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TOYOTA IS RECALLING 27,080 MODEL YEAR 2005 THROUGH 2010 PASSENGER CARS BUILT FROM SEPTEMBER 1, 2005 TO MAY 4, 2009. INCORRECT LOAD CARRYING CAPACITY MODIFICATION LABELS COULD RESULT IN THE VEHICLE BEING OVERLOADED, INCREASING THE RISK OF A CRASH. TOYOTA WILL NOTIFY OWNERS AND PROVIDE THEM WITH A NEW, ACCURATE LABEL TO BE INSTALLED OVER THE INACCURATE LABEL FREE OF CHARGE. If the front passenger seat occupant sensing system is out of calibration, the front passenger airbags may not deploy or they may deploy inappropriately for the passenger's size and position. Southeast Toyota will notify owners, and dealers will test the sensitivity of the occupant detection sensors, and recalibrate them as necessary. Toyota is recalling certain model year 2006-2010 Highlander hybrid vehicles manufactured February 16, 2005, through July 29, 2010; and model year 2006-2008 Lexus RX400h vehicles manufactured February 23, 2005, through December 2, 2008.

Use your vin number to get ford window sticker, See what your ford window sticker looks like with vin number. The window sticker: information on this sticker verifies its make, model, year, price and each vehicle also has a vehicle identification number on its sticker.
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Although it is very capable of being off-roaded, we used this truck to demonstrate the audio products we manufacture and sell for Toyota Tundras.
The Yeti cooler will have our company logo, please allow up to 4 weeks for cooler to arrive.
To avoid any conflicts, the person buying the truck MUST mention your name BEFORE the deal is closed.

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