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July 2016 , By Mary Walker 1 Comment This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. Next, establish and review your itinerary, naming every “thing” you might want or need for that activity. Once you’ve made an exhaustive packing list and are ready to pack everything up, gather your items and lay them all out. Most of the cabins you’ll lodge in during your Smoky Mountain vacation are equipped with washers and dryers, so, more often than not, packing an outfit for every day of your stay isn’t needed.
Use electronics to digitize certain items you might need with apps and features on your phone. Instead of stacking items on top of each other, arrange your clothes vertically, similar to a filing cabinet. We hope our Smoky Mountain vacation packing tips and list will make your next packing extravaganza even more enjoyable. Our jerseys are here!!  The tops which we will be living in for the next two weeks have arrive.
On our last few training weekends we have been taking our cameras with us to test them out before our trip. On the trip we want to be averaging 125k(75miles) per day on the flats and less through the alps of course.
So, you are planning a big trip, and you may be wondering just how you’re going to get the best accommodation deal. You’ve already budgeted for your flight, bought the guide book, and are very excited about all of the amazing things on your holiday bucket list. If you haven’t yet considered your accommodation you’ll want to start looking into affordable options that are in the location you want. But I have stayed in them plenty of times and it has always been comfortable and affordable! Travelodge are usually one of my first ports of call when I am looking for hotels in the UK.
Travelodge are great – they are also so clean and friendly and great value for money. We stayed in a Travel Lodge in Blackpool and had a fabulous time – it was epic and only cost ?43 for a family room. We use to use reduced price accommodation that comes with my holiday relief job but they dont take dogs, so we need to start looking around for places that will. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Check your Tire Pressure! If your tires all have the same amount of air in them, you not only get better wear on them but you also get better gas mileage.
When we are headed out on a road trip, he will have it changed sooner if he’s not sure where we will be when we turn the next 5000 miles. They will check your fluids for you, check signal, brake and taillights, check your tire air pressure and wash your windshield outside. Started my blogging journey in March 2012 to help people lose weight while still saving money. Think about it – between gathering vacation gear, planning out outfits and getting it all to fit into the bag, it’s like pre-vacation party to get you even for excited about your getaway. Determine the normal highs and lows for the time of year you’re visiting, along with the weather forecast.
For instance, a neutral sarong can serve as a bathing suit cover up, picnic blanket, satchel and head wrap for bad hair days. Aside from the risk of losing or damaging these high-priced items, they can also function in place of each other. Be sure to read our Smoky Mountain travel tips for scenic routes to take on your way to your next Smoky Mountain vacation.
The idea is that they will go to Paris in cargo tomorrow and be waiting there for us when we arrive there Saturday morning. We managed to get some good footage so we have put the best bits together to make a bit of a video showing our preparation for the ride – Enjoy!

As some of you may or may not know last weekend (8th - 9th May) the Paris2Rome team planned a big trip, to test the miles and test the kit etc, when the weather man said “its raining”, you didnt hear us complaining because we have to be ready, it could rain in paris, in rome or anywhere in between! With the duke fixed the p2r team decide to get some miles under the belt, we have all been training but its time for all three of us to ride together as a team, our destination, a little town called Long Buckby, just shy of Northampton, full repair kit packed, a few apple turnovers and water bottles filled we set off. The panniers didn’t effect the balance as much as I thought they would but you notice the difference in weight on the hills. There is only one problem- you have somehow forgot to allow money in your budget for accommodation. Getting carried about sight-seeing all day and trying new food and experiences they somehow forget about that small part of the trip The part when they’re asleep. Travelodges are always in prime locations so that you can wake up and get on the road in a hurry. Travelodges are worldwide, so wherever you are headed, you’re bound to find a place to stay for the night that is comfortable, convenient, and affordable. Have heard a lot of good things about Travel Lodge though never stayed in one, think I will away and google if they take dogs. He's been four times to the cinema, since before he was three and has always been so well behaved. If they are out of sync with air, like if one has 30 and another 34, you will also feel it in your steering wheel while you are driving. When we used to go car shopping for vehicles for my boys, the first thing that my husband would do is stick his finger inside the hole where the oil goes.
With so many great places in the Smokies to explore, we have had a lot of packing practice. Choose versatile items that you can still wear in the event that you encounter bad weather or the temperature drops or climbs a bit. Dress clothes may be good for a show and nice dinner, but you’ll definitely want to pack for comfort if you’ll be spending a couple days indulging in retail therapy. Overpacking leads to wasted room, messy cabin floors and items left behind because of the sheer amount of things brought along. Having jeans in several washes or trousers in two different shades of khaki isn’t necessary. Similarly, books, magazines, hiking logs, maps and travel guides can all be downloaded or accessed from your phone or tablet.
For instance, your tablet can access the Internet, write emails and stream movies just as well as your laptop can, so bring it, the more compact and less valuable device, instead of your computer.
Some of his interests include hiking, mountain-climbing, whitewater rafting, skydiving, videography, and photography. As for my new padded lycra shorts, let’s just say they don’t leave much to the imagination! Matt is also working on amazing cycling jerseys and evening tops for our trip featuring this logo, we’ll put up pictures of these once they are finished. You’ll be able to visit museums, parks, and all kinds of other great sites by staying at a Travelodge.
Just check out their deals online before you arrive at the hotel to get the most savings. If you really want a great deal, check out Travelodge’s partnership with Groupon. Now you can go back to planning your itinerary, looking to the best travel options, and getting the most out of your trip.
To enter, simply like this photo, follow my account and comment below, tagging another person.
What's so great is that you only pay for what you do, but can walk around watching all sorts of activities, playing in the play area, or playing giant board games for free!
If they are dirty outside whether from bugs or just plain old dirt, once you turn your windshield wipers on if it starts to rain or drizzle, you will have quite the streaks and could possibly not see at all.
This is a must to make sure your power steering is working correctly and transmission is shifting properly. If your vehicle has 75000 miles or more than it’s considered a high mileage vehicle and you should use Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle® oil.

That’s why we’ve compiled some of our best Smoky Mountain vacation packing tips along with a packing list. Are planning on going hiking in the Smokies or taking advantage of other outdoor opportunities the area has to offer? It’s just simply too difficult to keep up with everything, so try to ditch at least some of your initial list. If you do prefer the paper version, try to buy what you need once you arrive instead of packing several guides and maps that you may or may not need. He has a passion for life and enjoys writing blogs about things to do in the Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg, and Pigeon Forge.
Although not even close to as steep as the alps it gave us chance to get a feel for the bikes and the gears, the conclusion overall is that all 3 bikes need a good gear set up before we set out on our trip as we need total confidence in our bikes! At the end of the day, you’ll sleep soundly knowing you’ve picked the right hotel, both for price and value. I'm just grateful we had wall to wall sunshine on our holiday ?? have a sunny day everyone!
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You have to do these 5 things if you don’t want to have problems while on your road trip. We always carry windshield cleaner and paper towels with us and wash our windows outside every time we stop for gas.
You could also check your brake fluid to make sure it’s full as well as your windshield washer fluid.
People need to see you when they are behind you or in front of you especially when you are turning or braking so you don’t get into an accident that could have been prevented with good lighting.
While temperatures and weather conditions can vary at higher elevations of the mountains, the Smokies have a fairly moderate climate, so packing for extreme or drastically changing temperatures isn’t necessary.
The best part about these discount codes is that they are updated regularly, so you can visit the page during your trip and cash in on multiple different discounts. Of course, there are things that could happen no matter what you do, but you hope and pray that they don’t. Check on your drivers door jamb for how much should be in each tire or on the sidewall of the tire. You don’t want to put your wipers on, smear the bugs and not be able to see only to find out you are out of washer fluid! I should also add to make sure your wipers are working properly too and have good wiper blades. Check out our Smoky Mountain weather video to help determine what will be best to pack for the upcoming week. We had planned to go and camp somewhere in the Forest of Dean, the route roughly was to go past Stratford-upon-avon, down towards evesham, then to tewkesbury, on to ross-on-Wye then on to forest of dean, simple right? With the food down we decided as a joke to turn various parts of mums furniture upside down or back to front, which im sure she appreciated ;), full to bursting we topped up the bottles and headed back. The journey home, although sunny was not as pleasant as the way, the whole way appeared to be uphill!
Which wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but me and adam had a few niggles with changing through our lighter gears under load, so we had a few chain derails, aswell as a very nasty head wind, again great training, me and john practiced swapping the lead rider so we share the brunt of the wind, we had lost adam slightly (in sight just not close enough to slipstream), and in Southam we stopped at the top of a hill to re-group. We came to a small village, drenched and frozen we pulled into a pub for a hot choc and a warm up, there we discussed routes for the trip and the Chinese takeaway johnny had promised to buy us, (which he didnt need to do, but he insisted so!), things were alot smoother down to Cheltenham and we found the train station with no further problems, on the train we had abit of a laugh about johnnys calfs (0% calf), also it was a giggle when i(james) set off the emergency alarm system off with my bike, to which we had to talk to the driver of the train, and then had to explain to the weirdest ticket collection man that its an accident!

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