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A total eclipse of the Sun has not been seen in the continental USA for nearly two generations. Although people may opt for the longer durations in eastern regions of the USA, poorer weather prospects here suggest going west.
Prudence may suggest observing from regions of good weather prospects with shorter durations than locations with longer durations that have higher probabilities of not seeing the eclipse at all.
Currently maximum total eclipse durations are declining with the 2009 July eclipse longest of the 21st Century. Finally, maximum duration of a total solar eclipse occurs only on the center line of the eclipse path about mid-way between its ends. Read about the Eclipse at Madras, Oregon including circumstance of the eclipse in Part  4. MOI sets up new electronic system to report car accidents in Qatar - Doha News Your browser is out-of-date!Update your browser to view this website correctly.
It's time to crack open the "this is why we can't have nice things" file, as reports of Pokemon GO related injuries have been hitting the internet left and right since the game launched last week. What is perhaps the most head-scratching injury on the list also happens to be the most recent. You can guess what happened next: the bluffs proved to be unstable, just like the signs said, and one man fell 80 to 90 feet down while the other dropped about 50 feet. Then we have the case of an ex-Marine crashing his younger brother's car into a tree because he was playing Pokemon GO while driving. While I'll be the first to sing the praises of Lapras, this proves that it definitely isn't a good idea to try to catch one while driving.
Jumping north of the border into Canada, two Quebec City police officers suffered minor injures when a Pokemon GO player backed his car into their police cruiser.
There a quite a few things wrong with this picture: first, the driver was playing while driving, and I've already covered why that's a big no-no.
In the same report that gave us the story of the worst Pokemon trainer in the world, which comes from CTV Montreal, we hear of a 15 year old western Pennsylvania girl who was injured when she was hit by a car while playing Pokemon GO.
The girl ended up hospitalized with an injured foot and collarbone, but it sounds like this could have ended so much worse than it did. Finally, we come to that massive pile up in Massachusetts, apparently caused by a man who stopped in the middle of the highway to catch a Pikachu. Police cars block access to the site where a hot air balloon crashed early Saturday, July 30, 2016, near Lockhart, Texas.

A seven minute duration will not happen again until 2150 June (7m14s) while a total eclipse with a duration near maximum is nearly two centuries in the future. Not until 2078 will total eclipse durations begin to increase when Saros cycle 139 begins to bring eclipses of longer and longer durations.
This position may often be difficult to access as it was, for example, during the 2012 November Australia eclipse.
While it is great to be able to hunt Pokemon in the real world, it can also prove to be dangerous to those who aren't willing to pay attention during their Pokemon hunt.
NBC 7 in San Diego reports that a pair of men were injured while playing Pokemon GO when they fell off a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Smoking Gun reports that he was trying to catch a Lapras when he crashed the car, and even though he got out of the mess with just a broken ankle and some cuts on his leg, the car apparently fared far worse. If you simply must have that rare Pokemon, pull over and catch it, though there shouldn't be any reason you know that Pokemon is in the area if you're driving. The police officers said they were observing the car, which was driving strangely though a parking lot, when the driver suddenly backed into their cruiser. Second, the driver was cruising around a parking lot hunting Pokemon, utterly defeating the purpose of the game, which is to go out and get some exercise. Now is a good point to stress that you should put away the phone for just a moment when you're crossing a street, no matter how busy they seem to be. When you hear people shouting about the public safety concerns of something like Pokemon GO, just keep that the vast majority of players are remaining safe on their quest to catch them all.
Although eclipse durations have their maximum values along points on the central line, these durations diminish with increasing distance from the central line. Almost half are approximately three minutes or less (as will be with the 2017 August eclipse).
This will not happen until the remarkable 2186 July total eclipse (7m29s), the longest duration of totality during the years -2000 to +4000.
For this eclipse, maximum duration was 4m02s over the central Pacific Ocean and not the Australian mainland. Despite warnings coming from everywhere (even the app itself warns you every time you boot it up), people seem to be getting so enthralled in catching Pokemon that they end up losing focus on their surroundings, and some of those people inevitably end up injured.
Apparently the men broke through a fence to catch a Pokemon, despite posted signs warning people that the bluffs they were climbing onto were unstable. Third, he was so distracted he didn't realize that there was another car in the lot with him - a cop car, no less - until he had backed into it.

All the same, when you see a Pokemon pop up in a place you probably shouldn't be, like across a busy highway or within a fenced off area, it's probably best to go with common sense and resist the urge to go after it, no matter how rare it may be. In February 2013, a balloon flying over Luxor, Egypt, caught fire and plunged 1,000 feet to the ground, crashing into a sugar cane field and killing at least 19 foreign tourists. Annular eclipses occur when the Moon's disk is not large enough to hide the entire solar disk at maximum eclipse. Unfortunately, this long duration will take place about 400 mi (640 km) east of South America in the Atlantic Ocean, 500 mi (800 km) north of the equator. Fortunately, greatest duration for the 2017 August eclipse does occur over the mainland USA. Remember, while it's important to pay attention to your surroundings while you're playing Pokemon GO, it's also just as important to check your sources before you share stories and cause a social media frenzy. Totality is a two minute eclipse on the West Coast with the east coast having 34 seconds more. Thus, western location may again have an advantage since summer storms tend to build during afternoon hours, a common occurrence during summer months. The duration of totality decreases slowly at first with the distance from the central line of totality then increases rapidly.
Although much less spectacular than total solar eclipses, central durations are often much longer. The approximate range in altitude of the Sun in degrees during the eclipse is also shown for both west and east regions. For example, at a distance of 60% away from the central line to the edge of totality, the duration is still 80% of maximum. Even if the fractional distance from the central line is one half, the loss in duration is only about 15%. Hence, observers usually do not need to be exactly on the central line to experience most of the duration of totality.

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