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The Meriva also has a top ranking with the equally prodigious J.D Power ownership satisfaction ratings.
It first went on sale back in 2003 and that original generation was sold until 2010, and over 1.06 million were sold in that period. However, Opel will have a newly updated Meriva on sale here in April and I suspect it may exercise the palate of Irish motorists more.
That said, the out-going Meriva has had a couple of issues such as a far from smooth gearbox and not dynamic enough styling to attract trendy small families and older motorists down-sizing. And thankfully, the GM owned German carmaker has held on to its innovative rear-hinged FlexiDoors, which really do make access to the back seats much easier. The new IntelliLink multimedia system allows you to stream music and make calls through Bluetooth phones, tablets or portable devices. The new Meriva majors on ergonomics, with great front seats and they’re very good in the rear too. There is also lots of leg, head- and shoulder-room, and it has 31 storage spaces ( no, I didn’t count them). The new Meriva is sharper looking, drives really well (especially the 1.6 CDTi), is very comfortable and functional. The Meriva should be to compact MPVs, what S-Max is to bigger people-movers and dare I say what Qashqai is to crossovers.

The retractable awning part manufacturers has uploaded 964 retractable awning part pictures for their retractable awning part products for sale, 1-20 retractable awning part images are displayed. The second generation Meriva has seen a further 330,000 sold, yet we saw less than 100 sold in Ireland last year.
And the palate sits not far below the brain, which should take note of the evidence of quality quoted above. First the looks, and because this is a mid-generation face-lift as opposed to an all-new model, they couldn’t go as far with design changes as they probably would like to have. The design upgrade has succeeded in making the Meriva look fresh, more technical and refined. The Mokka offers more sportiness and also 4WD ability, while the new Meriva will headline on more comfort and flexibility. Just like the Adam and Insignia have had introduced, the Meriva gets it’s own variation of the system, which will follow in to other models such as the Astra.
Voice commands for navigation, phone calls and music tracks have been introduced for convenience. In fact, the Meriva is the first and only car in the world to be certified for its comprehensive ergonomic concept by independent doctors and back health experts. And Opel’s unique FlexFix, a fully integrated, rear-end bicycle carrier system is also the perfect complement for active individuals and families.

Here again, Opel has been hard at work, spending €50 milion on upgrading all its 5- and 6-speed transmissions. I mean here is a car that in the highly respected TUV 2014 report, which is based on inspections of eight million two to three year-old cars in Germany, rated the Meriva as having the lowest defect rate and the absolute best quality of all those cars. It’s certainly sharper looking, and not too dynamic to put off some older buyers, who really will like the access to and quality of the interior! In the Meriva versions I drove near Brussels this week, the transmissions were smoother, quicker, softer and more precise.
This is the quietest and most efficient engine in the class, consuming as low as 3.8 litres per 100 kilometres (or 74 mpg) and qualifies for road tax band A4 (€200 annually). At the same time, the new Meriva retains 2013 prices with a new lower priced entry level model”.

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