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When the dust settled after the second World War, many young men were left with dreams and hopes to fulfill, and for many of them, those dreams were to go racing.
At a glance this would seem like a rather unsafe and uncomfortable machine to drive, and that’s because it is. The Ford Model A chassis had a 1922 Model T body transplanted, along with a 1914 Model T rear deck and lid. An amateur but avid welder and engineer by the name of Garland put this creation together, and he also deigned the stunning tripe exhaust manifold himself, as well as the twin exhaust, while the inner workings of the engine came from other motors and venues.
The photos don’t do any justice to how this bad boy must handle in track, so pay close attention and enjoy the shots! This '30 Ford Model A Tudor was owned it since 1989, it was finished in 1992, the ghost flames were added in 2000, and to be honest I would've guessed everything was finished last year; this thing is mint! Saleen revived their Heritage Edition line that was first produced in the late 2000’s.
Follmer Edition Mustang resembles the same racing attidute (naturally aspirated engine, track tuned suspension and 6-speed manual) and the same two-tone paint scheme. Receipts, invoices, instructions, spare parts and a small photo album are included in sale.

Fling on your favorite pair of shades; throw your arm out the window, and head on down to the local townie bar. This '40 Ford was done right; you can't go wrong with a 351ci Windor in a Ford Coupe and a frame-off, rotisserie restored build, Henry Ford himself would shoot you the thumbs up, no doubt.
Whether it be on a motorcycle or on a track roadster, going fast on dirt roads, dirt tracks, or dirt anything became a real thing, and dirt track racing is now considered a true American institution.
The seat is basically just that, the accelerator pedal holds your foot in place as in wanting to kill you, the steering wheel is thin and overly communicative, and the exposed suspension rods and brake components are asking to be damaged by decree and send you into the nearest tree or pole.
A 1932 Chrysler grille was fitted into place, and the heart of the project is a vintage 270 cubic inch Chevrolet inline 6, paired to a 3-speed manual transmission which the builder chose to only give two works gears. In addition, the white wall tires, plenty of engine components, underside hardware and interior are brand new!
If a 396ci Chevy Big Block isn't enough power for you, don't worry, because there is a Weiand 8-71 Blower bolted on top of it. This is a street rod you can lay back and enjoy ride in, thanks to that front air ride suspension and cozy custom interior.
This slick '30 is powered by a GM Crate 350ci and an Edelbrock Single 4-Barrel Carb; it cruises through the use of a TH350 trans and a '79 Malibu 10-Bolt Rear End.

In order to feed this beast they mounted two Holley 650 CFM carbs and sparked it with an MSD setup. This car may have been done in 1998, almost 20 years ago, but that doesn't mean any degree of quality has been lost. She's powered by that Windsor, an Edelbrock aluminum intake, Holley Single 4-Barrel Carb, and silky smooth C4 3-Speed Auto Transmission, making for a great set up. The interior is custom gray upholstery with lots of little accents that make this '32 unique.
The body is in excellent shape on top and on bottom, take a look at over 100 photos and let Greg show you in our video.

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