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The Tompkins County Sheriff's Office says one car was driving on Waterburg Road and the other on Mecklenburg Road when the two collided.
The driver of the second car was taken to Cayuga Medical Center with serious injuries, and was pronounced dead. The driver of the first car was taken to the same hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Originally Posted by Blazkowicz Have put in 91km on the odo since yesterday night after taking delivery of the bike. I test rode TB500, Desert Storme and Himalayan back to back, and Himalayan was most comfortable by a huge margin! Originally Posted by torqueunlimited Also, is there anyone who picked up the bike in the new lot? Originally Posted by navin_v8 If RE motorcycles are well run in then they will go on for years.
Neel Running in is essential for all vehicles but for REs, the mechanical tolerances are much higher, so a good run in is more essential. The Himalayan is definitely a new engine, the biggest change being that it is an OHV engine instead of pushrod. From my experience of owning the Tbird UCE 500, Tbird AVL 350 and Bullet CI 350's, as rightly mentioned by Blazkowicz mate I have learnt that RE engines have high mechanical tolerances, meaning the engine parts as well as the gearbox use heavy duty parts which are almost industrial like. RE is like many other products from the post independence era where Indian companies got in collaboration with foreign companies to manufacture and build products.
Re: The Royal Enfield Himalayan Test-Ride Thread I belong to the Mutineers MC - Meerut. We went to Shree Mahadev Agency, the RE dealership in Sector 10 Noida for a test drive with cheques in pockets. Reasoned with her that others will stay at the dealership while each one of us takes the test ride. Or if you can go till Delhi (it might be a bit far because I think you're based in Meerut, if I am not wrong), you can try the company showrooms in Khan Market and Select City Walk Mall Saket.
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The Himalayan is all about Torque and it is spread beautifully in the bottom and mid range torque band. Nevertheless, it is still manufactured on the same production lines as other REs, so does inherit some characteristics of the UCE engine in terms of how it is made. They seldom get damaged and keep going on forever(case in point my 1961 Bullet G2 350 and 1969 Bullet B1 350 both are on their original engine and gearbox with most of the inner parts still having life left in them). Some other heavy duty products that share the same story as RE are namely Ralli(India) Wolf(UK) electrical drill machines, Taparia(India) Bahco(Sweden) Hand Tools, ALCO(USA) DLW(India) Diesel-Electric Locomotives, Crompton Greaves(UK India) wide range of household and industrial products, Willy's(USA) M&M(India), Rootes(UK) Lambretta(Italy) API(India), etc. If your bike was a part of this lot, then I do believe the company would still prioritize the deliveries of these customers. Even she kept on insisting that since motorbikes are meant for two people, therefore we should not have any problem with a pillion. She could also keep my car keys, which is more than 10 times the cost of her Himalayan, as collateral. The company owned showroom guys are generally more professional in their behaviour in my experience.
The bike is original apart from additions such as a full 4 into 1 Yoshimura exhaust system and a DataTool system 3 remote alarm with two keys and fobs. I was lucky while buying my second hand 2004 Tbird AVL 350 from an equally enthusiastic owner who had ridden it with utmost care.
Most of the Indian companies(and many more I have not mentioned here among which some are now defunct) still carry the legacy of the heavy duty engineering of their technical partners to this day.
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Even today when I ride the AVL Tbird which is almost 12 years old it still feels tight and does its job very well.
Even though the products have changed completely but they still retain that heavy duty nature.

I am absolutely disappointed with this as I had planned a Leh trip in June and wanted to break-in before heading out. After going through this review and considering all pros & cons, we decided to go for the Himalayan for the Leh trip. Though I have no idea as to how good they are, you can call them beforehand and make it clear as to what your expectations are from them and their test ride. The throw is quite good as the headlight is mounted higher up compared to most other bikes.
Actually when the UCE motor was introduced it too was very different from the older CI's and AVL's.
The only thing is that the headlight doesn't turn with the handle which takes a little getting used to.
Coming to my Tbird500 UCE I observed the same phenomenon where I was running in till about 3K kms. I was hoping that this new lot would have a better weld quality as mentioned by someone in this thread earlier. As soon as I sat astride the bike, a guy pops with helmet in hand and insists on riding pillion. The result no engine leaks, no overheating, no premature failures till date after almost 2 years.
I have bought almost a dozen bikes in my riding career which includes a few Super bikes, but never did anyone insist on riding pillion! RE Himalayan too shares the same pedigree(being from the same family) even though being an all new engine. The normal procedure is that a dealership guy accompanies you on another bike for the test ride!! The fact that RE suggests oil change at 10K kms speaks volumes about engine parts and gearbox which are heavy duty.

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