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Forget stealing your young one's latest set and get yourself an adult-sized slot car setup with the Shelby Slot Car Race Track ($250). Since you spend as much time in your bed as anywhere else in your house, your sheets could probably use an upgrade. The first thing you should know is that there is no shame in admitting you have the mentality of a 12 year old.
Like a Lite-Brite for the 21st century, the Bandai Luminodot ($200) is a 70x50 pixelated board with LED backlighting. I saw this amazing setup via the New York Times, and had to share.  The attention to detail in this custom-made slot car track is phenominal, but what really sets this basement layout apart is the fact that its Michigan-based creator, James Harlan, designed the whole layout in 3D CAD, and had the track's undulating surfaces milled by CNC! References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article. Wow!That's a REAL True-to-life effects of a Layout!Pat yourselves on the back with this great work. The American model company, Aurora Plastics Corporation first saw the Playcraft Model Motoring system on display at an English toy fair and promptly acquired the marketing rights to the Model Motoring product line for sale in the U.S.
Hobby dealers often referred to these early sets as HO scale slot cars, although they were actually still the original English 1:76 'OO' scale.
In 1963 Aurora introduced the Thunderjet 500 chassis in response to customers' complaints about the difficulties they had keeping the original Vibrator cars running well.
A Corvette String Ray and Jaguar XKE sportscar were added to the line, along with a front-engined Indianapolis racer and a rear-engined Grand Prix style F1 car.
Replacement and Hop-Up Parts for this chassis are available in the ThunderJet section of this web site.Aurora did not fail to realize that most of their customers were buying Model Motoring sets not just for use with HO model train layouts, but as stand-alone slot car racing sets. Aurora's early success with HO slot car racing made it possible for them to expend the financial resources required to develop new and exciting products. Boy's Life Magazine was one of the most popular magazines in the 1960's and it regularly featured HO slot car racing projects using Aurora Model Motoring track and accessories.To view a reprint of the full article as it appeared in Boy's Life in November of 1966 click your mouse on the Adobe PDF link here >>> Grand Prix Raceway. Aurora's remarkable success didn't go unnoticed, and several other hobby companies attempted to get into the market.
Tyco's larger 1:64 scale chassis made it possible for them to offer cars with more realistic proportions and better details, not to mention being much easier to repair. Replacement and Hop-Up Parts for this chassis are available in the G+Plus section of this web site.Aurora's G+Plus chassis development closely paralleled developments in real race car designs of the day. The Dodge engineers who built the ACR drew inspiration from their own racing experience, as well as the Viper GTS-R which raced in the American Le Mans Series and IMSA United SportsCar Championship.
When equipped with the Extreme Aero Package, the ACR produces “the highest aerodynamic downforce of any production car”, nearly one ton of downforce at the vehicle’s top speed of 177 mph.
Brakes are essential for effective track performance, so the ACR is equipped with Brembo Carbon Ceramic Matrix brakes, which offer superior braking performance and are more fade resistant than ever before. While the aerodynamics and handling are important, the most important part of the ACR is the power source. The Dodge ‘1 of 1’ Viper Program allows for more than 25 million build combinations so customers can create their own highly-customized ACR. If you are an avid antique motorcycle fan, you’ve likely heard of the popular motorsport, Board Track Racing.
Due to the lack of safely built tracks, called motordromes, the sport of Board Track Racing was a risky one. Despite all this, people flocked to the races at board tracks from Denver, to Milwaukee, to Long Island.
At Condon Skelly, we appreciate the history behind antique and classic motorcycles, trucks, and cars.

Featuring over 63 feet of track, the set comes with two intricately-detailed reproductions of the Shelby Daytona Coupes seen in the 1964 24 Hours of Le Mans, each of which use high-conductivity phosphor bronze shoes and a 22-volt power pack deliver awesome speed.
The Brooklinen Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle has everything to give your bed the boost it needs.
It includes 1600 bulbs in 12 different colors, special software to help you create and preview your image, and features a removable front panel which lets you place a printed page underneath to help in setting up your pixelated masterwork.
The 'OO' scale was slightly larger than the popular American 'HO' gauge which was 1:87 scale.
The first track system was marketed in England by Playcraft under the brand name Electric Highways Model Motoring. Straight tracks had a dashed white 'passing' line painted along the center of each section, and curved track sections had a solid 'no passing' stripe painted down their centers to better duplicate real highways.
Aurora made no attempt to correct this discrepancy in scales, and felt that the American hobbyist would be more accepting of the American 'HO' model railroading scale designation, than the 'foreign' OO scale. The Thunderjet 500 chassis, or just T-Jet, was designed so that the original Vibrator bodies could continue to be used with this new, faster and more maintainable chassis. The motor was attached to a small plate with idler gears ultimately driving a pinion and crown gear mounted on the rear axle. A Ferrari 250 GTO, Maserati, Ford Mustang and Cobra roadsters were made available in several colors each.Aurora's marketing shift from sedans and trucks that appealed primarily to model railroading enthusiasts, to true race cars which appealed to a much wider audience expanded the HO slot car racing market substantially. A full line of track sections was added, making it possible to build large HO raceways with up to 8 lanes. The most successful of these was Tyco, who in 1963 introduced its own line of 'HO' slot cars.Tyco's original cars were larger than Aurora's Thunderjets.
The Tyco chassis also provided wide rear hubs and soft racing slicks that dramatically improved handling over the skinny ThunderJet rear tires. The larger chassis made it possible for Aurora to produce bodies that were just as detailed as their competitor, Tyco's offerings. It still employed the original vertically mounted motor and idler gears to transfer power to the rear wheels.
The bottom of the chassis was opened up beneath the magnets and pockets were molded so that the motor magnets were now exposed and much closer to the metal power rails.
Colin Chapman's Lotus F1 car designs from this same era employed revolutionary aerodynamic techniques to increase downforce, or what was often called ground-force.
Many of the original slot car racers that had made Aurora so successful throughout the 1960's were now getting older. The automaker has released the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR, the fastest street-legal Viper track car in history. Their primary focus was on aerodynamics, chassis, and tires, creating a vehicle that offers unprecedented handling and road grip.
Together, the Kumho Ecsta V720 high-performance tires and the specially designed chassis—ABS, Electronic Stability Control System, Bilstein Race Shocks, both keep the ACR firmly planted on the road and decrease lap times by 1.5 seconds. They also have the largest brake pad area ever on Viper, providing extra grip in addition to enhanced aerodynamics and specially designed tires.
The all-aluminum 8.4-liter V10 overhead-valve engine produces 645 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque—the most of any naturally-aspirated sports car engine in the world.
Riders were able to reach speeds of more than 100 miles an hour, meaning that when a crash happened, it was devastating. By the mid-1920s, however, the novelty of the sport began to wear off and it was losing its appeal. Since 1967, we’ve been helping our customers protect their classics with affordable, industry-leading insurance coverage.

Also included are two controllers, a grandstand, and pit; friends to play with unfortunately not supplied. Far from your standard Hanes multi-pack, MeUndies, are made with a signature blend of fabric that is 3x softer than cotton yet still hugs all the right things in all the right places. The seven-piece set includes their Core Sheet Set, plus a duvet cover and a couple extra pillowcases. Many of the magazines of the day featured father & son projects involving carpentry and electrical wiring of elaborate HO model raceways.
As they graduated from High School and went off to college their HO slot car sets were moved to the attic, or sold at garage sales.Aurora's annual sales in 1970 were at an all-time high of $20 million dollars. Parkway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about this unique sports car. Crashes weren’t rare either; riders who went down faced being pelted with splinters from the boards and often times spectators were injured as well. Newspapers had begun to refer to motordromes as “murderdromes,” and local governments even starting closing some of the tracks. We’re a group of collectors, enthusiasts, and professionals who specialize in insuring all types of collector vehicles. Ordering is virtually risk-free, since if you don't love your first pair, they'll pay you back and you can keep it for free. Crafted from 100% long-staple Egyptian Cotton, the lightweight fabric makes every side the cool side of the pillow. Aurora continued to produce primarily race car body styles for this new chassis.A new track system was also introduced.
It combines the latest aerodynamic, braking, and tire technologies to get the most out of its performance capabilities, inspiring awe both on and off the track.
The reason for the use of these board tracks were in part because they were not expensive to construct.
Race officials and the motorcycle manufacturers that sponsored racing teams tried to implement safety measures, but it didn’t help. A Ford GT-40, Cobra GT Coupe, Porsche 904, Chaparral, Lola GT, Ferrari Dino and Ford MK-IV were all added to their catalog.
Each year saw an ever larger decline in revenue.By the end of the 1970's it was evident that the slot car boom that had been so successful in the 1960's was all but over.
Unfortunately, they did lack durability, and because of this they required a great deal of maintenance to remain in use. And if you do find yourself wearing the first pair everyday (gross) it's even easier to stock up, with generous savings for those who subscribe or buy a pack. Adapters were made available to join the original Lock & Joiner style of track with the new Snap-Lock system.
Many things contributed to this decline, but it was primarily from the loss of a customer base.
The white painted dividing lines were eliminated so as to make the track look more like a real race track surface. As the baby boomers moved on to college and then started families of their own slot cars took a back seat to more pressing issues.

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