews the figures to make it look that way. Still, 22 percent of kids (about 10,000) in Onslow County live in households with incomes under $23,000 a year for a family of four. In three Jacksonville elementary schools – Northwoods, Hunter’s Creek and Clyde Creek – about 70 percent of students qualify for the free and reduced-price lunch program.
Daphany Hill, director of Jacksonville’s Eastern North Carolina Human Services agency, reports that others don’t fare even that well.
Even in the early seventies when I was stationed there at Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville and the surrounding area was not well off. If you look at Kaiser Foundation for Poverty by State and who would qualify for expanded Medicaid in NC, 29% of the population live below 138% FPL. Employers have only one response to these discussions and we’ve been listening to their perspective for ever.
As long as they can keep the working people hungry, or better yet, desperate, they know their profits are safe. A few years ago, the gal who runs our county’s Economic Development Commission, was trying to recruit a company that would barely be paying minimum wage.

On the other hand we have a constant contributor here who appears to be some kind of small business owner, and we all know it is useless to talk to him about anything. The suggestion min-wagers work two jobs is especially galling as managers of low wage earners increasingly demand their wage-slaves be available on call 24×7. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of structuring sites and content in a way that improves the website's visibility and placement on search engines when users search for certain keywords.
Keyword research & analysis is the process through which you identify the relevancy and the popularity of search queries that you need to target through the use of keywords throughout your website's content. Keyword research usually starts within various tools such as Adwords Keyword Planner, Wordtracker, Keyword Spy and Ubersuggest. The long tail concept appeared adapted for the internet world in 2004 in an article from 'Wired' when the entertainment industries were struggling to devise new business models that would help them to survive the combat against online piracy. Short tail queries usually include 1-3 keywords that drive millions of monthly searches (e.g. Mid tail queries, were once comprising of two-three words, but currently include an average of four word terms (e.g cheap online car insurance) in some markets.
Long tail queries are usually 4+ word phrases that account for the 70% of the total search volume. According to a Hubspot survey, the top 10k keywords of the demand curve make up less than 20% of the overall search traffic, while 80% comes from long tail keywords. When starting your keyword research you need to create an initial keyword list, also called a seed list, with relevant keywords to your website's context. Next you need to use a keyword tool (some mentioned above) that will help you identify the entire search curve by defining the short, mid and long tail keywords of your niche.
Back in 2006, after a major leak of click data from AOL, it was revealed that the top 10 results in SERPs for a selected keyword can heavily affect click through rates (CTRs) and therefore website traffic.
In October 2013, the top ranking site for the keyword "dog breeds" in Google Greece, received 5K clicks in organic traffic out of 14,8K local monthly search volume.
As mentioned earlier, the probability of a new webpage that has completed onpage optimization to rank among the top rankings is limited only to results for long tail queries.
It is important to keep in mind that depending on the country you are targeting, search queries volume and number of words forming keywords may vary. In practice, you can analyze keyword competition by either using a set of free tools available online or just your custom spreadsheet (at least, this is how i started!) or even subscribe to several premium services such as market samurai moz pro and longtail pro that will save you time. Keyword research, analysis and planning can sometimes become overwhelming or not productive. Did you know hairstyles for short hair that is growing out is most likely the most popular topics in this category? Do you know sun and moon tattoos designs has become the most popular topics on this category? A budget, sometimes called a "spending plan," is an outline of anticipated income and expenses that can be used to track actual cash flow and set spending goals. Help your teen secure a safe car and a low-interest loan through planning, research and co-signing. Teenagers need to learn financial responsibility, but they also still need help when it comes to their first car purchase.
Parents can help their teens along the path to landing a first job with these strategies and tips. The truth is that budgeting isn't just for times when your money is tight or your life is undergoing a major transition. Their benefits can therefore be measured against individual freedoms, specifically to create wealth, thus right-wing people tend to support lower taxes and deregulated markets because these maximise the potential to accrue individual wealth. When I was six years old my parents asked me, in the way parents do to humour young children into thinking that they're not idiots, which man I wanted to be Prime Minister. To illustrate this I'd use the example of American telecommunications technology; mobile phones wouldn't be nearly so advanced if Apple were publicly owned and had not been able to make such insane moolah that they were able to invest in the R&D to produced the iPhone. Not (and again this maybe places me as centre-left rather than left left) for the sake of imposing a maximum standard of living, but rather so that the people whose lives are least severely affected by doing so make the largest contribution to the services that provide a universal minimum standard of living. These policies threaten hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people's access to housing, food, medical care, a clean environment, a good education and, accordingly, job opportunities. Free Schools hoard the good teaching for a select few pupils, outsourcing NHS services to private companies, and the 'top-down reorganisation' has overburdoned clinical staff thereby increasing waiting times, while lowering taxes for high earners, businesses and the wealthy casts doubt on a Conservative government's ability and inclination to continue to fund these services. It's as if they've already negotiated their next coalition with the Conservatives and the meagre concessions they've been given are the ones that make up their manifesto. Their one original policy that I could in good conscience support is protecting public sector salaries as these are the people providing the services which are the bedrock of my minimum living standards and shouldn't be victimised for doing so. Although I spend the bulk of my time working in, and puking money into the economy of London, depending on the speed of the voter re-registration process I might still end up voting in my native Scotland, which, allied with a general interest in their explosion in popularity, makes it necessary to consider the SNP.
They've done a tremendous service to the country by re-opening a narrative on policies that would increase living standards, but like TUSC etc, the cost of actually doing their manifesto would be astronomical.
The CEPR provides a graph with a another take on Productivity Gains when compared to Real Minimum Wage.
As we can see, the only real option to avert another collapse is to raise labor’s share of income. To my point, McDonalds is advocating >30 hours at its restaurants in its budget and also providing healthcare insurance(?) which by law has to be minimally equivalent to the least costly PPACA Bronze Plan.
I workd for a VP, who is a Christian, and who spent much of her life advising others on how to live their’s to the point of giving financial advise to struggling young couples.

In Jacksonville, its largest city, over 30 percent of the work force is active-duty military.
The Onslow County School System reports that more than 350 of its school kids are homeless. The best paying job for divorced young women with kids was working in the bars, serving up 3.2 beer, and flirting with the Marines as we got drunk. The elected yokel may think there is no one in extreme poverty; but, he is probably living in Chapel Hill (it was pretty nice when I was hanging aroound there). In Michigan, we have our own home grown idiot who will vote against raising Medicaid – Michigan State Senator John Hune. A proper keyword research and analysis is essential for SEO and can boost the qualified and converting traffic of a website. It is important to keep in mind that the human search patterns can be illustrated by the search demand curve, an adaptation of a long tail probability distribution in statistics. According to the article, ''the future of entertainment online lies in the million of niche markets at the shallow end of the bitstream", meaning that is not only about blockbusters and mega hits selling millions, but instead about millions of non-mainstream pieces that collectively can sell more than the few mega hits. Insurance, credit cards etc.) and are almost impossible to rank for due to hard competition in search results. The top 3 positions in SERPs were driving 60% of the total traffic, while 75% of the users never scroll past the first SERP!  More recent studies from various companies such as Optify, Catalyst and advanced web ranking illustrate the trends of CTRs in search results depending on various factors such as the appearance of search ads or not and the appearance of local, news or multimedia results.
That is a 33,7% CTR for the top position, which is significantly lower than the AOL figures below and demonstrates a trend that CTRs for top organic rankings will shrink further in the future. In this case, a realistic approach for keyword planning would be a granular distribution of long tail keywords across webpages that cover a niche subject in depth. For instance, in larger and mature online markets such as the US, monthly search volumes are measured in 10Ks, 100Ks or even millions and short tail keywords usually consist of 2~4 word phrases respectively. The following video displays Google's official attempt in 2012 to shift from keyword to semantic search though "knowledge graph", a search technology that understands the real meaning behind keywords. If your teen has a job, ideally his or her wages will increase more than the rate of inflation. I said John Major because, as the older of the two, he looked more Prime Ministerial (I paraphrase).
UKIP get the old left swipe (to use a Tinder analogy because I'm well zeitgeist) after barely more than a glance. Increasing the personal allowance is something they take credit for but this now has cross-party support anyway, as do most of their impactful policies such as building houses, balancing budgets and protecting NHS funding.
Though I'm against Scottish independence, as I reckon the sheer scale of the administration needed to make it happen would threaten the possibility and sustainability of certain important policies for the whole of the UK, the SNP have cleverly reframed the argument, much as they did during the referendum, to give people the choice between left and right, rather than Scotland and Britain, so this alone wouldn't preclude me voting for them. Vote for Policies shows that I'm not alone in thinking people would be better off with a ?10 an hour minimum wage, a 10% reduction in transport fares as part of general renationalisation, 500,000 more affordable homes a year (without building on Green Belts), less reliance on fossil fuels and ?12bn extra per year for the NHS but when you wodge the whole thing together we'd be looking at an extra ?100bn annually at least.
This is not likely as businesses are even now fighting an increase in just the minimum wage. So Onslow’s unemployment rate is not as pronounced as some Eastern North Carolina counties. Over 10 percent of Onslow County children live on less than half of that: $11,500 for a family of four.
When one of them throw down the glove, pick it up as it is an opportunity to show how sill they truly are.
In smaller less mature online markets, such as in Greece, monthly search volumes are limited to few thousands and short tail keywords are usually limited to only 1~2 word terms. We had taken this picture from the web we consider would be probably the most representative pics for hairstyles for short hair that is growing out. We had taken this picture from the web that we consider would be one of the most representative pics for sun and moon tattoos designs. We had taken this image on the internet that we feel would be probably the most representative pictures for kitchen bars design. My parents jokingly lamented the fact that the private school they had sent me to had already turned me into a tiny Tory, and that was the last time I ever soberly expressed a sentiment that could be considered right-wing. The same as Wal-Mart employees, McDonalds associates will end up seeking public aid to get by because of low wages. If you do not define what is covered and not covered, insurance companies will take it to the next step and define it arbitrarily to favor themselves.
Making sure your child understands this concept can help him or her plan more accurately and avoid going over budget in the future. Of the 23,000 occupied rental units in the county, 9,000 dwellers pay more than 35 percent of household income for rent alone. McDonalds would pay a penalty if full time workers sought insurance outside of McDonalds and onn the exchanges. I told my wife back then; if I stayed in for another 4 years, I would not have married her.
Workers, however, under 30 years and those unable to find affordable insurance are exempt from the mandate and could purchase substitute catastrophic coverage (ACA – Standardizing Health Plans).
Where I think this budget falls flat is it is coming from McDonalds, a company like Wal-Mart which thrives on paying minimum wage to many of its employees.

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